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Are you weighing and measuring your food? Portion size can be very deceptive if you’re not.  Try MyFitnessPal as a tracker, weigh all solid food and measure all liquids and you may be surprised.  I discovered what I thought was a portion of cereal was closer to two, for example.  Eat lots of veggies and lean protein and cut out soft drink, alcohol and processed sugar.

Also, stop weighing yourself daily, it’s counterproductive.  Weigh yourself once a month, no more – weight will vary depending on where you are in your cycle, whether you had salty food for dinner last night and a million other reasons.  Once a month is plenty to keep track. Or don’t weigh at all and use those jeans as a measure. 7 months is plenty of time to lose 15 pounds so don’t stress!

EDIT: meal planning and preparation is key.  I shop on Sunday then spend a couple of hours prepping food for the week so all my lunches are sorted.  Try roasting a capsicum, a red onion and two carrots with a little olive oil for about twenty minutes; half of that with a tin of tuna and a precooked brown rice cup and some spinach is a delicious healthy lunch (I have it pretty much every week).  Or poach a chicken breast in coconut milk, make a salad of spinach, snow peas and green beans with a few toasted sunflower seeds.  Simmer the coconut milk that you poached the chicken in down to thicken it, stir in a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt and that’s the dressing for your chicken salad. Pinterest has millions of easy healthy yummy recipes so it’s worth having a browse there.

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I have a very busy schedule as well (grad school, wedding planning, working full time, blah blah). Unfortunately, I don’t have any groundbreaking advice for you just that you have to make the time. I have started doing some meal prep on Sundays, which gives me a little extra time in the morning. It sounds daunting, but I usually pick two recipes that are very different and make enough to have meals throughout the week. I also keep a clean set of workout clothes and my sneakers in the car so that if I can fit in a workout, at the gym or even a walk around campus before class, I have the gear I need to do so.

I would reccomend finding a workout buddy. Ideally a trainer, whose time you are paying for and you can’t miss without a penalty, or a friend who is willing to make workout dates with you that you feel more inclined to keep.

If you really feel that you are doing everything that you can and the scale won’t budge, I would recommend seeing a doctor for some bloodwork. Most likely, you will find that everything is fine, but you aren’t limiting calories or working out as hard as you think you are. That was good motivation for me a few years ago when I felt stumped, but learned that I wasn’t working hard enough.

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Have you thought about Weight Watchers? They have an online only program that’s $20 a month for the app and it’s supposedly really good. I know five different people who I’m close to who swear by it. My one friend lost 40 lbs!!
My other friend who has poor eating habits and only needed to lose a little bit of weight also did it. She said it was great because it incentives you to make better eating choices, while not restricting what you can and can’t eat.

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can you post a couple days of your menus, if you track? like on my fitness pal?

then we can see if there’s any room for tweaking.

for me its not just calories, its the macros that make up the calories.

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Food prep, at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and LOTS OF WATER is what i swear by. The biggest change for me to realize was the effects that drinking water would have. I’ve always been naturally thin but wanted to clean things up a bit and be healthier over all after i got engaged, and I’m 33 (34 next week) and knew my metabolism was slowing. I️ drink 1-2 gallons of water a day, and If i miss a few days i can totally tell and the scale shows it. It also shows if I’ve been sleeping bad. Being healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. Minor adjustments can make really big differences!

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1) Stop making excuses regarding not having a lot of time.  We are all busy (for me, grad school, full time job, 20+ hours commuting a week, etc), and I still find time to go to kickboxing class between 2 and 4 times a week (usually 4)

2) Stop eating like crap.  There’s no nice way to say it.  Diet is 80% of weight loss.  Eat lots of veggies, cut out carbs, and don’t buy anything in a box or package (except frozen veggies).

3) get your fiancee to work out with you.  Having a workout buddy keeps you accountable.  I forced my FH to come to kickboxing class with me after my first class, and we’ve been going together ever since.  It’s helpful to know that you have somebody expecting you to go.

4) find a type of exercise that works for you.  For me, it’s going to ILoveKickboxing, for others it could be running, or weight lifting, or yoga…but find something and stick with it.  You can find challenges and accountability calendars online for free pretty easily.

5) watch your portions.  Even when you eat healthy, you could be eating way too much.  Use an appetizer plate instead of a dinner plate, weigh your food, etc.  Basically follow what everybody else is saying.


I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I needed that wake-up call when I started my weight loss journey, so now I give the same to others.  It’s a difficult reality, but sugar coating things does not make it any easier.

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How about switching out a meal for multiple small fruit snacks? I usually eat a proper breakfast and lunch (balanced with salad, protein and healthy carbs) and then afternoon through bedtime i just eat some pieces of frozen fruits whenever i get hungry (frozen is good because it keeps you from eating too many). Or string cheese if im craving savory. This helped me a lot because snacking is my downfall.  

For Fiance, it wasnt so much snacking, but carbs. He realized he had an “addiction” to carbs, where he could never stop at1 serving and would eat 3 servings. So he cut out carbs completely and lost a ton of weight in a few months while eating all the protein and fats he wanted (but it was never that much because these things arent his favorite foods). This might work if you have one food item or food group that is contributing to a large chunk of your daily caloric intake.

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