Weight loss- not working.

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How long have you been doing this? It sounded from your post that it’s only been a couple of weeks? If that’s the case, hang in there! Like someone else said, it’s not always linear. It sometimes takes a bit for progress to start to show (even in numbers). 2 weeks really isn’t enough to guage because our weight changes so much throughout the week that you can gain and lose 3lbs in an hour if you’ve just had a meal or a bunch of water. Hormones can affect it as well. I tend to weigh myself a couple of times a week and go by the average of that. 

Also, I’m 5″3 too and pound evidence can come slowly. My closest female friend is 5″8 and it’s funny to compare because her losing 10lbs is barely noticable, whereas I lose 5lbs and people start to comment. however, it’s harder for me to lose those 5lbs than it is for her to lose the same amount. The numbers on the scale just don’t mean the same thing to everyone.

Go more by measurements and be patient. Also make sure you’re not starving yourself, you’ve gotta find something that is doable and not all consuming or unhealthy – not only for your health, but because it makes it a thousand percent more likely that you will stick with it long enough to lose the weight and keep it off. 


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While you likely didn’t gain any actual muscle in 2 weeks, muscles do retain fluid to repair themselves, especially when you go from sedentary to active which will account for not seeing results on the scale. Your inch loss is really amazing and means much more than a number on a scale, just keep going!

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What works for me is not obsessively counting calories- but eating clean and eating smart. I need to eat a larger breakfast, smaller lunch and a protein + green for dinner (unless I’m being super active, I don’t eat a carb with dinner). The problem with just pure calorie counts is that you’re not tracking the quality of food or when you’re eating it. 

Eating in the AM is a good way to jump start your metabolism. If you only eat 500 calories during the day, but then eat 500 cals of ice cream right before bed, you may think you ‘only had 1000 cals!’ but you are not doing anything for long term weight loss.

I’ve also found that most calorie burning formulas are skewed and count a lot higher- I don’t focus on them. 

I eat high quality, ‘clean’ calories and stop eating when I am full. I don’t eat 400 calories for dinner ‘just because i have 400 calories left’. Some days I probably eat more, some days I eat less, but in the end, it balances out. This has been key to me staying on track long term. I get annoyed and discouraged constantly trying to count how many calories of carrots I had, then I give up.

I also eat on smaller plates. What you actually need to feel full versus what fills up a plate is a huge difference. 


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I really agree with that mingogo4. A lot of people find counting calories to be a too-strict/unhealthy way to diet, but it’s very true that we can’t always tell when we are hungry or full and sometimes we need to re-train ourselves. 

I suffered from an eating disorder a decade or so ago and have anxiety issues that trigger major loss of appetite in some cases, and bingeing in others. I sometimes have to count calories to see if I’m eating ENOUGH when I suddenly find myself weak and moody, but don’t feel hungry. The goal of course is to get to a point where we can really listen to our bodies, but sometimes that can take some work. 

One thing I would suggest is to lower your calories more slowly if you’re feeling hungry. Our bodies adjust to the things that we do to them to accommodate it. so when we overeat for a long time it’s uncomfortable to eat a healthy amount, and when we undereat for a long time it’s uncomfortable to eat a healthy amount (i’ve experienced both).. but it’s best to ease into it so you don’t sling shot back after being so uncomfortable so suddenly. 

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i wouldnt go below 1200 calories or else it puts your body into starvation mode. i dont work out and stick to 1200 calories a day and ive lost plenty of weight

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I’m 5’2”, I eat about 1100 calories a day, no working out… on weekends I eat around 1200-1600 calories… if I’m bad which has been a handful of time I might eat 2000 calories on a day.  No one is prefect right?  Ha.  Basically I try to “save” my calories for the weekend. 

So I think my calories in-take is probably really around 1300 calories a day if you average it over the course of the week.

I have been doing this for a year… and I have lost weight but super super slow!  Like 2 pounds a month.  It’s barely noticeable if you see my everyday but after a year I’m down a solid 20 pounds and people are noticing.

Like you I use to over eat a lot, I could probably eat half a large pizza too!  Hehe.

It took me months to eat less and it was hard.  I did it slowly.  I measured everything and took away the “family” style of eating and tried really hard to focus what was on my plate.  Again if I felt I was starving I would have more to eat.  Eventually I think my stomach adjusted… slowly!

I will say I didn’t notice any weight change for the first couple of weeks.  So I just wanted to enough you to keep on trucking!  Sounds like you are doing fine.  Just give it time!

P.S.  I’m only eating slightly better than I use to.  I am mostly just calorie counting.  I’m trying to eat better but it’s not my main focus.

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mingogo4 :  That’s awesome progress! Stick with what you’re doing, definitely! And be careful about dropping too low in calories. If you’re maintaining weight but losing that many inches, you’re clearly still doing things right. Weight loss is about sustainable change, and not running yourself into the ground! Even 1,200 is likely too low for you, given that you’re exercising. So just be careful and pay attention to your energy levels.

As a counter to all these low calories being thrown around, I lose weight if I eat below 2300 calories a day. I’m 5’5″ and 133ish lbs right now. I lift about every other day and jog 10-15 miles a week, so nothing crazy. 

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I’ve lost 6kgs in less than a month – without being overweight – by changing my lifestyle to Paleo. 

I didn’t mean to diet or lose weight, but Paleo was suggested by a Doc for an autoimmune condition.

No starving but quite a lot of planning required.



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Hey there, congrats on the whoosh. The whoosh effect is TOTALLY a real thing. I’ve seen it a LOT. You’ll lose, lose, lose, then plateau for a bit, then whoooosh, off comes a surprising amount. Gotta love it when that happens 🙂

Also, IF is neither bad nor good. I don’t believe in the myth of meal timing. Your body doesn’t care when you eat, as long as you eat and the calories average out over a period of time. I have done IF for years because frankly, I don’t like eating in the morning, and I’m busy all day at work. I eat from about 5-11 pm and it has never hindered my weight goals. As long as you aren’t the type of person to get SOOO hungry throughout the day that you binge at night, then IF can work just fine for you.

Regarding your calories, I’m concerned you’re not eating ENOUGH. 1100 cals isn’t enough to sustain anyone, let alone someone who is exercising on top of it. I don’t remember if you posted your height/weight but I urge you to use an online calculator to re-calculate your needs.

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Aaaand saw your update- congrats! It’s so motivating to finally see some progress!

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mingogo4 :  Congrats on the weightloss. Don’t worry about the calories. Us short people don’t need as much as others, in my opinion.

I say load up on more protien. 

MrsBuesleBee :  How true this is. I have stayed under 50g of carbs a day and 5gram of natural sugar and my body feels tighter and I know I have lost inches!

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