Weight loss- not working.

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Helper bee

Measure yourself in inches rather than weight to track your progress. Even when I’m trying to drop a few pounds I never weigh myself. The only time i see my weight is at the doctor a few times a year. I go by my measurements and how my clothes fit. Especially if you are lifting weights, the scale will not reflect your true progress.

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Helper bee

You are eating way to much I’m afraid. I’m taller than you and I have to cut down to about 1200 to lose weight. Even then it comes off very slowly, less than one pound per week. And one cheat day or even one cheat meal undoes the whole weeks worth of progress. And not even a massive cheat meal. A bowl of chips and a few glasses of wine on Friday night is 1000 cals. Almost a whole days worth of food. 

It is very surprising at first to see the amount of food you really need. I was shocked lol and I nearly cried thinking about it. 

People always say that muscles weighs more than fat, but really the change is small. As women we will not build that amount of muscle anyway from normal exercise. 

I recommend cutting back to 1500 cal per day, and not adding on any for the exercise you do. That is a lot and you will need to cut back more, but try it to start and see how you go. 

I use the app Fat secret and it calculates I should eat 2000 cal per day to lose weight! In my dreams! 



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I use my Fitbit HR and MFP also.  In January, I started counting calories, doing some light weight-lifting and started running again.  For the first three weeks I saw no change in my weight.  It was really frustrating because I was sore all the time, and I felt that my body was changing.  Three weeks in I finally saw a huge drop. This last week, I’ve been up a few pounds but I remembered that I plateau’d before and didn’t worry too much.  This morning I’m down below where I was prior to last week, I am pretty sure it was all hormonal fluctuations.  My point is, I wouldn’t adjust calorie deficits until you have a full month cycle.  This way you can anticipate changes in hormones, and have your body adjust to your new activity levels.

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Buzzing bee

mingogo4 :  I’m shorter than you and I’m good around 1,000.  However, if I eat a lot of protien then I’m fine and I”m not hungry. Its the type of food one eats, or so I have found with my body. Really though what works for me might nto work for you. 

I know that I can’t have breads and carbs and sugar. Its the kiss of death.

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First, if you have started hitting the gym and were not before, you can be retaining water for the first two weeks. Essentially, more goes to repair your muscle tissue, which can cause you to weight the same or even a little more for the first couple weeks. Additionally, while many people will say it is strictly calories in and calories out, I find that not to be true. I lose weight when I don’t eat after 6:30 pm, and I lose weight when I get all my carbs from beans and vegetables and fruits (not wheat products, and not rice for me). While some people will say these things don’t matter, I definitely don’t find that to be true, so play around with when and what you eat. Last, it often works to eat the same amount of calories in smaller increments throughout the day. I am NOT a fan of you cutting even more calories when you are running at a deficit already, but if you break it into smaller meals and snacks, it helps your body keep burning calories at a steadier rate.

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Do not cut your food intake down as other bees are suggesting, especially since you are also working out. I think the Fitbit calories burned may be accurate on days you are working out…I would recommend downloading NetDiary and building a plan in there to see what it suggests for your calories etc. It lets you know your basal metabolic rate and warns you if you are trying to set calories too low.

You mentioned that you should have lost 3lbs by now. I feel like that means it has been 2-3 weeks, which is not long enough to really have an impact or see the effects of a long term weight loss plan. Give your body some more time, try NetDiary, and definitely take your measurements! Going from not working out to working out five times per week definitely means you are building some serious muscle all over right now, and as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat.

I am also on a weight loss journey and have had a lot of ups and downs over the last few years, right now I am basically starting over…I would also say if you want extra motivation, creating an anonymous instagram account to share your journey on and to follow others is super helpful for me. Mine is imafitgirl 🙂

Good luck bee!

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It sounds like you only started 2 weeks ago.  If that is correct (good for you for starting!), I don’t believe you will see changes in your body for another 4 weeks.  It takes awhile for our bodies to change; and even longer for other people to notice any change.  I don’t count calories so I have no clue if what you are doing sounds healthy. However, I do workout and that plan sounds great!  Give it time!

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Busy bee

That looks like good progress to me! And that’s great you’re hitting the weights more, it’ll really scupt your body and help with weight loss over time (and it also could be why you’re not seeing a bigger drop right now!) It sounds like you’re being very reasonable and level headed about this and are focused on changing your lifestyle rather than a quick fix 🙂

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Congrats on the progress! Weight loss is so tricky because it does not look the same for everyone. I am a Registered Dietitian and cannot tell you how many time I have had clients come to me with the 3500 calories = 1 lb of weight loss rule drilled into their brains. 

Unfortunately, this is a very dated notion and is simply is not the case. Just like a 6 ft, 250lb man needs a different amount of calories to sustain themselves than a 5ft, 100lb woman needs – it is also going to take a different amount of calories for them to lose weight. The hard thing is because it so variable there is no ‘rule’ and it takes lots of trial and error to find what is going to work for YOU. 

Fitbit most definitely overestimates your calorie burn so while you can use it to measure the consistency of your effort during your workouts, I would not recommend using that as a measurement of how many calories you have actually burned. I also think that you are indeed consuming too many calories. Now I know everyone is different but for reference – I am 5’2″ and right around 100lbs with a decent amount of muscle and I recently did indrect calorimetry to determine what my BMR is and it falls right around 1178kcal (meaning that if I laid in a bed all day and did nothing that is the number of calories needed for my body to maintain itself).

It is also unlikely that you have gained enough muscle to negate weight loss. Lean muscle tissue is extremely difficult to build and takes time. However, muscle ‘at rest’ does require more energy to sustain itself thus having more muscle can help boost your metabolism so keep lifting those weights! 🙂

In the end, I am happy to hear that you are focused on this as a long term goal rather than a quick fix. But I would recommend decreasing your intake slightly, as well as decrease your daily ‘deficit goal’ – 1000 calories is pretty aggressive and you dont want to do any metabolic damage! Good luck with your journey! 

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Helper bee

Can I be a jerk and state the following? In two weeks, I promise you you did not gain muscle. It takes women a long time to gain muscle (think something like .5-1 lb a MONTH, and ONLY when you’re training properly and eating enough protein). Either your fitbit is wrong (which frankly, I think is probably part of the problem….they’ve always counted too high in my experience), you’re counting your calories wrong, or you’re retaining water (which DOES tend to happen for the first few weeks when you start exercising).

I won’t go into all the details as you have a LOT of posts here…I just wanted to clear up that muscle myth. It drives me mad when people say, ‘oh you’re just gaining muscle’…false.

(PS I’m a reg dietitian and an ACSM cert. exercise physiologist, so I’m not being a jerk just to eb a jerk lol!)

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Sugar bee
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Bee, go off the inches. That is amazing! You are doing great, the scale will catch up. As another bee said, it’s not a linear process! Remember this!

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