Weight watchers?

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bee123456789 :  WW is a scam. Their whole business is built around the idea that they want repeat customers. As in they never want you to actually lose the weight. Eating below 1200 calories will seriously mess up your metabolism. I destroyed mine by doing that.

I find that listening to your body works the best. I balance that with a lower carb higher fat diet and CrossFit and it works great for me. I indulge when I want to, but steer clear of processed foods and carbs.

ETA, I think it’s great the amount of people who have had success on it (especially on this thread). I had a lot of success, but it just didn’t work for me because I was still “allowed” to eat the junk if I made it work within my points. I became obsessive about points. Working out too much just to eat some sweets.

So I had to kick all of the sweets. And that’s why a low carb high fat diet works for me.

Check out Vinnie Tortorich. There’s a community on Facebook that provides a lot of good insight.

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bee123456789 :  “it works if you work it” . Thats an AA phrase but it applies to WW! If you are honest and follow the systetm it works. I love that you can still have sweets or booze or french fries or whatever your vice is, you just have to “budget” for it, and balance it. Its most certainly not a scam. Highly restrictive diets banning one food group just increase cravings and binging IMO. Theyre not sustainable for most people.  Ill *never* outright BAN FOREVER pasta or wine or a cookie, but I love learning how to balance that. Yes you could just spend all your points on sweets but common nutritional sense still applies. The program steers you towards vegan stuff and lean proteins. 

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Lifetime/active WW member 🙂

I really like WW because it keeps me from yo-yo dieting. If I diet on my own, I go super-strict which is not only unhealthy, but not do-able in the long run without the risk of a full-on eating disorder. So I’d go severely calorie deprived for several days, then pig out on everything in sight. Then feel guilty and start the cycle all over again. WW and tracking gives me a happy medium with a focus on healthy eating. 

Please note- those of you saying 1000-1200 is too low, that’s not what OP is doing now on WW, that’s what she said she’d do in the past. 30 points + free fruit and veg = approx 1400-1800 calories. 

Our leader is awesome- she reminds me so much of Ellen! 

I enjoy trying new recipes and a few WW recipes have become family faves. 

If I’m at a buffet or work event etc where you don’t know exactly how many points, I either estimate or if it’s a dinner, I try not to go overboard, just count it as all my weekly points and call it a day 🙂

Because points high in sugar and / or unhealthy foods tend to be higher in points, I find myself gravitating toward healthier options- I’d rather have more BBQ than a piece of pie! 

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bee123456789 :  Go to faves are: 

Black bean and salsa quesadillas

7″ flour tortillas (2 per person)

1 can drained black beans 

1 cup salsa 

2 oz per person cheddar or Monteray Jack cheese

low fat sour cream (optional)

Mix black beans and salsa together. spray fry pan with Pam spray (or use margarine or butter and add the points for), fold tortillas in half (half moon shape) sppon a few spoonfuls of black bean and salsa mixture into each half moon, top with cheese, cook as you would a grilled cheese sandwich. 10 points (+ sour cream if using) but very filling

Cajun tilapia

tilapia fillets 

Blackening seasoning (not all stores have this but I found it at the Bulk Barn)

lemon juice

olive oil

Coat pan lightly with olive oil, add filets (thawed or frozen, add a few minutes of cooking for froozne), season with blackening season and lemon juice. 

5 points for 2 filets. 

Curry cole slaw

shredded cabbage

shredded purple cabbage and grated carrot (optional, can do simple version green cabbage only)

Hellman’s low fat olive oil mayonaise, just enough to hold together

curry powder (adjust to taste, I use a few tbsp you may wish to use less)

2 points for half a cup, tastes best the day after making, keeps in fridge 4-5 days


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bee123456789 :  We’re pretty close in stats – I’m 5’6 and 160ish.

I’ve popped your stats into a calorie calculator (they’re not 100% perfect, but they’re really good for giving you a rough idea of where to start) and you should be able to lose 1lb per week while eating 1600 calories if you do some light exercise 1-3 times per week (bike, walk, etc).

If you do absolutely NO exercise, you can still lose 1lb per week but you’ll be pushing those very low calories you mentioned in your original post, around 1200.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the more often you dip into extremely low calories, the harder it becomes to lose weight (this is the case for me anyway). You’re better off doing 30 minutes a few nights a week on the bike and eating a bit more.

Slow and steady is better than a drastic drop in pounds! I’m got my fingers crossed for you and I hope WW works out 🙂

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