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Sugar bee
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CanadianBride456:  🙁 how frustrating!!!!!! I would definitely invest in a new one. And I’m sure you are losing. Don’t give up. 

I had a good start to the week but pretty much blew it after Tuesday night. I gained 2 lbs which I’m really really unhappy about but I guess I just have to get back on the grind. I definitely need to be exercising more. 



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Blushing bee
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You guys! I just wanted to check in, its only been TWO weeks since I realized my weight gain and decided to reverse it, and I GOT MY DRESS TO ZIP!!!!

Now, I mean it Zips, but I cant bend in it, or breathe really in fear of popping the zipper right open. But TWO weeks and I got it to zip up!!! I want to celebrate with a cookie, but that would kind of ruin things I think.


Anyone else have any positive progress to report??

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Busy bee
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glasgowgirl:  Thank you!


I was just on a 5 day vacation, so it was hard to watch what I was eating. I only gained a pound though, so that’s the good news. I’m back to logging my foods on MFP and watching my nutriton. I am going by the “make everything you put in have at least 2 significant sources of nutrients, protein, or fiber.” Before vacation I was doing very well. Now we’ll see how it goes this week. I still weigh myself on Thursdays and work out each day, with 1 rest day. Hopefully I can stay healthy this first trimester!

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Buzzing bee
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So I hit a huge road bump- my dress fit when I was 173 lbs but I didn’t feel like I had enough room to sit down comfortably (it’s a tight mermaid dress). So I decided to get it in gear, lose weight and tone BIGTIME. Unfortunately, I have a pretty athletic body and I love squats and increasing my backside. Turns out I grew my behind so much that I could no longer zip my dress over my butt even tho I’d lost 8-10 lbs!! So I am now on punishment and not allowed to do any squats or lifting w my lower half- I can only do cardio or lifting involving core and upper body only til after the wedding!

and we moved to an apt where the closest gym is too far away for us to get there regularly, bit luckily we were able to get an amazing home spin bike w gifts from my shower and our building’s tiny gym has enough equipment for us to do pullups, dips, and some arm and ab work along w a treadmill for my Fiance. I’ve started doing a hardcore workout on the bike nearly every day. I’m hoping to lose 8-10 lbs (and sadly shrink my derrière) in the 4 wks left before the wedding. 

SW: 173 (butt fit in dress)

CW: 165.2 (butt doesn’t fit in dress)

GW: 155-160 (w butt small enough to zip my dress)

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Buzzing bee
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I had a huge (somewhat accidental) breakthrough.  I restarted using myfitnesspal (LOVE it!) & set it to have me lose 2 lbs/wk, but I completely forgot that my recommended daily calorie intake on the app would already account for the 2 lbs/wk I wanted to lose, so I was making myself have a 500-1000/day calorie deficit for about 5 days ON TOP of the approx. 1000/day calorie deficit that was built into the app’s recommended calories per day.  oops.  but the results are great.  I’d been hovering at 165.2-166.6 and am now down solidly to 162 in just 4 or 5 days.  (hungry days, I will admit, but not impossible at all)

I know it’s not recommended to lose more than 2 lbs/wk, but it was nice as a jump start.  I’ll probably stick to deficits of only 1000 cal/day for at least 5 days/wk and only do deficits of 1500+ cals for 1-2 days/wk to maximize the time I have before the wedding.

SW: 173 (jan, with almost no exercise) then stayed at 165.2-166.6 (april to mid-june, by doing cardio & weights but not watching calories)

CW: 162.2

GW: 148-152 (lowered it because the “accident” made me realize I can lose more than I thought)

I know my weight might sound high to others, but I just carry it differently than most.  I’m 5’6″ and a size 6 and I am very curvy and also have a lot of muscle with a flat stomach (when I’m 165 or less) and good ab definition if I hit about 155 or lower.  My arms are small and very toned, same w/back.  I’ve got chubby toddler thighs, but that doesn’t bother me as long as they’re toned.  If I get below 145 I start looking practically emaciated. 

