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Why are you a vegetarian? Don’t change your beliefs simply because of your weight. But, if you’re not a vegetarian for religious reasons or you’re a PETA person, then meat is a good thing. My roommate simply doesn’t like it, so to each their own. FYI, animal protein cannot be replaced by any synthetic substitute. Would you be ok with free range hormone free chicken? I started getting grossed out by what was in the regular Tyson bags of chicken and started buying the all natural kind and it tastes so much better. Also, studies show that people who eat moderate amounts (key word: moderate) of red meat lose more weight than people who don’t. Lean chicken breasts and turkey is the way to go. If not, stick to your tofus and beans. Other dense vegetarian items. I eat Morningstar’s buffalo wing nuggets. They taste the same to me and I eat real meat quite often. What about fish? A little bit (deck of cards size) of salmon or tilapia would be a good thing to incorporate into your diet.

Try talking to a trainer, you’ve probably hit a plateau. When I plateaued last year, my trainer recommend 3 days a week long cardio: 60 minutes. Yup, 60 minutes. I did 30 minutes, walked around for 5, then hopped back on the elliptical. I watched tv the whole time, went slowly, but it worked. The other days I did interval training for about 20 minutes, then 30-40 minutes of circuit weight training. 15 pounds post-surgery melted off. And i’d been trying for a couple months on my own. 

I was reading a magazine that said you should shoot for 500 calorie breakfasts and lunches, and a 450 calorie dinner with 2 snacks, about 100-150 calories during the day. Keep a food long and see just how many calories you’re consuming. It sounds obsessive but it will help keep you in check. Just keep trucking. Summer’s here, which means it’s easier to replace comfort food with fruits and veggies. And stick to michelob ultra if you can. Their tuscan grapefruit is way crazy good and only 100 cal’s a bottle

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There’s a lot of things I think you need to take into account. First off, you might not want to hear this, but if you are not tracking what you are eating, you might be eating more than you are thinking…. do you watch your portion sizes?I would highly suggest writing down everything that you eat every day.

 Second thing. On this vegetarian front. I’m not sure why you are a vegetarian. Personally, I love tofu and all sorts of beans, but I still eat my meat. Anyway, regardless of the reason, make sure you are not turning into a CARB-aterian! I know someone who became a vegetarian and actually gained weight because they were eating "vegetarian" things like, pasta, pizza and french fries, instead of focusing on vegetables. What about fish? Would you eat that?

 What about exercise? YOu should strive to get at least 30 minutes of excercise mOST days of the week (that’s four or more) but for weight loss, you are supposed to get at least 45 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise in every day. 

 I know this weight loss thing is tough. I’ve struggled with it myself. Just keep going! You can do it!

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I have no real advice – just wanted you to know I feel your pain! I am 74 days out from my wedding and heavier than I have been in years! I thought I would be losing weight during this time, not gaining it!

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Whoa, whoa whoa, let me just say, do NOT go by your weight! Some of the times when I have been at my leanest and worn smaller clothing sizes I have actually weighed exactly the same or even slightly MORE than I do when I am a bit bigger (based on clothing.) It sounds like an excuse but it’s true what they say, muscle outweights fat! If you have been going to the gym it may well just be putting on muscle. Hang in there!

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Also, before you worry too much, remember that your weight can fluctuate quite a bit at certain times of the month, after salty meals, etc etc–mostly because of water weight. I know that even if I look just the same, I can weigh 5 lbs different in the morning than in the evening sometimes! Crazy, right? So is it possible that if you’ve been eating lots of pasta and drinking more than usual that maybe it’s just temporary water weight? (A girl can hope, right?) 🙂

And if you’re back to eating well and exercising, I bet it will start to come back off pretty quick. And I agree with fabulouslyengaged about the Carb-aterian thing! That’s an easy pattern to fall into when you’re not eating meat. At least you recognized any amount of weight gain pretty quick and can do something about it. Good luck!

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Try weightwatchers it is the best!!!!!  You will loose weight in no time because they teach you how to eat what you love by tracking points.  A lot of my friends have tried it and we all lost weight immediatley.   

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