Weird couple rituals

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Busy bee

We always act like our dogs when the other comes home. Our dogs get so excited they jump and shake their tails so we jump and shake our butts at each other too… LOL It definitely sounded less weird in my head. 

And we also do the review thing, but with food. 

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Sugar bee
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We watch Die Hard on Christmas Eve & get Chinese take out on Christmas.

We first said “I love you” at a super bowl party & consider it a holiday so was take off the following Monday.

When one of us is out of town the one at home leaves voicemails from our dog. We have a voice we do and he is always deeply depressed.

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Busy bee
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If I say “I love ya!” he always says “I love ya as well…. also…. too!” I don’t even know how that started but now it’s a thing we do aha. He is also not a morning person at all so I always smack his butt to wake him up when he first gets out of bed. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Helper bee
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Whenever my boyfriend falls asleep on the couch after dinner/before bed (we have electric recliners) I press the buttons to … Decline? I feel like that’s not the right word – incline?… and put the couch back to a normal sitting position so that as the footrest goes down and back to normal, he gets squished in between the cushions from the back and the seat 😂 He always wakes up at a different point, either once it starts pinching or sometimes not until he’s basically become part of the couch. I do this because he gets a super sore back whenever he sleeps on any couch for too long, and he’s usually grumpy when someone talks to him immediately after he wakes up from a nap. No words, no grump, good sleep 😂

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Blushing bee
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We are re-watching supernatural together, only when we are in bed, we do not watch it during the day time, and any time that one of us mentions it  we call it a funny name like “do you wanna watch smashtural” or something of the like. 

Also we have our own funny names for the shows we watch in general, and they are never the same name, but we always know what the other is talking about.

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Busy bee

We’ll pretend our dog is talking and make use a specific voice. Like I’ll say “dad you haven’t walked me all day wtf, I need better parents” in my dog voice. It’s definitely less weird than it sounds lol

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Sugar bee
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We do weird kisses.. like where one goes in for what they think will be a nice kiss only for the other to stick their tongue out at the last second or make a fart noise or open ridiculously wide and making an eating noise lol

We also excitedly point out “I can see your doodle!” Or “I can see your boobies!” Whenever the other partner is partially naked. 

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Busy bee

zoraneale :  That was one of those posts where I had to stop and wonder if I should really admit to that in a public forum. 

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Honey bee
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zoraneale :  we used to live in a house that had a shower curtain and we’d shower with the door open. We used to do stupid stuff like throw stuff into shower cubicle or randomly sneak up on the person in the shower and make random noises or smack your hand against the shower curtain so the person in the shower gets cold wet shower curtain stuck to their body! It was stupid but really funny to us. We have shower screens now so no such shenanigans anymore but I have been known to turn on the hot water in the kitchen which in turn steals all the hot water in the shower when hubby is in there!! 😂

We do stupid stuff like leave notes in random places for eachother. They are usually funny things and not words of love. My hubby takes a banana to work every day for his lunch. I carved a penis picture on his banana skin a few months ago. He opened his lunch and found it quite entertaining. We also send each other funny pictures and memes via phone.

We have a cousin who go married just after us and hubby used to find it hilarious that we’d be a family party and this cousin and their partner would be mid conversation with you and they’d randomly look into each others eyes and start making out in front of you. That level if PDA is not done in our family and it bordered on get a room territory. My husband when he wants a kiss  and a cuddle he’ll say let’s do a Johnny and Jessica (PDA couple name) We usually then have a bit we do by way of conversation and end up laughing before we kiss.

We have lots of little things we do and I was thinking how lucky I am to have someone I feel so comfortable with and who shares my humor. 💕

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Sugar bee

I love all of this! 

Accents is totally a thing for us too, except it’s any kind of random accent. One of us will often say something weird or funny in an accent and then we start riffing trying to out-werid the other person in a similar accent. Sometimes it will just be repeating the same phrase weirder and weirder… 

We make up songs. Mine are often like a whimsical disney song (i do a mean disney princess voice) but singing about how much i hate mornings/people/everything. His are more random. I say “butts” a lot (instead of saying damn it! or something) and now everytime I say it he breaks into his little song “butts butts butts mcgee. Butts for you and butts for me!” (he does love butts)

We use ‘chicken pete’ for each other as a pet name. I THINK it came from one of us saying the other was sweet, and the other one responding “sweet sweet, chicken pete” 

We also intentionally misread eachother’s body language with physical affection. When we’re having a hug/snuggling and i can tell he needs to let go and do something, i just pretend I don’t notice and hold on to him for an awkwardly long time/hug him closer. Or sometimes when I go to give him a quick kiss he’ll lunge at me with a big open mouth slobberer. 

There’s probably a lot more, we can be very odd haha. 

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Busy bee
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sboom :  my fiance and I do all of this too 😂. I even invented reverse kisses where I go in for a kiss, but then when I press my lips against his I blow into his mouth hahaha.

we have a thing where everytime we hug, we have to squeeze each others butts haha. I also dry hump him every time he cooks dinner………lol he hates it but it makes me die laughing. We do a lot of really weird things as we’re both extremely goofy, but they’re mostly one-off occasions and not things we do on the reg.

I love randomly singing the duck song to him too. If anyone knows it, you’ll know exactly why he hates it. It’s so catchy but so annoying. “Welllll a duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man, running the stand, hey! bom bom bom. got any grapes?”

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Busy bee
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fourthnoel :  omg. the duck song. We were at the airport and they had a huge cup of grapes, and I said…”bon bon bon, got any grapes?”


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