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Helper bee
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Have you spoken to a dress maker about possible adjustments? First place to start – you may not need to get a new dress! 

Also try a vegan diet with no processed foods – once you start you’d be surprised at the amount of weight that just drops off! Eating more veg is way better for you annnnd eating whole foods gives more energy – win win win! 

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Busy bee
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Hi bee! Do you still take those meds? I know it can be very discouraging: I myself have gained 30lbs in just 2 months due to medication. My doctors told me that due to the fake hunger feeling they create, and due to how they change my metabolism I won’t be able to loose weight so I actually didn’t try. However, when the dose was decreased I decided to battle my weight. I managed to loose 15lbs eating low carb and then my weight just got stuck. I need to get off the meds to loose more, but hey, 15lbs isn’t too bad!

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Sugar bee
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longtimebride :  Is there a particular reason why you are so opposed to adding a corset back? It would probably solve this little hiccup immediately and it would look beautiful with your dress. 

Loosing weight when battling and illness/medication is extremely difficult. I do not have your condition but my PCOS comes hand in hand with weight gain and the inability to loose weight once it is gained. I have exercised and changed my eating/drinking habits and my weight will still plataue after losing just a few pounds.

It seems like your only options are to add the corset back or purchase an entirely new dress. If you want a different dress, by all means look for one but the corset would be much more budget friendly.  

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I’m not sure if I missed the information, but I don’t see how much of a weight difference in when you were measured, and what you weigh now. Depending on your height and the weight loss needed, seven months is a LONG time to get there.

When losing weight, diet is more important than exercise, which is good news if you’re facing exhaustion from medication.

I’m a big believer in CICO (calories in, calories out). You would calculate your average calories used daily (TDEE), and then subtract a deficit to get to a calorie goal for the day. A 500 calorie deficit every day would equate to one pound lost a week. If you’ve got a higher TDEE either from being a larger person, or from exercising, you can safely have a 1000 calorie deficit, and thus lose approximately 2 pounds per week. You can eat whatever you want, and not exercise, just as long as you’re using portion control and making sure to keep under your calorie goals.

For personal experience, I’m 5’3, and started at 167 pounds. I’m extremely sedentary, so my TDEE is approximately 1700. I shoot to hit 1200 calories a day. I’ve lost 22 pounds without exercising. I’m trying to increase my activity level, as being a couch potato is not good for my overall health, but I know that ultimately, it’s not going to have much impact on my weight loss, just my overall wellness and muscle definition.

I use the MyFitnessPal app to track my calories, and the reddit group r/loseit for inspiration and support. r/1200isplenty is good for food inspiration, though they get a bit diet food crazy sometimes. I love food, and by calorie counting, I can still have all sorts of delicious foods, I just need to make sure to have them in moderation.

Also, here is a great website that can project your weight loss schedule:

Important to note is that water weight can cause you to appear to not lose anyhing. Your goal should be to lose fat, so look at the long term picture, not the week by week fluctiations. You also should be hesitant to eat under 1200 calories a day, as many doctors do not recommend. Often that is the bare minimum that your body needs to function well, but everything is individual. Also, recalculate your TDEE every one and a while (ten pounds or so) as it will decrease if you remain sedentary and lose weight. (Less energy to maintain less mass).

I’d also highly suggest speaking with a tailor to discuss options for letting the dress out or other methods of expanding your dress. It sounds like you’re under a lot of stress, and putting that much pressure on your body can be really challenging. It would be better to have a backup plan, and be pleasanly surprised, than upset if you’re not losing as quickly as you want.

CICO can be used with other weight loss methods such as weight watchers, Whole30, and Keto.  

Good luck!

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Blushing bee

With hormonal problems and medications, it’s not about calories in calories out. That just does not work.

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Busy bee
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Normally I wouldnt recommend this if you’re not feeling well but if you’re allowed by your physician, and you just need 5-15 lbs gone, a 2 week cleanse will take out a little bit of fat weight and a lot of water weight to slim you down. I do one twice a year. It doesnt last forever obviously but a few weeks before your wedding it might be all you need to fit in the dress. Both me and my man lose 10+ lbs each doing a Wild Rose detox and it stays off for months. Again, only if it doesn’t affect your health.

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Helper bee
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I am adamantly opposed to anyone putting extra stress on themselves simply because of weight and fitting into a dress.  Especially someone who is having medical issues.  You have enough stress going on, just find another dress, order the same one in your new size, or add the corset.


With your wedding and medical condition, please don’t also add the pressure of having to lose weight.

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Bumble bee
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I unfortunately have no advice as I know nothing about endo or your situation.

However, I just want to say that there’s no need to be embarassed. You’re not a bad or weak person for gaining some weight. And your fiance loves you just the way you are. You will work out something with the dress and you won’t even think about it on your wedding day, I promise!

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Honey bee
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Slim bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

You have plenty of time!

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Blushing bee
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I also have endometriosis and I completely know how you feel… Ive gained about 30 lbs and I am now attempting to lose it with little to no progress (maybe 3 lbs in 8 weeks with EXTREMELY healthy eating and working out with a personal trainer). I am starting medifast on Saturday as well as going in to speak with my doctor about what other treatment options I have. I will let you know how the medifast goes and see if I can actually lose weight on it! Fingers cross for both of us! 🙂 

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Yes, turn it into a corset back! I was maid of honor in a wedding a few months ago and my dress didn’t fit so my mom did it for me and it was really easy and cheap. Plus, I got to add a really cool ribbon to it which was great because they had a baseball theme so I got a ribbon with baseballs on it. The bride loved it and it was really unique. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

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longtimebride :  

Just came to second the corset back option rather than the potentially stressful  – and maybe not achievable   – option of weight  loss, given the medication  situation.

And to say what beautiful hair you have.  

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