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Bumble bee

Surprised people here don’t like guest participation or games. I’m pretty bored at weddings because I’m not into dancing to whatever music next to strangers. 

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  • Wedding: September 2018

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MsAfarian :  im going to ditto most everything she said in her post!

Things I love:

  • Good, filling food and enough of it
    • on this note, I also enjoy late night snack type things (pizza, etc)
  • Open bar.
  • Room to move between tables.
  • Dance floor
  • Good DJ who knows how to get people dancing
  • I personally enjoy long receptions, that go until at least midnight (I’m a night owl and when I get a night out with Fiance, I want to party! LOL)

Things I hate:

  • Long speeches.
  • Corny speeches.
  • Awful speeches (I feel a pattern emerging here).
    • I’m adding, awkward speeches, which i’ve seen many of….eek
  • No alcohol 
  • Guest participation.
  • Garter removal (this shit is stupid and awkward for all your guests).
    • bouquet toss also
  • Long waits between ceremony and reception – rude as f.
  • not having assigned tables. I don’t want to think about where to sit. 
  • money grabby activities, like a honemoon fund box, money dance, etc. 
  • Shuttle services that AREN’T run very smoothly, it’s a great idea but i’ve seen many weddings where this is done poorly, a recent wedding told everyone they will shuttle, and only had ONE shuttle running so we ended up having to uber there and back, which is fine but it was irritating we didn’t plan ahead. 

Things I dont really care about:

– Decor, unless its terrible/gaudy or extravagant I won’t notice it 

– Speeches, I love hearing a few speeches actually, but not more than a couple. 


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Blushing bee

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ohana33 :  

I think I have enjoyed most of the weddings I have been to.

What did you love about a wedding? I loved when weddings had a theme. I also liked when there were appetizers and a cocktail hour during the wedding.  I also loved when there was transportation  options from the venue to a hotel that was blocked off.

What did you hate? I hated when there were games during weddings. Like pre wedding games like throwing sacks onto a board or when the DJ made you run around the table and kiss someone or give dollar bills to the bride and groom.

What would you like to have seen done? I like when there are photo booths, candy bars and a good DJ with dancing.

Would you have liked more guest participation/activities/entertainment? I dont think I like activties during a wedidng. A weddings is a wedding. I think it is cool when they have entertainment though that you can watch like dancers etc.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

By the way, not a like/dislike thing, but I say don’t bother with favors. Not everyone one will take them no matter what they are, and leftover favors will disappoint you.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

Love good food and lots of dance time. Oh and we love photo booths.

Hate long speeches, unreasonable amount of praying, candle/sand/drink ceremonies, and weird activities. My DH was in a wedding for his friend. The ceremony was so long and had so many prayers that he passed out from the heat of the lights. They also had a near hour long lip sync battle between the groom and fathers. There was only 30 minutes of dancing at the end. 

Just feed me and let me dance.

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I don’t like huge weddings because everything takes so much longer – getting drinks, being served food, coffee and dessert, moving people from cocktails to dinner.   Unless you’re Princess Kate, you don’t need thousands of your closest friends to watch your “event.” 

I also don’t like weddings that seem more like a show they’re putting on rather than family and friends celebrating a couple’s wedding.  Fun and simple always beats out pomp and circumstances.  Napkins, favors, colors, programs, do the chairs have covers or not…all of that is forgettable and no one cares about them but the bride, I think. 

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  • Wedding: March 2017

Based on the wedding we went to last night, don’t make everyone else do your wedding for you. 

DH’s 2nd cousin got married and literally no professionals were hired. 

DH and 4 other men in the family did all of the cooking. Note that they are not caterers. All of these “guests” were super stressed all day with the amount of work they had to get done. 

Venue was a family property, that they gave the incorrect address for both on the invites AND when they followed up to correct it. Not to mention, we didn’t even receive an invite but were told via word of mouth that we were invited about 3 weeks before the wedding. 

All of the women in the family were doing all of the set up and take down of tables, table cloths and decorations. 

A groomsman was the DJ and the music kept going out because the generator kept failing. 

Their friends did the photography. 

A family member performed the ceremony. 

There was very little water for an outdoor wedding in 80+ degree Temps. 

Everything ran super late, so we all were just standing around confused for an hour when we arrived at the venue. 

Overall, the most awkward, uncomfortable wedding I’ve ever been to. Planning and hiring a few professionals would have gone a very long way. The bride and groom didn’t even seem to care about having a wedding. I found out after I arrived that they were already married. 