I love toning my butt & thighs but I’m scared because I put on muscle so so easily and, with my dress, I can’t have my thighs or butt be any bigger.  Does anybody know how I can tone thighs or butt without risking them growing in size? (My butt grows if, 3x/wk, I do 3 sets of 8 reps of squats with 20 lbs of weights and 2 sets of 8 reps of lunges with 20 lbs.)  My Fiance says it shouldn’t make my butt bigger & should only tone if I do no weight, with way more reps and sets- is that right?  What about for thighs?

Anybody else have anything to report?

Theonetime:  congrats on zipping- I hope I have the same good outcome! how’s it going for you?

CanadianBride456:  I LOVE my Tanita scale- they’re great.  I have one that also checks body composition (I know that’s not fully accurate, but it is a decent measure to look at comparatively over time).

glasgowgirl:  you sounded like you needed a re-boost to get going again: I’ve always found that spinning (classes or at home if you can) knocks out tons of calories FAST.

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Sugar bee
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I started my weight loss journey in early May when I’d get sick when I pigged out so I stopped. I felt amazing after eating healthily so I decided to keep it going as well as gradually add work outs since aside from walking my dogs daily I wasn’t too active. tbh I dread working out but love the results. I started at 170 ish and now I’m about 157 :).  My first goal is 145 though I’d love to be around 120-130 since I’m only 5’5″. 

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Buzzing bee
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Has anyone in here tried a low carb diet? I will admit this past year I have been majorly yo-yoing in my weight. I’ve been really stressed wanting to look thin in my wedding, but also wanting to enjoy my weekends (with beer and pizza!). 

Anyways, I started a low carb because we are leaving for the beach on Wed and desperately wanted to loose my tummy bloat before I had to get into any bathing suits. Anyways, I started on Monday and today weighed in 6 pounds lighter. I’m super happy with the results! 

I am loving the diet because I can still go to restaurants and have fun (tonignt I had wings, salad, and beer) while staying completely on the diet. It’s really working with my lifestyle. 

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Buzzing bee
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cls9q:  I’m only down with what works with my lifestyle too. I’ve never tried low carb just because I have a very hard time feeling full or eating healthy without carbs, but I definitely can do low calorie and low fat.

yesterday, there was an important all-day eat/drink fest for my friends, so I did cardio beforehand and I tried to eat and drink semi-smart (ate steak, egg, avocado sandwich but skipped the fries, ate soft corn small tacos that weren’t fried, and drank mimosas/sangria/cider) and STILL lost weight that day. Perfect!

SW: 173 (jan, with almost no exercise)

april-June 14: 165.2-166.6 (doing cardio & weights but not watching calories)

CW: 161.2 (I keep losing half a lb or more EVERY DAY just by watching calories on myfitnesspal and spinning at home. Lost over 5 lbs this week!)

GW (by July 13 in 21 days): 148-152

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Honey bee
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Hoping it’s okay I join! 

I’m one who has always loved to work out, but has let my eating really slide in recent years. I could give you some excuses-blah blah-but mostly it’s because Darling Husband and I were being lazy about grocery shopping and making meals. My current weight is 170 but it doesn’t look horrible on me so it can be deceiving at times. I”m don’t usually focus on a number because I do like to tone up my legs and arms and know muscle weighs more, but I’m just not cool with that number. I’m a shorty (just under 5’3) and my main goal is to be and look healthy, while dropping appx. 20 pounds. I’d love to sit right at 150.

Here is what I’m already doing and will begin doing:

-I drink a ton of water each day. I have cut out soda almost completely except a splurge here and there, but I would much more prefer a piece of chocolate to a diet coke. I actually crave water, which is good.

-Making almost every meal at home and working on portion sizes. I’m trying to balance out the protein/veggie side and lessen the carbs. 

-Working out! Like I said, I’ve always loved it. It’s my “me” time and I like seeing the results of my hard work. I want to increase my gym going from 2-3/week to 4-5 times a week, especially at the start. I’m a teacher and am on summer break so increasing should not be difficult. 

What I need help/motivation with:

-Keeping my eating healthy. I am a chocoholic and need to learn more willpower. What are some good substitutes that will let me have that chocolate taste without the fat?

-I am still nursing an injured ankle from falling down the stairs a YEAR ago. I hurt it recently at a wedding dancing (can you tell I’m a klutz??). How can I help it heal?

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