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Weight Watchers! The accountability of weighing in every week is what drives me. I want to lost about 20 pounds before my wedding next June. My Fiance is doing it with me, he doesn’t go to meetings, but he is following the points system with me. Have you asked your Fiance to change his eating habits, or do you just assume he doesn’t want to change? If he knew how much it meant to you, and how heard it is to eat broccoli when he has mac & cheese, he would probably change with you. You can’t make 2 meals every night for the rest of your life. Also, I asked my alterations lady about losing weight and she said they can always take it in!

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I was in your boat about 4 months ago. I joined a gym and did everything you did. I am the main cook in our house so I told my Boyfriend or Best Friend that I was going to start cooking healthier. My Boyfriend or Best Friend is like your Fiance he can eat everything under the sun and never gain a LB… it makes me sick!! But since he likes pretty much anything he tried the meals and realized just because they are healthy doesn’t mean they have to be bland tasting. I use spark recipes and they have great variety of meals to choose from. I also tracked calories for the first couple months, which helped. You can find online how many calories you should be eating a day as a starting point. Also, once you get into the habit of working out your metabolism will pick back up and you can eat those foods your Fiance likes every now and then. After 4 months I’m down 20 LBs and 5 in on my stomach. Definely measure yourself, because for me I dropped a lot of weight at first then kinda of evened out with my weight, but I kept losing inches. It helps to keep the motivation up! Good luck! =)

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@Ella1978: This is so encouraging. I have been trying to loose weight since jan, with no success. I have modified my diet, I work out (or try to) 3 x a week. I am taking aerobics, kickboxing, and water aerobics. I am noticing some tone, but the pounds are not dropping. How did the logging help you.

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@Miss Baz: Your news is so encouraging 🙂 Please continue to keep us updated!!!

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Like baldor1 I also calorie count. 2 pounds a week is healthy.  I use an application on my Iphone called lose it.  I plug in what I ate and it figures out the calories.  It subtracts it from my daily allowance. If I go over then I can look up the exercises and it tells me how much of any of the excercises I need to do to make up for it. If I exercise i plug that in and it recalculates my calories because when you exercise you can eat a little more. I eat what I want but I try to keep it healthy. No soda, chips and sauces. If I have a burger then i have it open faced to take away some of the bread. little changes like that make it so I don’t feel deprived.

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good luck in losing weight and dont stop, u can always take the dress in to whatever size u r at the wedding!

its really good for both of u to eat better! and even if it doesnt show on him now, eventually hes gonna have those love handles that he wont love so much!

and healthy food doesnt have to be boring or tasteless, i try to eat healthy most times, and i cook, and i make really good pastas and casseroles and everything! and portion control is important too, have wht u love next a huge serving of salad!

btw, mom makes the best oven fried chicken ever!!! seriously, we stopped ordering in since mom started making it! and my fi whos a kfc-holik loves itttt! ill ask her for the recipe and post it :)))

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Good job! And keep in mind that you can excersize all you want, but at the end of the day weight loss is (for normal/healthy people) 80% what you eat. So all you have to do is cut back on portions, eat less calories. That’s it. REally! I know eating is so much fun so people always try to get around eating less by working out more or cooking ‘healthier’ meals, but it doesn’t make any difference if you aren’t cutting back on calories.

I spent about 3 years of my life overweight and I was probably the healthiest eater I knew. I ate low fat, ‘whole’ foods, drank lots of water, plenty of fruits and veggies. I was so confused about why I wasn’t losing any weight, in fact, I kept steadily gaining. Finally I saw a nutritionist who tried not to laugh in my face by telling me the obvious: I was eating too much. Even though I worked out several times a week, it didn’t matter. And she gave me a thumbs up for the healthy food, but even fruit can be bad for you if you eat too much of it. It took time (years) but I am now at the low end of the BMI for my height and wear a size 2. I will never go back to where I was and I will never deprive myself of my favorite foods (pasta!!!, hot wings, etc.) In fact I eat more of them now! Just in small portions.

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean boiled chicken and broccoli!  There are a lot of delicious & healthy recipes out there.  I think that in order to successfullly lose weight, you need to have a plan.  Planning to deprive yourself of anything that tastes good is a recipe for disaster.  I have had GREAT success on Weight Watchers.  I lost over 75 lbs in just over a year and have kept it off for 5 years.  I also hear really good things about Sparkpeople.com, which is a free site, gives you a solid idea of how many calories you need to take in and you can track your menu on there, so it’s not a guessing game how much you need to eat.

Your fiance can eat junk food on his own time, if he wants something that’s not on your plan, he’s a grown man, he can prepare it for himself.  That said, everybody can benefit from eating healthier foods, even people who don’t need to lose weight. 

Good luck to you. 

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Agree with all the above. I would also check out livestrong.com for an online calorie tracker, they also have an iphone app. 

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I totally recommend spark people and spark recipes. I lost 25lbs on it (even though 5lbs came back). I’d always been healthy and I exercised but I LOVE TO SNACK!! Anyhow, just going on the website, I was able to put out DELICIOUS recipes that are low calorie and low fat. You will love it. I know I did. And I’m sure your Fiance will too. Just go on and order your dress and if it’s too big before your date, it will be taken in during alterations.

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I agree with the people who commented about portion control.  If I make something unhealthy-ish to satisfy one of FI’s cravings, I usually eat really, really well for the rest of the day to leave “calorie space” for it, and then make sure that my portions are small for whatever he’s eating.  Usually I’ll fill half my plate with veggies so I don’t feel deprived staring at my tiny portion, lol!

How’s the weight loss coming for you?

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It’s healthy to lose 2-3lbs per week. If you plan on ordering your dress in 6 months, tht means you could technically lose almost 50lbs before then healthily.

I dont think you’re going into weight loss with a very positive mind, talking about how “all you can eat is this & that.” You can eat almost anything but keep portion control in mind! I’ve lost 60lbs since Oct 2008. Pick up any healthy food cookbook and you’ll see that eating healthy and clean isn’t as bad as you made it out to be! Good luck!

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@datialjohnson: I’m so sorry that I’m just seeing this now.  I didn’t realize how many calories were in simple things.  You think that peas, lima beans, corn, carrots, are all veggies, all healthy.  A handful of crackers is half of a meal!  It really just helped me get a tight grip on my calories, helped me to know how many calories were in things & make sure I was sticking to my goal!

I was probably eating 2000 cals a day, even though it was all healthy (whole grains, dairy, veggies) it was too many calories.  I went down to around 1400-1500 a day.  That plus the extra 350-450 cals a day burned at the gym, I was able to lose a couple pounds a week.

Sorry again it took me so long to respond.  I’ll PM you too to make sure you get the info!  Good luck to you!

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