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Bumble Beekeeper

Open bar, lots of/good food, Minimal speeches, minimal “guest participation”. Enough seating for everyone, and thoughtful planning into the venue (ie not outdoors in january in Canada). 

I could really care less about centerpieces, fancy chairs or table cloths, the type of food served, etc. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2017 - Poppy Ridge Golf Course

Focus on food – taste over presentation, drinks, music if you have it and guest comfort. I dislike gaps, can 100% do without speeches or guest participation, don’t want to be shivering cold or sweating from the heat, will decline a wedding if Fiance isn’t invited and I couldn’t describe any centerpieces, decor or colors from even one of the weddings I’ve attended. Extra fluff is not important. Not a fan of kids at weddings but except for my own wedding its out of my control.

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Busy bee

Open bar, prefer a playlist to a DJ (or a DJ that talks minimally, I don’t want to hear him/her try to catch their big break through crappy humor), short speeches, funny speeches, please have something for the guests to do while taking pictures, organized food line, I don’t want to watch you dance with your husband, your father, your favorite uncle for ungodly amounts of time. Slideshows. For the love of God don’t do a slideshow, literally no one likes them. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

Good food and an open bar always make for a good wedding.

I hate when we have to watch a bunch of dances (at on friend’s wedding they had SIX spotlight dances. It was like 20 minutes of watching people sway in a circle). Minimal speeches are always a plus (everyone in the wedding party does not need to give a speech).

And please God, no guest participation or activities! Just let us dance, drink, and have fun! It’s not a kids birthday party there is no need for games or other activities.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2017

I know I’m in the minority here, but I despise assigned seating. Receptions that are seat yourself generally seem more enjoyable, and are certainly filled with more conversation and laughter. 

I also hate when there is huge lag time between the cerimony and reception. The last big wedding I went to there was an hour and a half in between, and even once the reception started, there was another 4 hours before food was served! (No advanced notice that the reception food would be dinner) The wedding was at noon, and I hadn’t eaten lunch, and was completely starving by the time the food got there. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to weddings, but all of the weddings I have enjoyed the most have had a lot of opportunities to dance. I’ve been to a few where dinner drags on and it kind of kills the momentum. Also, when it comes to the dancing, a good mix of fast and slow songs. There’s nothing worse then a slow jam coming on while everyone is still pumped up from a fast song!

I personally enjoy speeches as long as they aren’t too long. It’s nice to hear what those closest to the bride and groom have to say. Same goes for dances – I like that “aww” moment, but only a few at the beginning of the night. At a few weddings I have been to recently, father/daughter and mother/son dances were in the middle of the reception, and most people weren’t even aware it was happening. If you’re going to do them, I’d recommend doing them in the beginning and picking shorter songs so everyone can enjoy and move on.

Other than that, I tend to enjoy weddings that are more organized – i.e., food service, seating, etc. I’ve been to weddings that were more of a free for all and to be honest, they were a bit nerve wracking!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

I like the good speeches, but when they can’t be good they should be short, and either way they should happen while guests are eating. This might be touchy but since you asked, I don’t really care to watch the parent dances. Just the couple’s first dance, and then I want the party to start. And I’m tired of pick your heels up and shout, and brown eyed girl. Haha they won’t ruin a wedding though!    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Good food, booze, music, and people will be happy.

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Helper bee

Exactly what 

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jellybellynelly :  said. 

The best wedding that I went to stood out because it really reflected the couple…they didn’t try to be anything they weren’t. 

They also thought about all the guests attending. They had a gorgeous open-bar reception until around 10PM, and then shuttled the younger “party crowd” to a bar that was walking distance to a hotel and that agreed to stay open as long as people bought drinks. It worked wonderfully!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

Things I love:

  • Lots of nibbly entrée’s at the table.
  • Open bar.
  • Room to move between tables.
  • Dance floor.

Things I hate:

  • Long speeches.
  • Corny speeches.
  • Awful speeches (I feel a pattern emerging here).
  • No alcohol 😐
  • Guest participation.
  • Garter removal (this shit is stupid and awkward for all your guests).
  • Long waits between ceremony and reception – rude as f.
  • Not really reception related (which I feel is what you’re asking) but I also hate when the celebrant pronounces you “Man and wife” – what? These aren’t even the same. Husband and wife? Ok. But Man and wife? So he’s a man, but you’re not a woman anymore you’re just his wife now lol. No thanks.

Things that I don’t even care about or give a second thought:

  • Most of your decorations.
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Busy bee

Move things along at a decent pace…guests are generally expected to stay until the cake is cut, so don’t hold them captive for too long. If you expect speeches or dancing to take long, schedule the cake cutting first. I was at a wedding where the bride and groom spent 3 hours getting photos before everyone was even allowed to eat dinner.

As everyone else has said…good food! It can be simple, as long as it’s good. 🙂 

Greet your guests! I’ve been to two weddings where the bride and groom never spoke to any of their guests…they all sat at the headtable and stayed there the entire night (when they weren’t dancing or garter tossing) talking with their birdal party. Guests had to approach THEM to talk. It makes guests feel more like crowd fillers instead of participants in the celebration, at least in my opinion. I liked a wedding I went to in which the bride and groom went to each table and small talked with everyone…I ended up doing this at my own wedding becuase I liked it so much. Wedding guests are your friends and family, why wouldn’t you want to greet them and give a personal thank-you?

And that leads me to guest participation…I think it’s totally fine if it’s optional! Some people love it, and it can warm them up. I think it can add to the fun, depending on what most of your guests are like, and it makes them feel involved. Others prefer sitting and drinking all night, and that should be allowed too.

Oh, and YES to garter tosses being totally uncomfortable for guests!! Eugh. 

As for alcohol…it’s hecka expensive, and my venue wouldn’t even allow it, so I’m not going to hold it against anyone who doesn’t have it at their wedding, but it is a plus! 

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Bee Keeper

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ohana33 :  I loved attending weddings that had open bars, dancing, a buffet or food out all night (I hate the sit down dinners and then the food is taken away after an hour or so).

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2015

I love when things follow a timeline and don’t drag on. Some weddings I’ve been to are incredibly unorganized and leave guests wondering what’s going on – and some guests to just leave early. 

I also think it’s important to focus on yummy food and providing drinks. Cash bars are rare in my location, but having an open bar for at least beer, wine and soft drinks seems appropriate. Also along the line of food, hot, flavorful meals and a vegetarian option is very much appreciated. I also attended a wedding recently that served sandwiches and snack mix later on in the night, and for those that stayed to dance this was a big hit!  

Things I don’t care for: garter auctions, dollar dances, or any other money grabby type of activities. 

Oh yeah, and somewhere with proper air conditioning is nice for guests! The last two weddings I attended had no AC in both the ceremony and reception locations and it was SO miserable between the summer heat, humidity, and crowds. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2020

I’ve only been to one wedding, but I’ll throw in my two cents.

– I don’t notice decorations

– the shorter the wait between the ceremony and reception, the better

– garter toss is awkward

– no assigned seating! We are not children, we can find a place to sit. Save your $$ 

– good food always makes me happy

– getting time to say hi to the bride and groom and personally congratulate them is important to me

– money dances / paying to dance with the bride is tacky af

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2020

Oh and if you do have a longer wait between ceremony and reception, have things planned for your guests to do. Either local attractions they can visit or outdoor games.

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