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I detest drugs so no.

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i dont think anyones first time is a great time. i think it probably was way too strong for him. sometimes people try it once and thats it never again. as long as he is open to it again i would advise him to take it slow. regardless if it is legal lol

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jellybellynelly :  

The fist time I tried my throat burned so much i couldnt stop coughing and though I will die lol cause i inhaled way too much way too fast. I also had lots of different booze thay night so puked in the early morning…

Everything was so much better the 2nd time and onwards. 

About a month ago we finally decided to buy a vaporizer that D H’s friend swore by: Arizer Solo (the original) and OMG it’s awesome! It stinks less, no red eyes, no smelly hair or fingers (like before when smoking a joint) and the dry mouth is much better too afterwards, decreased by at least 50%, also less hunger for some reason although the strain is the same as before and the “high” is so much better, no stronger, just better. Love that vape so much! ❤ 

The main thing is you gotta pull very gently and dont do too many hits back to back because the high will sneak up on you!

Happy belated 420!

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There are different strains. Sativa is an upper. Some people smoke pure sativas and then work, clean the house,  dance, etc. There are also indicas. These are known as ‘couch lock’. The kind where you can fall asleep to or smoke if you have high anxiety.  You can even have a hybrid of the two which can be a good mixture if you want a little bit of both.  

 Did the weed come from from a home grow or did it come from a pot shop? If you live in a state where its not legal then im assuming its the former.  Therefore,  it’s not organic and grown with pesticides and a crazy hybrid strain.  SOMETIMES. Not all the time. Drug dealers put PCP or other types of drugs for a crazy high. Know your source. 

Where i live (Seattle) theres pot shops everywhere since its legal here. The employees are very knowledgeable about the strains they sell. 

If he wants to try again i suggest not getting cross faded by drinking at the same time. If he can find a 50/50 hybrid then smoke a little and just chill. Do a fun activity and dont be around too many people if he gets paranoid. Thats how I typically react so I dont smoke at all anymore.

Dont try edibles until you know how he will react to the different strains. You can be high for 6+ hours and it can hit you like a sack of bricks if you take too much. It probably wont take effect for about an hour so some people take too much at once and have a bad high. 

Good luck!

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Does he smoke cigarettes? Because if not it could’ve been just the effect from smoking, as in inhaling too deeply etc, and not the weed itself. 

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Assuming he actually wants to try it again (because if he doesn’t, he should not have to) – how did he smoke it? In a bong, or a joint mixed with tobacco? The first time I tried it, it was mixed with tobacco and I also got sick. I’m a lifelong non-smoker so it was literally my first experience with tobacco, which clearly does not agree with me. He also might have just smoked too much – that has also happened to me despite much more experience with weed. 

IF he does want to try it again, he should smoke much less than experienced people, take his time – maybe two puffs of a joint will be enough for him – and stop if he feels sick. 

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jellybellynelly :   unfortunately the only thing that helps when you’ve had too much is time.  It’s never fatal, and a lot of time just going to sleep helps.  Some people are predisposed to have a really low tollerance for it.  The good news is, it will be much cheaper if you do want to continue. Chances are, if you are in a place that you can get it legally,  it is stronger than what you can get on the street.  Also now, because it’s legal in so many states, more legal bud is finding it’s way on the streets.  The best you can do if he gets into that situation again is to give him water and assure him that everything will be ok, no one has ever died from weed.

Avoid bongs, and if you can find it, maybe find a dispensary that sells j’s with filters.  I found them to be much milder.  I am fairly sensitive, especially when I smoke.  Definitely don’t try any edibles for a LONG time.  They have a definite learning curve, and if you aren’t buying from a dispensary, it is very hard to tell how much is in there.  Take this from someone who has been known as “the edibles queen”.


Also, for the bees who are saying that MJ is a dangerous drug [insert strong language here].  A good friend from college, a Iraq  vet who suffered from major PTSD, uses MJ to maintain his symptoms.  I saw his transformation from before and after.  I have another friend with severe Crohns.  mJ helps him lead a normal life and manage his symptoms.  I started using medical MJ for insomnia and pain, and found that it helped my anxiety. When I moved to a state that didn’t allow medical MJ, I switched to pharmaceuticals.  It was the worst experience ever, making me sucidal, paranoid and overall agitated.  I am now faced with the dilemma, break the law and get the medication that actually helps, or keep on trying prescriptions until I find one with “side effects I could live with” (my doctors words).  MJ has no side effects for me, except munchies.  In legal states, you can find strains that specifically help with your issue, it’s amazing.

Also, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco all cause millions of deaths world wide every year.  MJ causes 0.

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