(Closed) Weight Watchers before the wedding?! anyone have advice?

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    Hi there! I did WW and lost 20 lbs.  The thing about WW is they try to educate you about food and teach you new habits. It is meant to be a lifestyle change, not a diet.  They give you your daily points allowance, and technically you can eat whatever you want to reach your daily points level. But eating the wrong things will take up your points quickly and leave you hungry.  Fruits, veggies and lean meats are an important part of any diet and WW tries to get you there.

    Since your daily points are based on your age, height, gender and activity level, it is custom to you so you get to learn to eat for your body. It’s not a one-meal-program-fits-all sort of deal.  I loved that.  As I lost weight, my points went down. But when I reached my goal, they taught me how to maintain it. They want you to maintain it by counting your points daily still.  I did for a while, but really, I had learned exactly how to eat for my body and I’m doing fine.  If you quit following good eating principles, then of course it will come back.

    The saying that changed my mind was, “Eat to live. Don’t live to eat.”  Food is fuel for your body, not a hobby or emotional outlet.  That helped me a lot.

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    @wildflowerbee:  I joined WW in April ’11. I had lost all the weight I wanted to lose by December ’11 (approx. 30 lbs) and have kept it off for almost a year. I stopped tracking around March of this year. But WW really did change my eating habits and I haven’t gained a  pound back. It does work, but you really need to change your habits. I started drinking water, cut back on soda (not cut it out completely though), eat almost nothing but fruits and veggies for snacks, and eat much smaller portions. I still enjoy dessert, eat white bread (the horror!! I can’t help it, i just love me some carbs), have the occasional french fry or onion ring, or splurge on a frozen drink. The key is how much and how often. 

    You really can do it. I was shocked at how easy the weight came off. As long as you stick with it, you’ll do great. I agree with going to the meetings. They really helped me. 

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    Iv done weight watchers a couple of times before and it hasnt worked for me. I find that since they redid the points programme about a year ago my allowance was far too high. I would get to the end of the day and have alot left over and they say you should use them all. You also get an extra allowance over the course of the week. However it does teach you about lifestyle change and at the meetings you will learn some great stuff about nutrition and tips for cooking healthier (oils etc). 

    Im now doing a 12week programme thats based online. Its by one of the trainers from the Biggest Loser Australia. Each week you get a full meal plan a shopping list and an awesome exercise plan. This works perfectly for me! There are some great forums for support from people all over the world and you get a couple of videos from the trainer each week along with some short tip videos. I find this programme puts more emphysis on the exercise rather than the food. The diet plan is delicious and pretty much just healthy versions of everyday meals πŸ™‚ the website is http://www.12wbt.com  (12weekbodytransformation) x 

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    I’m on WW now and have lost a little over 25 lbs.  What’s great about it is that I notice myself making healthier choices now, but also know that I can have the stuff I have, but in moderation.  I’m hoping to lose about 50 more pounds before my wedding next Fall.

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    Hey I havent done WW, so I dont know their system to well. If you care to read on, Ill offer you my own personal advice on weight loss. I know alot of this through research Ive done because I have reactive hypoglycemia. I consistently weigh 20lbs less than I did before I started watching my diet πŸ™‚

     (this is a big schpeel I have so don`t worry if you read or use all or any of it)


    Diet Stuffs:

    As far as diet goes, I recommend reducing carbs to a bit less than what youll use in the period between meals and snacks. When youre ready to maintain your weight, try to eat as many carbs in that half of the day. (dont worry, youll get a good feel for it after a while) Dont eat sugar or refined carbs, as these cause you to produce insulin (unless you are diabetic), which will make you store all the glucose that is now in your blood into fat tissue.

    Protien and fibre have the opposite effect, stimulating the production of glucagon, whch releases stored energy in your body. Eating frequent meals means you can use up carbs as you eat them, and keep  your production of glucagon up, meaning you`ll be getting plenty of glucose into your blood stream. Which means energy. Yay πŸ™‚

    I havent found my fat intake to affect my weight much at all. This may just be my metabolism, but I think it doesnt deserve it`s bad for weightloss rep.


