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I’ve gone through the same rollercoaster – and found that signing up for classes that I’ve paid for makes it easier for me to stay motivated because I hate wasting money! Or for instance, I signed up for a bunch of 5k road races, which means I HAVE to work out in between or I’ll die in the race! Do you have a workout buddy you can go to the gym with? it makes it easier!

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Well, the good news is you have plenty of time to lose the weight!! Here are some tips that came to mind:

Load up on fruit and veggies during the day. I’ve never heard of anyone gaining weight by having too many carrots, so don’t be afraid to go crazy with them, especially if you tend to eat because you’re bored.

Drink tons of water–lots of times, what we think is hunger is actually thirst. If you drink water, you may find that you’re not hungry.

Don’t keep “garbage foods” in the house. If you don’t have them, you can’t eat them.

Cut out sugary drinks, like sodas and juice. It’s mostly empty calories, and you can drink a lot without realizing it.


Good luck! 🙂

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Signing up for some kind of calorie tracker and writing down everything you eat will help immensely. I like WW online. But that costs money. There are other free ones out there.

It also helps to prepare your meals for the day. Like I pack breakfast, lunch, and snacks to take to work everyday. I can keep track of calories and since I have my own food with me at work, it’s a lot easier to avoid the vending machines or the donuts in the breakroom, etc.

Can you go for long walks on your lunchbreak? It’s next to impossible for me to work out after work. So I do it on my lunchbreak and weekends. (For example, since I don’t have a lot of time at lunch, I like to run on the treadmill…my gym is right by my office. I keep a gym bag with enough workout clothes for the week in my car.)

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I am doing Weight Watchers online and meetings and I’m loving it. I am the same way as you with the rollercoaster! I have lost 5.8lbs as of yesterday at my weigh in and that is only in 2 weeks. It isn’t free but I do better if I’ve paid for it because I will be damned if I’m wasting money lol. I also don’t feel deprived either. I am getting things I like but in smaller portions. And, I have no time for a gym with two kids , a Fiance and a 2 hr commute to work. So, I am doing Zumba for the Wii and I love it! You can do it!

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I’ve been using a calorie counter and I’ve lost 4 lbs. in 2 weeks. I also eat clean, which means NO junk food. It’s so bad for you! It’s unnatural, and your body is not meant to eat that stuff. Don’t buy it and just avoid all that stuff. I buy dark chocolate and organic ice cream and eat that for dessert. sometimes I’ll spread a little unorganic peanut butter (hey, I’m not perfect!) and it’s like my own reese’s peanut butter cups.

The best things I’ve done so far are:

– counting calories

– drinking water, or at least less sodas.

– 30 min of exercise

– eat clean

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For me, when I could actually visualize myself wearing my wedding dress on my wedding day that kept me from overeating or eating junk. The thought of eating too much and gaining weight stressed me out to no end. I lost my appetite for some of my previously favorite foods like cheeseburgers and hot wings and instead craved grilled chicken and veggies.

I also just avoided eating any sweets or drinking any liquids with calories (besides the occasional cocktail which I totally needed). I actually don’t like sweets so it wasn’t hard.

Making time to excersize, prioritizing your day helps too. Push excersizing up on the list by telling yourself you can go to the grocery store on your way home or asking your fiance to step up and do whatever chores you would be missing out on. Also, if you know you’re going to have a busy evening, try to do a 20 minute morning workout so at least you keep it in your routine.

This is something I also need to start doing, but eat fruit before you leave work for the day (if you work a 9-5 job). It keeps you from overeating at dinner or eating an unhealthy snack when you get home. Sometimes I’m shaking from hunger and dive into the leftover chinese food once I walk through the door instead of carrots and hummus.

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Try Quick Trim Fast Cleanse
It taste like cherry lemonade, you drink 4oz mixed with 4z of water, 4 times a day in between meals, for only 2 Days!! and during those two days you can only consume veggies, fruits, and clear soups.. well technically it says you can eat grains and proteins but REALLY limit your intake.. I just cut them all out and just BBQ’d veggies and cut up fresh fruit and had clear broth veggie soups for dinner. In two days you can lose 5-11 lbs!!! yep you read right it takes about 48 hours for your weight to settle and for the results to show. It doesnt say anywhere one the package that you can only do the cleanse once.. so why not do it a few times every few weeks?? This is my first time and I’ve already lost 5lbs. (NO exercise) I have to wait two more days to see the maximum results.. It also gets rid of belly bloating..

Now I’m on Hydroxycut Max Advanced – extreme thermogensis for women
It’s another drink.. they look like those drinking packets that you add to a bottle of water.. flavor is wild berry and it taste like fruit punch. the box says you can lose 1lb a DAY! HOLY MOLY!! I just started it today. You’re suppose to drink it twice a day 30-60 minutes prior to your biggest meals so lunch and dinner.. and then I’m assuming if you do at least 30 mins fo cardio a day and light weights or resistant band workouts that you’ll have maximum results.. I’ll write back when I’m done all the hydroxycut packets to let you guys know how much weight I’ve lost in a short time frame. Keep in mind though I do eat pretty healthy making sure I eat all food groups in most of my meals in small portions. Oh and I also drink about 4-9 regular size water bottles a day. (if you drink a ton of water it makes you think your full so you eat less)

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-Count your calories (which is free!).  I use myfitnesspal.  Also don’t cut out the things you love, just reduce them.  And if you have say a little ice cream for a snack, eat a little less at dinner.  And if you are tracking your calories, you should still meet your daily goal.

-Don’t know if you belong to a gym (although that can be a little expensive).  But summer is coming so try doing a lot of stuff outside.  Walking, swimming, tennis, there are tons of things to do to make workouts more exciting.

Just try to take things a day at a time.  That’s the best thing for me that keeps me going/motivated.  Good luck!!!


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Update* I don’t know if its cause of the Quick Trim or if it’s the hydroxcut, or eating well and working out but I’ve lost and inch in my chest, waist, hips and thighs. I know since I’ve done Quick Trim/hydroxcut I’ve lost 5.5lbs since saturday! haha and I still have 90% of the hydroxcut box left to do.. 

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I’ve been injured for a year but I’m going back to my yoga studio.  I go after work and since it cost almost $1200/yr, I won’t be missing any classes.

Food-Take you lunch to work.  Have healthly snacks @ your desk.  Make sure to eat a healthly salad @ least for dinner.  And cut back on your favs.

Exercise- Walk.  Walk @ least 10k steps a day.  You will see a difference.  My Luv and I go walking together in the evenings and its our time to relax and talk about our hearts content.

Hope that helps.

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