Weight gain dress doesn\'t fit…atall!!

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@kjbee:  I don’t have PCOS myself, but I think it usually requires medication. You’d have to talk to an endocrinologist to work out a treatment plan.

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@kjbee:  If you don’t eat until 4pm, that could be hurting your goals. You don’t want to eat close to bed. It’s better to start your fasting time at least a few hours before bed. I’m on Metformin for my PCOS. It’s worked to regulate my cycles, alleviate the pain of them, and cut down on some other symptoms like the cystic acne. It also helps with the weight. Before, dieting and exercise would keep me at a healthy BMI and prevent me from being overweight, but I could never get to my goal weight or be happy about my figure. With Metformin, watching what I eat, and intermittent fasting, I reached my goal weight for my wedding. 

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@kjbee:  not sure how much help this is, but I used to be AWFUL at drinking water. I got myself one of those gigantic, 1 gallon water bottles with the time markers indicated on the side. It’s ridiculously big and only works if I’m at my desk (because it’s heavy as heck), but it holds me accountable. I usually end up chugging from hour to hour and I pretty much give up the moment I get home, but I do get usually 3/4+ of the way through it – so WAY MORE water than I used to drink. I got it for less than $20 on Amazon… it’s been a real game changer for me with regard to hydration (which, of course, also helps me feel fuller in general). 

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I have PCOS, and have a really challenging time losing weight. Often people with PCOS often have insulin resistance, and a low carb diet works really well for them. I’m a vegetarian, so low carb is difficult for me now, but when I ate meat, low carb diets worked extremely well for me. Now I lose weight through calories restriction alone, which is a bit slower. 

Also, make drinking water and staying hydrated a priority. It helps keep you full, and often we can be triggered to eat when really we are just thirsty. 

ETA: I take Ovasitol every day, which you can get from Amazon. My fertility doctor told me it was as good as metformin for PCOS without the side effects. I would recommend speaking with a doctor before going that route. 

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The dress is beautiful! I don’t have any suggestions on weight loss or anything helpful… I wanted to suggest pulling over your head and see that you’ve already tried…

Good luck! I hope it all works out.

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I very much agree with a low-carb diet, keto if you can manage it. There are many success stories from people with PCOS and keto, or at least fairly low carb.

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I have PCOS and hypothyroidism and agree with the multiple previous posters. Here is what works for me to lose weight:

-Severely limit non-green-vegetable carbs. Essentially, the keto diet without necessarily being quite so hard core. You don’t need special food, just to decide to eat differently. I had previously tried limiting calories and eating a more balanced diet, but even with a strict diet and working with a nutritionist I could not lose a significant amount of weight while eating carbs without feeling super hungry and crazy…and eventually just quitting because I felt like crap. Getting rid of almost all carbs other than those in green vegetables and some dairy has made this sustainable.

-Any level of exercise to help with metabolism. Start with 15 minute walks as you recover from COVID. 

-Talk with your doctor about Metformin. This was key for me, and not eating carbs will reduce the side effects. If you’re not trying to get pregnant, consider the birth control pill to help control your hormones, as well.

Using this method I lost about 65 pounds in 8 months, and have kept it off for about a year now. 

Good luck! You have time to make this happen! 

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I agree with PPs about working with drs to regulate and medicate your PCOS. Your diet affects your hormone and vice versa, so they may have good diet advice as well. 

You may also want to try a Fitbit/step counter. Calorie deficit is key and it helps me to get a better idea of the impact my activity level (or lack thereof) affects how many calories I’m burning per day. It’s also great for motivating you to get regular movement throughout the day rather than focusing on one big, intense workout. 

That said, I’d be cautious of fixating too much on weight loss when your body has been through hell and back recently. Your primary focus should be your health. If that also leads to weight loss, all the better. But high levels of stress and starving yourself aren’t going to help your health or your weight. 

So, I’d also talk to a seamstress about how much they can alter it if you’re not able to lose ALL the weight. That might relieve a bit of the pressure and help you focus on gradual, healthy weight loss. 

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Consider looking for another dress that will fit you better on your big day if alterations on your current dress don’t work out. It’s perfectly natural to have gained weight over quarantine and trying to lose large amounts of weight on a short time scale can lead to disordered eating behaviors. Finding a dress that fits you instead of scrambling to fit in the dress could make you feel just as happy and confident on your wedding day and save you lots of headache in the meantime.

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First, I want to say something, and I really want you to read this carefully: You are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Period. You are GORGEOUS.

Second, I’m sorry about the fit of your dress. I know that must feel very discouraging. But, you have a long way to the aisle. You can do this.

I don’t have specific advice, because I don’t have PCOS and do not know how that affects weight maintenance, but for me at least, like other bees have said, it’s tracking my calories in and out that helps most. I wish I had the discipline to work out, but I just don’t, and my 12 hour shifts don’t help. But I am religious about tracking with MyFitnessPal. It’s a free app I’ve used for years. I really like it. Just something to consider. 🙂

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