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Firstly, congratulations and well done for the weight you’ve lost so far! My advice would be to keep up what you’re doing – you don’t want to make yourself so tired and pressure yourself to lose weight in time for one day. If you do it all too early you will probably lose interest and stop altogether. KEEP UP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You sound like you’re doing all the right things, just keep going!!

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Are you weight training? That’s going to be the ONLY thing that’s going to change the way your arms, legs, back etc…look. There’s nothing you can take that’s going to transform anything. You can lose all the weight that you want, but your arms & legs are going to look the exact same, only a little bit smaller. The more muscle you have, the more fat your body burns at rest. 

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I agree with Peanut-Sue:  

Sometimes you need to shock your body to see results. If your body gets use to something it eventually stops working. I am a fan of weights and to be honest you don’t need heavy weights to see results. Start doing some squats and lunges because those become your best friends. Do some bi-cep curls and work on your tri-ceps. You can use a chair and do some dips and there is one exercise. 

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Wow congratulations on your weight loss.  I am firm believer in good old fashioned diet and exercise, and don’t think any of those fads/quick result methods like juice clensing are a good idea.  I totally agree with PP’s about weights.

I will say that I always drink at least 1 cup of green tea, but often 2-3 cups per day.  It helps me stay hydrated since I’m bad with drinking water, and I swear it helps with bloating and my metabolism.  It definitely can’t hurt, since green tea is good for you anyway.

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I’m going to agree with the PP. Unfortunately there’s no miracle product thats going to tone or firm anything- the best way (from my experience) is to lift heavy. 

Squats, deadlifts, bench press are the three excercises that saved my body after my son was born. Add in dips and some curls occasionally and you are good to go.  Even if you weigh a higher amount on the scale, if that’s mostly muscle you will look much better than someone who has no muscle but may weigh ten pounds less. Especially in the arms, stomach, and leg areas. 

Tips: Lifting heavy weights is not going to make you look like a body builder. Those people spend years and hours upon hours a day to get that body. It will get you “toned” arms, banging legs, and a flat stomach though when paired with diet and comitment. 

Lifting light is not going to get you the results. Doing 50 sets of 10 lbs is going to do nothing except potentially injure yourself. Doing two sets of your max weight may not seem like much, but it will really kick your body into gear. 

You don’t need to pair cardio with lifting to lose if you don’t want to. If you hate cardio, just don’t do it. If you love cardio, definitely go for it, but weight lifting is enough cardio (it will get your heart up to the same rate as running or biking) to lose the weight as well as build your muscles at the same time- which cardio cannot do the same way. 

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j.gar89:  couldn’t agree more! I wish more women would give this type of training a shot. The one’s I got started on it are hooked!

If you’re interested in something like that I would recommend checking out Nia Shanks. She has tons of different programs and a sane nutritional approach for the average person. There are different workouts depending on where you want to workout and what equipment you have available. I have several of her programs and have been really pleased with the results. I’m sure there are many others out there that would be the same I just mentioned this one because I’m familiar with it.

Don’t get discouraged and think it’s not working simply because you’ve hit a plateau. This is normal and the key is to keep going and not quit. Your body doesn’t like to change and may go though periods where your weight doesn’t drop. Doesn’t mean other changes aren’t taking place and it will eventually move again. As to whether it’s possible to lose another 20lbs in 4 months depends entirely on your body. Typically, weight comes off faster when someone is heavier and slows down if they are smaller and have less to lose. Try not to get too stuck on a number. Keep training and eating to support what you are doing and your body will make progress at whatevwe rate it is able to (Again, all depends on the person). Good luck and keep striving!

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Yes yes yes I’m so glad so many women here are telling you to weight lift! Unfortunately there really is no product proven to make you lose weight-except from your wallet. Resistance training + calorie deficit = more toned.

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