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  • Wedding: July 2009


  • good bar tender that will cut off guests before they get sloppy and awkward.
  • microphones during the ceremony..otherwise you can’t hear anything.
  • Sitting option during cocktail hour
  • Welcoming for kids
  • Honest love and joy, save the necking for the night of. 
  • When you thank your guests and all family members who contributed, no matter how modest. 
  • Couples that roll with the punches when plans fall through or a snag occurs.
  • When couple is facing the guests (not when I stare at their back).


  • When the bride does not appear to have remembered half a dress…unless you are half naked most of the time, a wedding is not the time to debut your sexy look. 
  • Long receiving lines or pretty much anything that makes we wait forever (food line, long-winded speeches, long winded toast}
  • When the bride/groom/MIL/Mother have a tantrum when something does not go right, as if the world will end. Roll with the punches and have a good attitude.
  • Cigars at wedding
  • Music so loud or obnoxious that you can’t talk, think or hear
  • Scheduling a wedding on a major holiday or sporting event
  • Tables and seats are so close you are elbowing each other
  • Unprepared for reality of weather…hot, cold, rain.
  • Gap – Either leave 3 hours between wedding and reception or make them back to back.
  • Walking through a maze-like hotel to find ceremony and reception space. Put out a sign.
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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2018

Things I liked

Cocktail hour food, open bar, abundance of food at the reception, assigned seating (too hectic without it), having a plus one (I’m now engaged to the person I took to my cousin’s wedding), when the speeches are funny


Didn’t like

Only cake as dessert, Speeches that aren’t funny at all, bouquet toss+garter toss (boring for guests)


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

Dislike open seating.  It’s so awkward to dash to find a seat(s) and hope you know/like who you end up with.  We are doing assigned seating and know what family/friends/groups to pair together.  It’s not that difficult makes it easier on everyone. 

Dislike bouquet/garter toss.  Cheesy and unnesesary to call out the unmarried folk. 

Dislike too many/long speeches


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jellybellynelly :  Curious, as I am starting to plan this stuff and this feedback is great! Food – at weddings you liked, what did that entail (ie plenty at dinner, cocktail hour, late night etc) and what did you maybe find unnecessary? 

Guest participation – for you personally, was their any that you liked or specifically really didnt like? 

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  • Wedding: May 2018

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beesaredyingatanalarmingrate :  If you were a guest at a wedding with a cocktail hour between ceremony and reception (one hour ish and bride/groom will be attending most of it to mingle) if there were some appetizers, a beverage and some lawn games….would you be put off by this?

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  • Wedding: May 2018 - Farm

I attended a weding this past weekend. It was a church wedding and reception. I enjoyed myself and yes it was dry. What I didn’t like was the DJ and the planner. They were not working together and there were gaps of times we just sat not knowing what was going on or what was happening next. They didnt’ work together. They failed at announcing the bride and the groom apparently the planner though the DJ was going to make the announcement vs. versa. So there was this long pause before they were announced by the planner who didn’t have a microphone. The couple was happy, the food was delicous all of it and I remember exactly what I had to eat. The cake was good. Everything was good except the DJ and planner. I hope she tries to get her money back. They did the bouquet and the garter toss but the groom didn’t take the garter off the bride. He just tossed a garter. The decor was nice. The dj seemed like she didn’t know when to play music or make annoucements and neither did the planner.


There were roughly 80 people in attendance. The buffet allowed people to be served from both sides. It helped everyone get through the line faster and food was hot and delicious.

Make sure that your planner has a timeline to follow so that they know what’s going on and when. It just seemed chaotic for the DJ and Planner. The planner came off as though this was her first event/wedding and it wasn’t. I would not hire her or the DJ.

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  • Wedding: September 2017 - Poppy Ridge Golf Course

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ohana33 :  

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curiouscat2017 :  For me games are fine and I appreciate having an alternate to dancing since I despise it, although good food and good company are enough. I think its a know your crowd thing. We’ll have them but its stuff our group is familiar with and enjoys. They will be set on tables as options, no announcement or anything. The problem I have is with forced games and participation. Personal examples. 1.) Guests were having a perfectly lovely time mingling and socializing when the frickin DJ starts yelling “All single ladies on the floor right now! Come on, don’t be shy! I know there’s more of you!” etc., Swear he said it like three times and it was such a cringe worthy, embarrassing moment. While playing Beyonces Single Ladies, double eww. 2.) Once again having a great time during cocktail hour at my table chatting with people when the bride decides to start demanding everyone play some stupid couples crossword puzzle. Nobody at my table was the least bit interested in this. Can I enjoy my tasty treats without indulging you for some bs you wasted money on please?! 

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