Weird couple rituals

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

 We pronounce the names of certain foods weird lol chicken=chiggin chips=chibbs chocolate= chogglate. My husband is weird and started it and now I do it too lol. Whenever we say something dumb we always go “right Otis?” As if our dog 100% agrees with us Lol the list goes on. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2019

We have a morning hug ritual. Every morning when we are out of bed and getting ready for the day we hug. It’s a long genuine hug and no matter how busy we are or if one of us is frustrated with the other. The second someone says “morning hug” we stop what we are doing and take a minute to hug each other. That sounds super cheesy typing it out……haha. 

Also whenever we make a dumb joke or do something we will lock eyes and make the most awful face that involves making yous eyes crazy wide and curling your top lip over your teeth. We work together for part of the year and this facial expression is very common when someone makes a simple mistake.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2021

fourthnoel :  oh yes, he consistently humps me while I’m trying to cook or clean or do anything in the kitchen 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2018

Yessss to the duck song! Too many sponge bob and Pokémon references said throughout the day as well…

I will say we have a half an hour dedicated to just making animal noises at each other everyday lol butt bumping while washing dishes is hilarious, tickle fights are a must to keep our relationship running smoothly haha 

these are all great, keep em coming bees! 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

Cute ritual: Darling Husband goes to work before me and every day on his way out he gives me a forehead kiss ๐Ÿ™‚

Weird: I bought an assortment of small finger puppet animals from Amazon for the kids at our wedding and at the time Darling Husband and I were obsessed with being “significant otters.” So I kept the tiny otter stuffed animal (who was present for our wedding reception and also in some of our wedding detail shots). His name is Mr. Otterton and he runs our house bar (small liquor/wine cabinet in the kitchen). We call it Bar Otterton and it is notorious for being a badly run dive bar. 

Anyway, Mr. Otterton kept asking for a wife because his inter-species relationship with the cat just wasn’t working out. Darling Husband had to give Mr. Otterton husband lessons for about a year and we finally just welcomed Otteralia, his new wife, to our family. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

We have a ton of these! Great idea, I love hearing about other people’s too ๐Ÿ™‚

I think the weirdest one is that when one of us is brushing their teeth, the other one has to grab their non-tooth-brushing hand and “pull the handle” hahahha. This came from my husband’s habit of sticking his other elbow out while he’s brushing his teeth, like as if he’s trying to steady himself from the motion of brushing or something. I teased him about it and now we both do this haha.

Also to show enthusiasm, especially about food, we do this special valley-girl thing like “OhmygaaAAaaawd, [food]!” which comes from one time after we ate a huge meal and then got in an elevator and I thought I smelled cake so I said “OhmygaaAAaaawd, CAKE!” all excited like I was really hungry. My husband teased me about it and now we both do it ๐Ÿ™‚

We used to have “shoe putting-on time” where I sit behind him while he puts on his shoes sitting on the edge of the bed… no longer an “every time” thing but I still do it occasionally.

We definitely do accents and I love that! It can be embarrassing when we slip up and do them in front of other people though because some of them could be construed as racist… like calling all inanimate objects “him” in a speedy gonzales voice. 

When one of us says an especially absurd phrase, then one of us might say “I saw [absurd phrase] open for [band name]” like as if it’s the name of an obscure band.

Of course we have stupid names between ourselves too, like calling our bedroom “the cuddle-atorium”

There are plenty more I’m not thinking of, and of course we also have not-so-weird rituals, like I read him our favorite political column every Saturday morning, and he makes me tea every morning, and we have to end every call with “muah” kissy noises. Fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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I don’t even know if I should admit to this – or if I’m going to get arrested for sexual assault… but here goes.

My Darling Husband works a very physical job which involves a lot of squatting, so he has a ridiculously great peachy butt.  He also has really strong butt muscles.  I don’t even know how this started since we are not into butt stuff normally, but at random times such as cuddling on the couch or while he’s cooking dinner, I’ll sneak up and try and put my finger in there (on the outside of his clothes).  He can tense his butt and completely lock me out of there so I’ve never succeeded (not sure what I’d do if I did succeed haha) and he’ll say in a booming voice THE FORTRESS IS CLOSED or THALL SHALL NOT PASS or some other variation.  It always makes us crack up laughing.  

We also try and “wet willie” each other (stick a wet finger in the ear) while the other isn’t paying attention.  

We’re closet creeps.

Something sweet: I usually go to bed before him (I need my sleep more than he does) and he will always come tuck me in and say goodnight. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2015

My husband noticed that when I talk to my family on the phone, we always end the call with “bye! Love you! Bye!” So he started saying that too. And now when we send an email or something, we sign it BLYB

also – he had to renew his passport a couple of years ago and had some extra passport photos leftover. I started taping them up in random places in our house, like a scavenger hunt for him. But I didn’t mention and waited for him to notice. Eventually he did and we started just moving them around to weird spots in the house. This has been on going for about 3 years and we are living in our 3rd house and are still doing it. 