    Excersise Stuffs:

    High intensity interval cardio and strength training is your best bet for weight lose. High intensity cardio would be like skipping for a few min and then running for a few min, or sprinting then jogging, stairs then walking etc. If you`re not ready to do that intense of cardio yet, do as much as you can for a few minutes, then walk for a few. What this does is make your body need glucose immediately and take it out of stores.

    I also recommend doing strength training. Find a good routine the incorporates all of your muscle groups. I do calves, quads, glutes_+hamstrings, lower back, abs, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms, and neck. Neck is really, really important to avoid injury. In My Humble Opinion you can do most of this at home with a yoga mat, a couple freeweights, a small kids ball, the edge of your bed, and maybe an excersise ball. After youre done strength training make sure you get a good amount of protien within half an hour. Oh, and don`t worry, you wont wake up looking like a body builder, I promise. That amount of muscle takes alot of work, consideration, and usually the testosterone levels of a male body.


    Try to have 1 day of rest between workout days so your body has time to heal and grow.



    Good luck πŸ™‚


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    @wildflowerbee:  Not at all! I tracked on paper at first and that was a little more time consuming. But, once I got an iphone, I used the online tracker. It was super easy and once you learn what types of things you eat and the points they are, you can sort of mentally calculate it in your head. Like, I always ate a 3-4 pt breakfast, 4 points for my coffee (I like it sweet and with cream), an 8-10 point lunch, and reserved the rest of my points for dinner. I ate a lot of no point snacks (fruits and veggies). If you cook, I can recommend some great websites for awesome recipes (skinny taste is the best) that have the WW points already calculated. But the app made it so much easier to track. It becomes second nature. Even though I stopped counting points, I still sometimes find myself counting in my head to make sure I am not over doing it.

    To respond to a previous commenter’s comments, I never used my extra points during the week. I just found I didn’t need them. Sometimes I would use them occasionally for a glass of wine during the week but I’m not a big drinker. I would use them for a splurge on the weekend like french toast for brunch and then a slice of pizza the next day for dinner. I find when you don’t use those points, you feel deprived. But just because you use them doesn’t mean you need to use every single one. Some weekends i would use them all, some weekends I would use 30ish (you get 49). As long as you aren’t depriving yourself, no need to be fanatical about using them. Like if you have used 30 or so, you don’t necessarily need to go out and eat a cupcake to make up the difference. Let yourself have a treat and a nice meal out and you’ll use most of them anyways.

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    I’ve tried it in the past and failed, but mostly because i would use up all my points on empty calories, leaving myself hungry and setitng myself up for failure. 

    However, I am currently doing it and having success. I have lost about 13 pounds in the past 1.5 months. This time around, I have overhauled my eating and I ensure that exercise is as much a part of my day as eating good food. I have been slacking the past couple of days with writing what I eat, and luckily I have been able to maintain my weight and not go crazy, but I find it is extremely helpful to track my points and see foods that I should cut out, reduce or increase. You can absolutely lose 30 pounds in a year and a half, you just have to be ready to embrace it as a life change, not a “diet”. Good luck! 



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    I loved WW. I lost 20 lbs πŸ™‚ I love that they teach you ways to change your lifestyle so you can keep it off ! 

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    I love Weight Watchers!  Both my mom and I are on it.  She’s lost over 30 lbs and I’ve lost 16 as of this morning. 


    I only have 10 more to go before the end of this year as I want to be done losing by the time I go into alterations.  I just want to worry about maintenance after Christmas.


    I think the meetings are really helpful.  I used to go to them with my mom, but we live about 45 min apart, so I just track online and she fills me in on anything really useful she picks up from the meetings.

    It’s good that you like to prepare your own food, because in my experience, that’s what works the best.  I’d invest in a food scale (you can get one from WW for like $20) and make sure you have measuring spoons and cups handy at home.  It took me a good two months to get used to measuring my food before I ate it, but WOW, did it make a difference.  2 Tablespoons of cream cheese isn’t what I used to think it was when I was just eye balling it. 

    Anyway, it’s become almost like a joke now when we go grocery shopping, because I can pick up a bunch of bananas and guess exactly how much they weigh without putting them on the scale.  I’ve gotten much better at estimating, but I still weigh things like chicken breasts before cooking them.  It really makes all the difference in the world. 

    You’ll do just fine!  If you need any advice, please don’t hesitate to PM me πŸ™‚


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