Weight gain dress doesn\'t fit…atall!!

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Lovely, your body has been to hell and back helping you to recover from a very serious illness. Please be as compassionate you can with both your body and yourself. I know it must be so disappointing to find that your dress doesn’t fit, and I understand wanting to lose the weight to fit into it again. But is losing the weight worth pushing yourself to the point of further illness? Our bodies go through seasons, and this one has been particularly hard on yours. You deserve to allow your body to rest and heal. It knows what it needs, and is telling you loud and clear that it needs you to take a breather and let it take care of you. 

If you’d like to pursue some fitnes goals while recovering, speak to your doctor about what your nutrition needs are before you start on a deficit as your body needs fuel to recover, as well as what ways you can safely and sustainably move your body while you recover. In the meantime, for sure find a good seamstress and see what kind of magic they can work on the seams. You deserve to be healthy and happy, and to feel absolutely incredible in the skin (and dress) you’re in!

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YOU HAVE TIME!!!!  My wedding is in 2 weeks, after having canceled several times last year.  I was back at my “fitting time” weight, and all was well.  37 days before the wedding, my fiance was exposed to COVID and we both became ill.  Although I am extremely grateful that we are both relatively healthy now (all of the typical lingering effects), losing those crucial two weeks was awful.  We were given steroid treatment to avoid the symptoms becoming unmanageable.  I only took them for 5 days.  3 days after I stopped taking them, I ballooned 16 pounds and looked like Herman Munster had met the Michelin man.  My face was deformed and I had gone up over 6 inches in some areas of my body-in less than 48 hours.  I know because I weigh myself at the same time daily and had just been measured for a rehearsal dinner jumpsuit by a competent seamstress.  I had all of my honeymoon clothes separated, and was excited for my fitting.  While I have lost some (about 9 of the 16 pounds) through diet, as much exercise as my body will tolerate, water, etc., I fluctuate between 5-6 pounds sometimes per day, and therefore experience the same thing that you do in terms of being back to square one.  I never know how I am going to wake up from one day to the next and where the swelling will be.  Today, it’s my hands, my ankles and my eyes.    I have cried, had panic attacks and done all of the typical things that a bride a this position would do.  I have a doctor’s appointment today to figure out if there is anything else I can do to flush my system and put it back in balance, which is what steroids have always done to me.  Try some of those methods.  Also, some body sculpting massages, if that is within your budget and available in your area, are good for reducing inches and for lymphatic draining.  But, while I am still trying my best and have not completely given up, I have accepted the reality that it may not happen. They may need to let the dress out, or I may need to rush out and buy another one.  I made a conscious choice when I took the steroids. I know that I react poorly to them.  I know that I retain water normally, and that it takes me a long time to bounce back from steroid treatment.  I also know that staying out of a hospital, off of a ventilator and being able to actually attend my wedding, regardless of the dress or the size, was more important to me.  I know it’s hard to say, but I am not preaching because I am experiencing the same exact thing except 2 weeks out, and frankly, second wedding in my 40’s.  Perspective is key.  Do your best.  Give it all you have.  But plan for alternatives because the stress you are putting on yourself (I’m guilty too) releases hormones that preclude weight loss.  YOU HAVE TIME.  And if not, you have options.  Go to a qualified seamstress.  Look online for dresses that you like and their availability.  Go to a local store that has a large selection in stock.  Most important, enjoy your wedding planning and don’t allow this to overshadow the main thing-you are healthy and marrying the love of your life with the people around you  healthy and being able to attend.  Not everyone has that.  Enjoy every second, no matter the weight.  Best of luck!

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@kjbee:  I had been off and on metformin for years because the side effects were always so bad, and didn’t go away for me even after months. I’ve discovered that many of th GI issues stop if I eat low carb and use the extended release tablets, which I take at night with supper. It is also a good motivator to not cheat, because the metformin will punish me if I do LOL. Good luck! 

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