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Awwww! You poor thing. I’m so sorry that you are going through that. NO ONE should ever say anything about someone elses weight! Whether they are fat or not, that’s beside the point. It’s just plain rude. 

And SO “taking care of himself” before you woke up…I know this is totally about personal preference, but I just don’t like the idea of my Fiance doing that at all. To know that he can do the same thing to himself that I can totally makes me self conscious. 

You’re not crazy, but I’m afraid, besides sympathizing with you, I don’t know any advice to tell you besides it will all work out and talk it out with your SO. 


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NOT crazy at all! the nerve of your FMIL! And if he had to do “tthat”, he could have lied and said he had a headache. I’m sorry you’re upset but you have every right!

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Your feelings are valid (of course you know that. That’s number one. Number two, he offered to say something to his Mom. Have him say something to his Mom. Now. Pronto. I’m so sorry you’re going through this!

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I have a similar situation that happend with my Fiance. I was alseep in the room after a long night of friends being over and i randomnly woke up out of my sleep and noticed he was not in the bed with me. I went into the living room and peaked around the corner expecting to see him watching tv.

Nope. he was fully naked with his laptop in front of him. Doing…well you can guess. I was so upset. I cried about it for 2 days straight. I felt so ugly and disgusting and he didnt offer any help. I asked him why he would not just come wake me up or come to me for that, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

It still hurts me alot to this day.

Then the other day a guy came up to me at the mall just to tell me how fat i was. He stopped me and kept saying excuse me , excuse me trying to get my attention. Then he said that my butt was too big. For no reason at all, he had to take time out of his life to tell me that.

It hurt like hell, but you know what, people are mean and horrible and families are horrible. But if you are a good person in your heart and you care about people, then that is all you need,

I am going to be healthy for me, and no one else. Thats the important thing to remember. Dont let the ugly comments of others ever bring you down because you deserve to have an amazing life.

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Sorry about everything. I know the waiting game is so tough. I remember those days. But it will happen before you know it.

As for your Future Mother-In-Law, well she can suck it. No one should ever comment on somebody’s weight, unless it is actually physically life threatening, in which case I would assume a doctor would say something. So that is uncalled for, no matter hoe skinny, or how fat you are. Like what the fuck is wrong with that woman?

And as for you boyfriend masterbating, well… Maybe I’m alone on this, but it’s his body, and if he want’s to please himself he should be allowed to without feeling guilty. We are taught from a young age ( lots of us, not all) that masterbation is ok, why the heck should he stop now? You were sleeping! I can see if you were awake, and asked to get it on, and he’s like, ” Umm actually I was going to go jerk off, I’ll take a rain check..” But he didn’t. He woke up horny, you were sleeping, so he masterbated. He should not have to apologize for that, in my opinion.



As for the guy in the mall. I would have seriously torn him apart, about his character. I’m betting it was a dare, or a lame ass pick up line though. But seriously what an asshole.

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