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  • poll: What reactions did you get to your announcement you had chosen a Wednesday Wedding?

    That's a strange choice

    I've never heard of a Wednesday wedding before

    I'll be late, but I'll be there!

    Why? (rude expression/tone)

    Why? (genuine interest)

    I'm not sure I can get the time off

    Would you pick another date please?

    Are you sure it's a Wednesday?

    Oh wow! Congratulations!

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    It would depend on how close I am to you whether or not I would come. You have to consider that most people who stay late at the reception are going to need to take Thursday off from work, too. At least a Friday night wedding, which is more common but gets a lot of gripe for being a weeknight, would only require taking the Friday off or showing up late. Also consider how many people take their regular vacations in August, and it might be genuinely difficult for people to get those days off.

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    I’m getting married on a Tuesday. It saved us $1500. I think it might be a little different of a situation for us though because we’re getting married in Mexico, so everyone will already have the time off and be there.

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    hmm i wouldn’t attend if it was more than a 1-hour drive away from me – i’d have to take of at least 3 days to attend.

    the bottom line is, no matter when/what day your wedding is, some people won’t come. people really important to you will come no matter what. it’s up to you if you’d rather have just your closest friends and family on what might be an inconvenient day versus more people on a more “normal” day. if a lot of your friends are teachers who will be on summer vacation, that definitely helps.

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    Unless it was local, or someone REALLY close to me like family, I probably wouldn’t go.

    Of course, if it was someone who was that close to me, I’d probably ask why the @#$% they chose to get married on a Wednesday when it’s really hard for people who want to be there to be there.

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    If I were invited to a Wednesday out-of-town wedding, I would only go if the couple were very, very good friends or immediate family. I would have to take at least two days off of work for a Wednesday wedding, if not three depending on the distance to travel/time zones to cross. I simply do not get enough time off of work to devote so much to traveling to a wedding, especially since I usually have several weddings to attend each year.

    As for your friends who are teachers–would they have dates who are not teachers and who work over the summer? That could also affect their ability to come.

    The bottom line is, do what you want–but do not be surprised or angry if you get a lot of people who do not come.

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    We decided to have a Monday wedding because it saved us $1500 and since we are paying for our wedding entirely on our own, we made the decision with the mindset of “if they don’t come, then they don’t come.”

    It would be disappointing if our invited guests don’t come since we are only inviting people who have sent us Christmas/birthday cards in the last 3 years (as the Fiance puts it…another budget decision). However, I would also understand if they don’t. 

    My advice: Try scheduling your wedding to be earlier in the day (we are doing ours at 3pm). This way, for the guests that have a drive after your wedding wont, 1) leave early and miss out on a lot in order to get home at a decent time and 2) get irritated that they will be driving home with a carful of sugared up kids late at night. 

    I agree 100% with you on your Wednesday wedding. If we didn’t have a budget, we would of gotten married on the previous Friday (our dating anniversary) but some things just can’t be done. People will get over it. It’s your life; not theirs—your just asking them to share a day of it with you. 

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    You may not like this, but I’d be really annoyed if one of my good friends did this because it would mean me and no doubt other people would have to re-arrange their schedules just so you can save money.  For someone like myself who runs a business, re-arranging clients is annoying. 

    I wouldn’t go unless it was a good friend and even then I’d be a little annoyed about losing a days pay. 

    I think it puts your close friends in an awkward position. 

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    My Mom got married on 9/9/9 and that was a Wednesday. Honestly, it was REALLY hard for people to come on time because of work. Especially the out of towners. They had to request two days off. They came over Tuesday night after work, took Wednesday off for the wedding, and Thursday to recover from the wedding and drive home. A lot of people hated that they had to do that. It’s a bit easier if it was a Friday for instance where they can at least only miss one day and have Saturday just to relax and drive home.

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    i dont know what to vote

    i am getting married wednesday 29th december – but most people i invited (except maybe 2) dont work between xmas and new year so its not a typical wednesday

    noones complained that it was a wednesday and we’ve got 80 coming

    not sure how i’d feel if i was any other wednesday though

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    I’d go – But I’d recommend sending out those invitations as early as possible!  With enough advanced warning it’s much easier to plan around an unusual day.  I also second the PP who suggested making it earlier in the day.  We had an 11am wedding which allowed people to come in the night before, be there for the wedding and make early flights the next morning without missing anything.

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    I had a nightmare experience with a Thursday night wedding but mainly because the bride expected too much. I think as long as you make it clear to your invited guests that you understand if they are unable to attend and you don’t EXPECT them to go to extreame measures for you then they really can’t be upset. People can always find something to complain about because everyone is different, you seem really happy about your choice for a Wednesday wedding so just focus on that.

    Also if you are ok with some people attending just the reception you should let your guests know, I know personally I feel awkward just attending a reception and not the ceremony.

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    I wouldn’t go unless I was REALLY close to the person.  If you’re determined to do it on a weekday, a Monday or Friday would really be better, as most people would only have to take one day off, as opposed to the whole week.  Wed is smack dab in the middle of the week so it seems to me to be the MOST inconvienent of all days to ask people to attend.  It would actually really rub me the wrong way.

    Edited because I just read your last post:  sorry you’re annoyed at posters telling you, as a guest, how they would percieve such an invite.  You’re probably not going to run into a whole lot of brides who actually had their wedding on a Wed, because it’s a HIGHLY unusual day to get married.  This is because it’s horribly inconvenient   for your guests and most brides wouldn’t do it for that reason (it’s also a lot to ask of your guests to plan their annual vacation around your wedding.) Is there some particular reason you have to get married exactly one year after he proposed?

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