(Closed) Weight gain scare any of you ladies?

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Baby weight scares me, but I will monitor it and make sure that I don’t go overboard since I’m also a short/small person.  My mom was lucky to only gain about 22 pounds with me so that’s my goal.  I’ve gained about 5-10 pounds since college and plan on shooting for my college weight after the baby.  

It’s always great to have a goal to shoot for as motivation but don’t kick yourself now.  Take care of you and the baby and don’t forget to get out and walk.  It’s good for you and the baby.  Eating well is always important.

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Weight gain is so normal as we age. Our metabolisms change us, our lifestyles change us, and being the only sex able to have babies changes us as well! I have never had a baby but I certainly hope to someday. I know I am the type to get major stretchmarks; my thighs, hips, butt, and breasts are covered in them just from puberty alone. They have faded significantly over the years. Some ladies luck out with super elastic skin, alas others (like me) do not.

But you know what? You’re going to have an amazing addition to your family, your own little bundle of joy! If the love of a child can’t help you accept stretchmarks, I don’t know what can. You’re going to be so busy and so in love with your baby that your stretchmarks won’t be that big of a deal. And they WILL fade in time, they always do! 

You used to run three times a week? That’s amazing! And there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to do that again post-labor and get yourself back in tip-top shape. You’ll need to work up to it, and you’ll need to find time for yourself, but there’s no better time to make a healthy lifestyle change you can pass on to your little one. 

Best wishes for you and your family! <3

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I’ve been having an awful time with weight gain. I went to the doctor last year at this time and yesterday… I went from 128 to 166 (I’m 14 weeks)! My doctor was so surprised, but really I do have my reasons. My husband is amazing and keeps reminding me that it’s not something that I could have avoided.

I got pregnant right after we got married, and found out at 12 weeks that I miscarried at 6 weeks. During that 3 months I was STARVING! I would eat all day, every day. And I only ate carbs b/c everything else made me want to puke. So there was 30 pounds right there. After I miscarried of course I wasn’t thinking of dieting, I wanted comfort food. I tried to take pills to pass the baby but that didn’t work, and I ended up needing two D&C’s. After that I decided screw this, I need weight watchers. I lost a few pounds and got pregnant again a month later, so I had to quit. I had some bleeding at 9 weeks and they told me no exercising, no walking. So I had over a month of sitting on my tush, doing nothing.

So yes, I’m fatter then I’d like. I know it’s not baby bump, it’s fat. But I have my reasons, there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ll just worry about it after I have my baby.

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I also didn’t lose all the weight from a previous lost pregnancy before getting pregnant again, so while my weight gain DURING this pregnancy hasn’t been bad, I started out a lot heavier than I’d have liked. It’s a shame, but the goal at this point is a healthy baby, and then I’m really hoping that between breastfeeding and wanting to get out in the nice summer weather with the baby (he’s due in April), losing weight will be easier than I normally find it!

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The baby weight freaks me out. Mostly because I’ve always been about the same weight my entire adult life.

Regardless of the fact that I’m very much in the “normal” range for how far along I am my body is very strange to me now and annoying because I’m having to buy clothes that I know I won’t wear later. I keep saying I can’t wait till it gets warm so I won’t have to wear pants! 🙂

Stretch marks are genetic though so there’s not much you can do to prevent them (although a rapid weight gain will give you’re skin less time to stretch). I have them from when I hit my growth spurt when I was younger (luckily they’re light) but none yet for the pregnancy however I won’t be surprised if they pop up near the end.

Don’t be as concerned with getting to a certain weight as getting back into shape after pregnancy. You’re body may look different or carry weight differently after the baby so don’t beat yourself up over something you can’t really control.

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I used to be 5’6 and 115-120lbs forever.  My husband jokes that I was knock kneed when he met me b/c I was so thin (I was not).  After 7 years together, we had a baby (2005) and I gained a good amount of weight.  I did get some stretch marks but still wore a bikini after (not immediately after but after I lost the baby weight) during the summer.  Now, I’m 155 b/c I just eat and eat junk and don’t exercise.  It sucks and I know I need to change but after having been thin my whole life, I still don’t feel huge, even though I’m a size 10 or 12.  I still can’t believe I’m this size (again, only b/c I’ve always been a 4-6 my whole life).  And I don’t look huge but I have layers (that is one thing that changed when I had a baby…I had layers on my stomach when I sit (not when I stand)).  But, I think once you have the baby and eat well and have a normal workout routine, you should be totally fine.  Even if you end up with a few stretch marks, I really don’t think anyone will notice b/c they eventually fade to the point where they are not too noticeable, that is, if you get some.  And while I wish I were back to my pre-baby weight, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, b/c of our son. 

