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This would do better in the Fitness section!

I was like you. I would lose 10 pounds, do a happy dance, and then just give up. Why? I have no clue.

Anyway, the wedding is a big motivator for me. It’s not for a lot of people and that’s okay, but I told myself that I would not be purchasing a gown above the size 16. I’m not. And so I joined in March and have lost close (SO CLOSE) to 30 pounds.
Mr. Tattoo keeps me motivated too. Some days I just want to break down and pig out at Taco Bell. He will tell me that I could, but I would be disappointed at myself the next day. Hearing him say that makes me realize that I would. Like Logic speaks up over Bored and Fat me (I give my traits names. ^_^) and tells me that yeah! You are going to be pissed in the morning if you go pig out at Taco Bell! Even days I don’t want to work out he brings me my tennis shoes and says “Just do 15 minutes.” and I feel better during it and go for 30 mins. Every time I have a loss at weigh in I am thankful that I am keeping myself on track and that I have him to keep me honest.

Now there are days where I will cheat, BUT I hold myself accountable. Since I’m tall and have a lot of weight to lose, I started with the max points of 49. I am down to 46 points now, and it seems like a lot. I had a personal pizza today that was 17 points!!!!!! Old me wouldn’t have counted that and continued to eat crap all day. New me has marked it down and subtracted the points. Now I know I have to plan better for the night time when I get home and work out longer tonight.

Anyway, enough rambling. The support you get from meetings is awesome. I started online but love the meetings so much more.

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I love weight watchers!  I started in September before the change to PointsPlus and I lost 20 lbs.  Then PP hit and I couldn’t get into it.  I agreed with the change, I just couldn’t get my diet right.  It’s like I knew how to use the old system for my diet (i.e. how I eat), but I couldn’t get on track with PP, so I gave up.  I gained a few lbs back (10 at the highest).  I started again at the beginning of May and I’m getting back down (I’m 1.3 lbs away from my Weight Watchers “low”).  I also think I quit because I get so sick of being hungry! (I hate all the people that say they are never hungry…boo on them).

I find that knowing what snacks I can eat is very helpful.  I always try to have 2-3 servings of fruit and at least 2 servings of veggies (I think I get more, but sometimes, it’s a chore).  I like tea biscuits (kedem brand) they are 1 pt per 2.  Almond milk and coconut milk (unsweetened) cuts points for cereal (plus I’m trying to cut out milk, cheese as an experiment). Coconut milk ice cream sandwiches are 2 points each.  Stuff like that.

I always track all my points even if I go in the red.  I think that helps my reality.  I get in lots of exercise.  I only have 29 points, so it can be quite tough.  3 meals is really it (that’s why low point snacks and fruit).

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Honey bee

@Tswife4ever: I am doing weight watchers again…for about the 100th time πŸ™‚

I am like you: I do great, am so proud, and then pig out and forget about it. I’m having success this time and the wedding is a big motivator for me. That, and the fact that I am the heaviest I have ever been. I did the meetings for about a year, but I do online now because its cheaper.

Having a support system is really important for me. The first time I did it, I lost about 35lbs and was doing it with my mom (who lost close to 50lbs). This time around, my Fiance is also trying to lose weight. Its helpful having a buddy and not going at it alone. He encourages me and supports me…and I need that.

The biggest tips I have are:

  • Plan your meals in advance. I grocery shop on the weekends and plan out dinners. Brekast and lunch are pretty much the same during the work week (boring..I know). But for me, its so much easier to take 20 minutes to plan. That way I am have no reason to grab something unhealthy just because Im rushing.
  • Writing everything down. I am online but I dont like tracking online. Im used to tracking my points iin a notebook.
  • Cooking dinner at home. Do you ever visit skinnytaste.com? I am obsessed with all her recipes, espcially the Asian Glazed drumsticks and the spinach lasagne roll up!


Good luck!!!!!

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Sugar bee
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hi!!! this is actually my second time doing weight watchers! the first time i started at 199 and lost 30 lbs. then i quit…. i gained all that weight and then some back. this time around i started at 251 (may 2010) and so far i have lost 52 lbs…. (but i gained 6 ish back on the honeymoon)

i honestly thought about quiting again… yea i know! but these boards and the weightwatchers online and my meetings keep me goin thank goodness! after being mia for over a month i went back to my meeting and im so glad i did because im down 2 lbs! (so only 4 left to get back to where i was!)

my mom also does ww so she goes to the meetings with me… shes a lifetime member but she still keeps me in check and it helps to have a friend to go at it with πŸ™‚ and my lil brother just joined too!!! πŸ™‚ so if you can make a friend or find a friend who wants to do it with you… and stay committed! that would be awesome!

track track track…. i was slacking on this for awhile…. ,but im back on it… and its amazing how many points i was blindly eating! the etools for ww are amazing!!!!! i can just type in my recipe and the ingredients and it gives you a points value and a serving amount! sooo cool!!!! thats like my favorite feature!!!

my favorite current recipe is my green smoothie!!! 1 cup spinach leaves, 1 kiwi, 1/2 cup pineapple, 3 celery sticks (today i added 5 though and it tasted the same!) and a little water… its yum!!!! (note: i though it was 0 pts…. but now ww online is saying its 3…. can anyone help me with that? im confused!)

my meals arent as balanced as they should be as most of my points i eat at night… πŸ™ im working on it though!!! πŸ™‚

if you have any questions feel free to ask!!! πŸ™‚ and good luck!


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Honey bee

@stephanie63087: I think I read somewhere that the recipe builder counts points for fruit, even though it should be 0 on points plus. So I think your smoothie is still 0 points πŸ™‚

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@Bostongrl25: ohhh good! i was like wtf! no it is not 3 points!!! lol

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I’m doing the online one now and my wedding is in less than 3 months (eeekkk!) I don’t have that much to lose, I’ll be happy with losing 5 pounds although my goal is around 10 haha. 


At first I had my doubts (I tried myfitnesspal and got burned out so quickly) but it’s only been 3 days and I lost 3lbs already! So it’s obviously working πŸ˜‰

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I too am going to start WW. I see it’s been 3 months. Any updates?

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