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Blushing bee

I love these stories! Super cute and funny. (:

My husband started “snuggle time” in the morning. Immediately after we got married, I didn’t work and so he’d be able to wake up, snuggle me, and then get ready. When I started working, I left before he needed to even get out of bed, so no snuggles. One morning, I woke up to his alarm. He turned it off and then inched over to me chanting, “It’s snuggle time, it’s snuggle time!”

It was then I learned that he always set an alarm 15 minutes before mine so that he’d be able to snuggle me in the mornings to “start his day off right.”

Weird things:

He constantly makes up songs about me (all positive things though: usually about how much he loves me) to the tune of nursery rhymes or Christmas songs.

We grin a lot at each other, showing our teeth. The other would come in for a kiss, and we would either return a kiss or keep grinning… and kissing teeth feels weird. Lol!

I like pressing my lips against his and then talking (usually so he agrees with me in whatever silly argument we are having) so that I’m literally “putting words into his mouth.”

We frequently reference adorable phrases that our niece has said which were funny responses. I.e.:I love you. I love you big! I love you big big biiiiiiig!

And just… lots of inside jokes from being together so long and so often, I guess! Being a couple is funny. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Bumble bee

My husband especially loves to sing along to a song and replace our dog’s name in it and sing about her. So now we’ll sing along to a song like “Tibbers is bringing sexy back, them other puppies just dont know how to act.” Lol example. Literally anytime we are in the car. We also call each other mommy and daddy because we are doggie parents and ‘talk’ for our dog, however our Male roommate (friend for 10+ years) also now calls me mommy. I can see where it is kind of totally weird to outsiders! He’ll walk through the door and say “hey mommy! How’s your day going, what’s for dinner mommy!” Really comical, hes like 60 years old ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Bumble bee

These are hilarious!…. I find it amusing that so many of us bring our pets into these conversations. My dh and I have 2 cats (and 2 kids too) and I am pretty nuts about those cats! I will use my cat voice and although Darling Husband doesn’t have a cat voice himself, he will ask me dumb questions about what the cats did that day and I will invent some ludicrous scenerio which involves the cats.

For instance:

Darling Husband: how are the cats? what did they do today?

Me: (in weird cat voice)…. It was SOOOOOO exciting! The cats are exhausted becasue they went all the way to London for Megan and Harry’s wedding. That’s why they’re asleep. Jet leg, you know. Didn’t you see them on the news? they were the flower cats.

Him: Oh, my no. I didn’t see anything on the news.

Me: Well, you did a lousy job of looking. They are going to be on the cover of People magazine next week because they have red fur, just like Prince Harry, so that’s why they were asked to be in the wedding.  You should be very proud of them.

I tell you…. our  cats have led very exciting lives. LOL! I also sing stupid song about the cats and insert their names in the lyrics. My dh always looks very amused and laughs alot. He always likes the political commentary. eg. ” The cats are so pissed today. Look at them. You’re not looking! LOOK! They are so mad at President Trump. The cats are planning to scratch him with their velociraptor sharp claws!’ 

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Bumble bee
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These all just have me smiling! Y’all are adorable! 

I think the cutest thing we do is when Fiance leaves for work early in the mornings (4:30am) she tucks pillows around me so I can sleep soundly feeling like she’s still next to me. I do the same if I go anywhere after she falls asleep.

We use weird voices with each other all the time. People look at us like we’re crazy but it makes us both laugh

Super weird one – if I have a stray…ahem…”whisker” on my face (being older sucks lol) she’ll use her teeth to remove it. She says it’s easier that trying to find it with tweezers  

We randomly sing things all the time and she knows songs get stuck in my head super easy so sometimes she’ll sing or hum a song just so I’ll be singing it all night, which she finds hilarious. 

I’m sure there’s more but those are the ones I could think of. 

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  • Wedding: May 2016

loveydove :  same! My husband’s current favourite is ‘I’m too hot, hot damn.  Toby is a fireman’ aka Uptown Funk. Makes me laugh everytime to the point that I want to dress the cat in a fireman costume to see my husbands face when he gets home from work!!

We also have toothbrush duels, mini fencing matches with toothbrushes in mouths.  

Also occasionally knows to do entire renditions of classical music using just geese impressions.

Embarrasingly odd now that I write it down but I’m glad that everyone here has their weird habbits haha.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

I’m feeling like my fiance and I are so boring now and we’re the weirdest people I know.  

We really don’t have a lot though.  We often times have contests trying to see who can make the ugliest face.  

Right now, we are practicing our first dance, since he can’t dance, which has really turned into dancing with the cat and dog a few times a week.  

This may be Too Much Information, but we pretty much always high five each other and say “Got laid,’ after any romp in the sheets.  

Other than that we just mostly play fight a lot.  

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