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Every time I go to the doctors they tell me I’m gaining too much. I hate it, I don’t want to, but I’m just so hungry! I try to eat healthy, but I can’t exersice due to migraines. There’s not much I can do about it though, so I try not to let it get me down, although I also have my bad days.

I have an OB apt. tomorrow so I have to weigh myself again, not looking forward to it!

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The weight gain has been hard for me too. I decided that weighing myself at home weekly would keep me from being shocked at the OB appt. Its easier to see the numbers go slowly than fast for me. The first 3 months i felt like i could eat the wall paper i was so hungry. Now that i am in my fourth month i am less hungry and eat better smaller meals and LOTS of water. Have you thought about walking or other exercise ( if your doc says it ok), it makes me feel so much better that i am trying to keep up with a workout routine while pregnant.

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Go to my postings on the updated thread and youll see how much of an issue I have with it.  its totally normal ot be freaked out by that.  We both know its rational and EXPECTED to gain, but seeing the actual number makes me panic.  Just know if you arent gaining excessively, it will all come right off.

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I am really struggling with weight gain as well. I understand I am supposed to gain between 25 and 35 pounds, and at 18.5 weeks, that weight gain is supposed to be underway. But I hate it, and I feel like I am gaining too fast. It is especially frustrating when I don’t feel like I am eating any more than usual and am still exercising (with less intensity, but with more frequency). I wanted to gain the minimum- 25 pounds, and at the rate I’m going, I’ll be lucky to escape with gaining 30. Not the end of the world I guess, but it is scary to see the scale tip into an area that it’s never been before.

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Don’t worry!  I think a lot of women feel that way!  I know I did!  I gained more than the “normal” amount for some reason but it comes right off especially if you breastfeed.  I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 3 weeks.  And even though you may not have much time, you spend all your time holding a little teeny (cute) 8+ pound weight, walking around with him/her, rocking him/her, bouncing him/her.  Trust me…you get your workout…sometimes I use Kayla as a weight when she is cranky and take multiple trips up and down the stairs – seems to keep her calm and I get my workout in:)

Another suggestion I thought of…if you don’t particularly care about the number unless the MD says it’s too low or too high, maybe you can ask the nurse to weigh you facing AWAY from the number and not say anything to you unless something is wrong.  That way, you know you are gaining healthy weight for your baby without the stress of the number.  May help 🙂

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I’ve stopped looking at the scale. Even thought I’m totally in the “normal” range it’s still crazy to see numbers I’ve never seen before.

But I agree with a PP unless your doctor is concerned don’t stress too much about it. I think problems arise when people take advantage of the fact they’re pregnant and overeat, it’s one thing if you’re actually hungry or if you eat to limit nausea (that’s what worked for me) but it’s another to eat ice-cream every night just because you’re “eating for two”.

If you’re eating normally and gaining an average amount of weight you’re totally fine. You’re body is just doing what it needs to in order to grow a healthy human. It’s super stressful but just know it’s not forever. 🙂

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Yup, I agree with all the others.  Eat healthily, listen to your body and keep exercising and what weight is supposed to go on will go on.  My weight gain has been all over the place with some months gaining more than what they say and some months not gaining anything, with no change in exercise or eating habits that I can tell.  So as long as you’re treating your body right and not pigging out on crap food, you just got to go with it to some extent.  It is a mental challenge though – I refuse to weigh myself except at Drs appointment because I don’t want to start becoming focused on gain when I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

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Of course its hard to tip the scales into new terriroty! I remember when I went up to the next biggest big number on the scale – one I had never had before – not fun.  that said, as long as you are eating relatively healthily and getting some exercise, your body will do what it needs.  I have a friend whose exercise and diet were pretty different between her two pregnancies and her weight gain has been identical.  The last thing you want to do is worry that you under-ate and your baby suffered from lack of nutrition.  Some people gain more, others less but I firmly believe your body will lead the way. 

That is why I think the ONLY thing you ever say to a pregnant woman is “you look great!”  Never – “wow you are about to pop” or “you are really small, you don’t even look pregnant!” (which makes people worried too)

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I think weight gain during pregnancy is hard on most women, but it’s probably particularly hard on women who may have had weight issues prior to pregnancy.  I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life, but in the past few years I’ve lost weight and had finally begun to feel like I’m more of a healthy weight and size.  Now, with pregnancy, my weight issues have come back and I’ve been truly struggling with it.

BUT, I’m extremely fortunate to have doctors who don’t see it as an issue.  I also know that it will come off after the baby arrives.

And the thing that’s helped me the most in dealing with it is this:  knowing that whatever negative image I have about my body equals a negative image I have about the place that our baby will call home for the next five months.  I feel very strongly that whatever kind of environment I create for myself, I’m creating for our baby, and I don’t want my own issues to impact my child.

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I know how frustrating it can be especially when you see pregnant women who look like they wont need to lose any baby weight. And then they give birth to a baby about the same weight as yours. Not fair!

I think you have pay attention to your diet. Eat only whole grains. Don’t over eat the fruits because it can be a lot of sugar (more than 3 servings a day). Be well educated in serving sizes. Drinking a lot of water will make a difference. Pre-natal vitamins will give you nutrients so your body’s not craving other foods. And most importantly, WALK! Try to make time to enjoy the fresh air in the morn and evening with your fiance or someone.

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