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i had a huge problem with my weight. I gained weight as well so my shape was not that great. (and my dress had to be changed to a corset) Then I just gave up and realised that he loves me for me, not for what size I could be. Every bride says they will work out and lose weight. Very few did it. So I embraced the size I was and rocked it. 

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Bumble bee
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@Katrina117:  You make some great points! Back in March I decided to make lifestyle changes, thru healthy eating and exercise. I made these changes for me. I was not even engaged yet, so wedding was not on my radar at that time. I did not talk about these changes with people…it was a personal journey for me.

Because of these changes I lost weight. That weight loss became the topic of conversation for people with me, time and time again. It made me so uncomfortable!! If I were out with people, I wanted to enjoy the wine or my burger without having to think about weight, bc my god I still loved those things! Just in moderation of course 🙂 and yet, weight/weight loss was the topic, and those things became less appetizing.

I think us women r our own worst enemies. We put pressure on ourselves, due to media and their perception that weight defines who we are, or worse our own, and categorizes us into big/small, thin/fat, curvy…or not. 

I say we take an oath to support healthy lifestyles, and that is that. No more bitching about being a perfect size! And we should not talk about it over a cheeseburger…no, veggie burger and wine!!

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Oh my gosh yes I am with you!!!! I am also getting married in June of 2015 and I am overweight. I have about twenty pounds to lose, but I am getting obsessed with food and exercise. I  need to find a healthy medium between that, and totally making a hog out of myself!!!

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@Katrina117:  Oh have I been here…

For a good long while I felt like weight loss was my life. Now I’ve managed to compartmentalize it. I work out. I plan out healthy meals and I stick to a schedule. For me its no different than going to work or cleaning my house. Its a chore that needs to be done.

And yet for whatever reason we love to make working out a competition. I’ve been going to the gym for 7+ years. I’m not skinny. I go though waves of weight gain and weight loss despite going to the gym and eating well simply because I’m not perfect. I like burgers and cheese fries and pizza and wine just as much as the next person and sometimes it IS worth the few pounds I’ll gain for a few cheat meals.

So honestly? I dont talk about my diet or exercise to others. If I have a concern I will but for the most part, I just do my thing. If people notice I lost weight, great. If they don’t great. I can only be the best me and I am far from perfect so I will just have to do for now. It’s hard to do that in this crazy weight-obsessed world we live in, but I think you have the right attitude by making lifestyle choices.

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@Katrina117:  I try to take conversations away from the topic! lol. Also, what I think helps me be more motivated is eating very healthy during the week, (i have a quest bar for breakfast, fruit and nuts as snacks, salad for lunch, and either chicken or turkey burger and a vegetable for dinner).. and work out very regularly. THEN on the weekend, I still work out at least Friday and Saturday, but am more relaxed on what I eat. We always go out on Saturdays, and I usually indulge, but still have lost weight because of eating so well the rest of the time. PLUS, it gives you motivation when you’re sitting there Thursday night and really really want a snack at 10pm.. just tell yourself how amazing that delciious fatty food will be on Saturday night! lol. Works like a charm! Good luck!

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@inukoro1177:  You rocked that dress!

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@chelseakayd:  I struggkle with finding the happy medium too.

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I know what you mean. For the past six months it’s been in the back of my mind at every meal ‘should you be eating that? should you stop eating now? should you replace this with something else?’ … and every day when I come home from a full-on day at work ‘shouldn’t you be going for a run?’ Every Single Day and I am OVER IT. 


Also when my friends ask ‘what are you up to after work?’ ‘oh i’m doing my exercise DVD or going for a run’ and then you complain that you can’t eat chocolate cake etc… you start to feel like a broken record always having to think about it. 


It is best to do this slowly as a life-style change like they say, just don’t go to extremes because I think if you do you’ll only start to resent it. 

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Glad I could help!! They say real men love curvs. I say, real men love you at any weight.

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@kaylee26:  Thank you so much!

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I started losing weight before DH and I even met! I lost 51lbs over 2 years.

I felt like it was WAY easier to lose weight really fast, then I could relax and think about other things! And if I gained more than 5lbs, then I’d watch what I eat again.

Anyway, that was the only way I could really enjoy life not thinking too much about what I was eating–after the weight was already gone! Then enjoying the plateau until I was motivated to lose more weight!

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I’ve definitely been there. If people solely want to talk about weight/food, I either excuse myself from the conversation or deter them to another (less emotional) topic. I’m trying to lose a bit of weight for my wedding, but I’m frustrated with it, and I’ve been more so focusing on how I know that he loves me for me and that he loves my size. He’s the first guy I’ve been with who has outright said that he loves larger women, for the curves, bellies, etc. I just keep reminding myself of that.

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@Katrina117:  i am getting feed up with it my self .. i lost 26-29 lbs since dec and i freakin sick of thinking about it 


at 1st it was like nothing i was not even trying i just started having salad and cutting the other stuff on the plate in half just to be more heathy 


then i started working out to help me sleep and cause it feels good … but now i freaking 13lb form my goal its all anyone talks about 


my SO is like when i have a binge if we fight i eat ice scream … big whoop if he and i havea big fight i totally go off track also when i found out my oma was dieing … i had like 4 bad days 


mean while i been swimming working out wearing a step monitor counting damn cals in vrs out (i only had one day in even binge days where i ate more then i burned) but fuck it 

i dont care i sick of everyone else caring now cuz they see i am doing so well … 


Him, my mom, my bestie, my cousin’s, my aunt, my gran, my moms best friend 


its like ahhhhhh it is no fun when you are tring it was working well when iwas jsut oing stuff cuasi wanted to feel better now i am totally feed up 

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