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I gained 20 pounds while pregnant, but I can promise you, baby weight is the EASIEST weight in the world to lose. It just falls off. Giving birth to the baby and having the placenta removed plus all the water and blood takes away a good 10-13 pounds right off the bat, and once you’re home, that baby keeps you so active. Between the feedings and the diaper changes and whatnot, you’re so busy it’s hard to even find the time to eat, and when you go out, you have to tote the baby and its carrier, plus the diaper bag and all the junk in it. I lost all the baby weight within 2 weeks and within 8 weeks was 20 pounds lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant. I’ve been 95 pounds since my daughter was 8 weeks old (17 months now) because they just keep you so active.

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I’m at exactly 30 weeks and I’ve gained about 20 pounds.  My OB told me I should expect to gain about 10 pounds through the end of the pregnancy.  I am a little bummed, as I was hoping to gain 20-25, but I guess that’s just not realistic.  I think the key will be NOT being hard on myself after the baby comes, and just getting into a routine of healthy eating and working out.  Don’t feel too bad about yourself, hon — just focus on regaining your fitness after your wonderful baby has arrived! 

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I’m 32 weeks and 3 days right now. I’m tall and athletically built, but not fat or really overweight. The midwives at the office I go to have all said to try to stay in the 20-25 pound range for my pregnancy. Right now at over 32 weeks I’m at 26 pounds gained since my first dr apt. I didn’t weigh myself before that. I’m a little nervous since I gained 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and I still have 7-8 weeks to go. I’m looking at another 8-16 pounds depending on if I can manage my diet and slow my weight gain to the 1 pound a week as recommended for this stage in my pregnancy. That would put me at a total weight gain of 34-42 lbs for the pregnancy. Carbs are the easiest foods to eat that don’t mess with my stomach, but also have contributed to higher weight gain during my pregnancy. I’m trying to track my diet more and make sure I’m eating more protein and veggies.

I am planning to breastfeed, so I am hoping that will help me lose the baby weight. I’m not expecting miracles, and it is not typical to be back to your pre-pregnancy weight 2 weeks post baby. I’m trying to keep that in mind, and am planning to be as active as I can as soon as possible. Baby is due 3/19, so it should only be a few weeks before it gets warmer and we can get to one of the dozens of parks in my area for walks with the dog while I’m home on maternity leave. I’m hoping to take back up running at some point too, and have a collection of workout videos in the 20-40 minute range that I am hoping to use as well. My husband and I are very active in the summer, so hopefully I’ll lose it pretty easily. It does have me a little worried though.

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I’m 33 weeks and I’ve gained 24 lbs- but I still only weigh 126. My weight is ALL in my stomach (and my thighs got a little bigger) Well, and my boobs. I was an A cup before I got pregnant and now I’m a C. So I guess I’ll be a D when milk comes in which is freaking me out.=/

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A healthy baby & birth are my goal…a healthy weight after I heal up (roughly 2-8 weeks, depending on the mom/method of giving birth) is my secondary goal.  I got pregnant RIGHT AFTER the wedding, which was my healthiest weight since college.  I’m at 32 weeks & 5 days…and have already gained 44lbs.  My doctor is not concerned…everything with the baby is normal, my blood pressure up until the last check up was well within the normal parameters, & I have had no negative side effects (not even nausea or morning sickness or swelling).  So, if the medical expert is not worried about my “excessive” weight gain, I’m not going to risk adding stress to my baby by worrying unnecessarily. 

At my last check up, my blood pressure was higher than MY normal numbers, although still within the normal parameters.  My doctor is still not worried about it & has only encouraged me to lie on my left side more often to relieve any added pressure.  Hubs & I are taking a few more precautions: increasing my water intake, cutting back on my sodium intake, increasing my stretches & yoga to relieve any headaches or tension (other symptoms that may indicate preeclempsia), putting my feet up at home & work (although I haven’t had much signs of swelling). But weight hasn’t been my/our primary concern. 

My plans for losing the weight, when the appropriate time comes:

  1. renew my membership to my gym (curtailed during my 1st trimester due to fatigue & to save money…been doing moderate exercise at home for free)
  2. Consult my doctor & the Kid’s pediatrician on a modified form of the food plan I had going before the wedding (that got me to my healthiest weight)
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Taking advantage of being a teacher & being as active a mom as possible during my 5 month maternity leave

I figure if one has a healthy plan & sticks to it, one will find a way to get back to a healthy pre-pregnancy weight. Good luck to all…it may not happen all at once, but it will happen.

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