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My husband and I make weekly meal plans and shop all one one day, I love it. 

1. Pinterest board is a good way to organize recipes for us. We tried a spreadsheet, but it was too much of a hastle. Then after we make them if we like them they stay with a * and a note so that I can easily find them again, or they get deleted if they aren’t for us.

2. I pick the recipes, then write (pen and paper) a shopping list from them. I divide things up into categories (areas of the store mostly). Ours are produce, dry and dairy. Then I go around our fridge and pantry to cross off anythin that we have that is on the list. g

3. We eat a lot of vegetables (we’re “flexiatarians” I hear, we try to only eat meat when we go out), which takes a lot of cutting. So I usually take an afternoon and cut everything up and put them in containers by meal. Then they look very pretty in our matching Ikea “tupperware”, which makes me happy. I work part time and am in grad school and dh works full time, so we’re pretty busy as well. I got a “videlia chop wizard” at a garage sale which is amazing for quick chopping. I don’t chop onions or garlic ahead of time, though I do peel the garlic and put it in a sealed jar. Then I used a garlic press or the chop wizard. I found that they make the fridge kinda smell if they’re pre-chopped (especially garlic!)

4. I started making no-knead bread, which is delicious. And, you can make a whole weeks worth and keep it in the fridge, taking a hunk out and letting it have it’s last rise before popping it in the oven whenever you need it.

5. I make salads and put them in mason jars (big ones for our meals together and smaller ones for dh to take to work). They last for 1-2 weeks and look so appetizing. 

6. If you’re into vegetables, I also save all the cuttings (leaves, stalks, seeds) and throw them in the croc pot, cover them with water and then cook for 8hrs or so. Voilla, free, salt-less, preservative-less vegetable broth. Then I freeze them in ice cubes so we can use them whenever we need to.

7. I don’t have a ton of freezer space and I feel like our vegetables get soggy in the freezer, but I am looking into learning to home can, so I’ll double soup recipes and then can them for later if I can figure it out 🙂 

Good luck, let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer!

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I don’t do this, but I do know that there was once a thing I saw somewhere and I can’t find it now, but you can probably look and find something similar, where this woman would take all her ingredients and put them in a 1 gallon ziplock bag and freeze them.  I think she would then just pour it all into the slow cooker.  The slow cooker is your best friend in situations like this.  You can pop in all the ingredients in the morning, leave, come back 8 hours later and your dinner is ready! 

I also suggest trying to compile lists of recipes with minimal ingredients and trying to keep your plan for the week to consist of recipes with similar ingredients, so you don’t have to buy 10 million things each week. 

Personally, if I did this, I would spend a bit of time researching and then keep a folder in my computer with subfolders (ie: “Week 1 – Insert Short Description Here”) and keep all the recipes I used in 1 week together like that.  This way, if I ever want to repeat a week, it’ll be easier.  I would also make a shopping list and save the shopping list in the same folder – the shopping list would consist of ALL the ingredients and you can go around your house and check off the ones you already have every time you reuse a week, so you never forget something and have to go back b/c one week you had it at home. 

Also, I second a PP’s pinterest suggestion.  Pinterest is full of recipes and ideas like this – it’s probably where I got the ziplock bag idea – so make it your other new best friend.  🙂

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I use http://www.soscuisine.com

You have a variety of meal plan options (weight management, cooking for one, gluten free, cooking on the go, etc…).

Each week you’ll receive your meal plan along with shopping list.

You get the service for free in most cases. And then if you pay 1$ per week, you have more services (i.e. if you want to replace a meal with another, it automatically changes your shopping list, etc.)

I just get the free version and work with that. The meals are always balanced and delicious.

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I menu plan for each week including dinners, breakfasts, lunches (I come home for lunch every day) and snacks. I really love it and the fact that it saves a lot if time and money.

I think you’ve already gotten some great advice. I just wanted to add something I do, which is keep all my menus/grocery lists in a spiral-bound notebook that I use exclusively for that purpose. The reason I love this approach is that sometimes when I’m feeling less than creative I can flip back through a year’s worth of menus and gather some inspiration.

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