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I’m worried about the same thing!  I lost weight at the beginning, but now I’ve been catching up big time.  Also, I’m starting to notice some extra weight in my face and my butt, which is totally bumming me out.  I think it’s probably true that your body is playing catch up.  Also, you were probably eating fattier and higher calorie foods last month since your doctor told you to.  This month you can probably scale back a bit and make some healthier choices, and you won’t gain as quickly. 

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With both Addie and this baby, I didn’t catch up to my pre-pregnancy weight until about 20 weeks.  With Addie, I went on to gain within the recommended amount, but then started losing again at the end.  My next appointment for #2 is next week, but I expect to follow a similar pattern (i.e. of gaining a good amount in the middle of pregnancy and then leveling out or losing again toward the end).

Remember that most women gain the majority of their weight in the 2nd trimester.  I believe the recommended weight gain is actually 1 pound/week in the 2nd trimester.  And many women stop gaining or even lose weight at the end of the 3rd, so you’re I think you’re pretty on track.

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Don’t worry! I have gained almost 30 lbs at 30 weeks. My doctor isn’t worried about it, either, which I find weird, because I’m on par to gain 40 lbs total. She said it’s on the high end but really just isn’t enough to be concerned about. I hate it, but I’m starting to just accept that I don’t really have much control in it. I’m eating healthy and i can no longer exercise because I’m in too much pain when I do, so I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing and hope I can do a good job losing it when baby pops out. It’s unnerving gaining weight so quickly, but remember, it’s what we’re supposed to do when pregnant. My doctor’s office has a sign next to the scale that says “Think of it like an IQ score!”

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As long as you are eating a well balanced diet and everything with baby looks god try not to worry. I know a lot of people that quit looking at the scale, maybe this would be a good idea for you.Your doctor will tell you if it is too much of too little. It is really hard, but your main focus right now should be your overall health and babies health.

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I agree that you were catching up, and I’m sure it will slow down now to the typical 1 pound a week.  

I gained 12 pounds in the first trimester, which freaked me out. But I’ve been holding steady for 2nd trimester (not gaining at all) and I’m almost 20 weeks now.  So, I think it must be normal to be abnormal…all pregnancies are different.  

Also, we can fluctuate a few pounds just by what we are wearing, how much water in in our body at the moment, etc.  So maybe that 2 pounds was taken at a ‘low’ weight moment and the 7 pounds at a ‘high’ moment.  

Our bodies will do what they want to do.  We have to do our best to exercize and eat healthy food. 


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I wouldn’t get worried yet. Just check your weight once a week if you like. We all have weight fluctuations in hormones and water weight. Who knows. Don’t freak out yet though!

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@heathaah: I totally get where you’re coming from. I was holding steady from my last appointment, then BAM! 3 lbs overnight.

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I would try not be worried – you are just catching up!  Average weight gain in the second trimester is a pound a week (or 4 a month) and you are only 3 over…and it seems like you needed the extra pounds.   Even if you continued to gain a pound a week for the rest of your pregnancy, you would only gain 28 pounds which is totally normal. 

That said, I have some weight gain anxiety as well.  I’m worried I won’t gain 5 pounds by my 19 week appointment next week.  I keep trying to sneak in extra calories here and there…and know it will catch up with me sooner or later.

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I was the same way with my first. Didn’t gain anything until week 20 or so… then had a big jump that leveled out to 1-2 pounds a week. But the end I think I gained 30 pounds.

My advice – ignore the scale 🙂

This time I’m only 9 weeks and already have quite the bulge and have gained about 5 lbs! I hope it levels out soon – but I’m not too worried 🙂 (I started at a lower weight this time and I think my body just has this happy pregnancy weight that it wanted to be at)

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I’ve gained ~20 at 26 weeks.  :  I am not happy about it, but it just seems to keep coming no matter what I do.

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@zippylef: Yaaayyy!!!  Sooo happy to see you still here!!  Did you have a baby??!

Yessss!!!  I am verrrry concerned abt the weight gain.  Sounds like you aren’t gaining much, OP but I have already gained a crazzzy amt.  I’ve been on bedrest and eating really poorly without being very active.  Hope they take me off the restrictions soon so I can move abt more.  And I certainly will have to eat better…after the holidays, of course.  Lol!!!

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