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Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Date started WW: I’ve been off and on since 2009. I am just restarting this week, after falling off the wagon BIG time. 

Starting Weight: 172 

Goal Weight: 140 

Daily Points allowed:   29

Biggest Challenges: Being so busy that I end up just eating whatever’s quick. And alcohol. 

Problem Areas: Thighs and tummy.

Favorite WW-friendly food:  Sundried tomato stuffed chicken ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Favorite menu/recipes: See above! 

Picture…excuse the weird pose. Literally the only photo of me that exists showing off my figure, haha! 


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I just rejoined dubdub, starting today actually. I have the new calculator, 12 week journal and all the info, so I’m just going to do it free at home and see how I do. 

Date started WW: 01/02/12

Starting Weight: 219

Goal Weight: 170

Daily Points allowed:  36

Biggest Challenges: Mindless eating in the evening, Anything Salty and my skinny SO who can eat whatever he wants and brings the crap in the house for me to enjoy as well ๐Ÿ™

Problem Areas: Muffin Top, Arms

Favorite WW-friendly food:  Apples sprinkled with cinnamon, and a WW friendly Bagel & Lox that I do with an english muffin and low fat cream cheese.

Favorite menu/recipes: Anything by Rachel Ray, but she’s not very WW friendly. I’m going to try and makeover some of my fave recipes. Maybe I’ll post how I make out??

Don’t have a current photo to share. All photos are from the shoulders up, as I’m embarrassed about how far I’ve let this weight slip back on.

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Honey bee

Congrats everyone!

My sister started the new program 2.5 months ago and lost about 25 lbs so far. She loves it and says the biggest piece for her is going to the meetings and being accountable (even if they are not that informative).

She loves veggie soups with all sort of flavorings and spices so they are always different.

Her biggest challenge is lack of time so she prepares one big meal to use through the week many times and to plan ahead!

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I just joined yesterday, for the first time! I need to learn the system still…

Date started WW: 1.1.12

Starting Weight: 172

Goal Weight: 155 (though eventually I want to get to 145)

Daily Points allowed: 28

Biggest Challenges: well it’s only been 1 day, but I’m anticipating an issue will be that we eat quite a bit, especially since we’re about to go on vacation, and it’s really hard to track that! I kind of guessed so far, but I know it isn’t accurate exactly. Also I love cheese, and that’s a lot of points!

Problem Areas: stomach, arms

Favorite WW-friendly food:  still figuring out what’s what ๐Ÿ™‚ but I love that most veggies are 0 points–I eat a lot of veggies!

Favorite menu/recipes: still figuring it out

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@KristenGotMarried: Yum! I have a couple leeks left over from Christmas dinner to use.

I’ve been on DubDub (hehe) since 2008.

Date started WW: 1/14/2008

Starting Weight: 166 (I’m 5’0)

Goal Weight: 115

Current Weight: 129/130 (got down to 122 but I gained quite a bit back because of my meds)

Daily Points allowed:  26

Biggest Challenges: Cheese, bread. Getting motivated to work out. Not snacking on bad stuff.

Problem Areas: Inner thighs, arms, stomach

Favorite WW-friendly food:  Parmesan mashed potatoes

Favorite menu/recipes: Anything on http://www.Skinnytaste.com (agreed!)

I can’t find an old photo. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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I was with WW 2 years ago, and it worked really well.  Then…. I got lazy. I am hoping to join again shortly after I have baby smurf (June).

I will keep checking this thread for motivation – and thanks so much for the skinnytaste website info – it looks like a great resource!

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Oooh! I want to join! I could really use a support group right now.

Date started WW: 12th November 2011

Starting Weight: 83.6kg (184lbs)

Current Weight: 84.9kg (187lbs) Yes, in 8 weeks of WW I’ve gained 3lbs. Fail, lol.

Goal Weight: 72kg (158lbs) But ultimately want to get to 68kg (150lbs)

Daily Points allowed:  currently 32

Biggest Challenges: Eating alone 4 days a week and not being motivated to cook for myself, Emotional binge eating.

Problem Areas: Thighs, knees and hips. I’m very much a pear.

Favorite WW-friendly food:  Sauteed mushrooms with a shake of garlic salt.

Favorite menu/recipes: I make a good spaghetti bolognese sauce with heaps of veggies, 6pp for a 250g (9oz) serve, that I team with a tiny bit of pasta, normally 4pp worth.

Starting picture: This was taken around November 20th in a change room so I could get my sister’s opinion on the dress. (I didn’t buy it.) Its not the best photo, but you can see my figure. (Excuse the messy hair.)




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Date started WW: 4/16/2011

Starting Weight: starting weight – 126 current weight – 100

Goal Weight: 108 – I made it in September and lost 8 more lbs on maintenance. I haven’t quite mastered maintaining yet. 

Daily Points allowed:  On the new WW+, I was allowed 32 but upped it to 34 because I kept losing weight

Biggest Challenges: eating out is a challenge. I live in the city so we usually eat out at least 1-2x a week. 

Problem Areas: no matter how much weight I lose, i will never have a flat stomach.  

Favorite WW-friendly food:  Fruit! I was always a fruit lover, but now its almost all I snack on! A close 2nd is fiber one brownies that are only 2 pts+. each. 

Favorite menu/recipes:  So many skinny taste recipes have been a life saver- I love the BLT lettuce wraps, the fiesta rice bowl, chicken milanese, latin beef stew…I could go on forever.

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@Krises: Wow its great to hear from someone who has made it to goal! Since you are now 8lb less than your goal, are you happy with that or do you want to gain back to 108?

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@Roux: No, I am very happy where I am, though I am considered underweight by WW standards, so I can not attend meetings any more. I am now doing it online only. 108 was a goal I chose because I wanted to be smaller than I was in high school (110) and although I was fine there, the rest of the weight came off with little to no effort so I am more than happy to keep it off ๐Ÿ™‚ I now need to focus on making sure I don’t lose any more because i am not looking to be unhealthy in the opposite direction, either.  I feel great where I am, so now I will focus on staying here. I just happen to find the program very satisfying, even with 29 points. So when it came time to add points for maintenance, I usually didn’t eat all those extra points because I wasn’t hungry. I did not want to eat points just for the sake of eating if I wasn’t hungry. That led to the extra loss.

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Date started WW: 11/1/11

Starting Weight: 160  Currently 150.

Goal Weight: 140ish

Daily Points allowed:  26

Biggest Challenges: Dining out and trying not to order the most delicious/fattening thing on the menu. Also, eating with Fiance who is super skinny and never gains an ounce no matter what he eats. 

Problem Areas: I tend to store fat in my tummy

Favorite WW-friendly food:  Fruit, low fat cheese/yogurt and turkey bacon

Favorite menu/recipes: I like to make my own healthy pizza and soups.


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Date started WW: 12/27/11

Starting Weight: 161

Goal Weight: For the wedding in July—somewhere between 125-135, although WW wants me to weigh less since I’m short

Daily Points allowed:  26

Biggest Challenges: Social eating, snacks in the breakroom at work, FI’s love of Mexican food

Problem Areas: Thighs, tummy, arms….well it’s all a problem now isn’t it?

Favorite WW-friendly food:  No point fruits & veggies ๐Ÿ™‚

Favorite menu/recipes: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/

Starting picture:

Someone caught this LOVELY one of me from the side at Christmas…geee…thanks!!!! It was a wonderful reality check.

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