Weird couple rituals

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Lol…I’m so glad to see we aren’t the only ones who dry hump and trt and stick fingers up butts as a joke. We also try and randomly pull each others pants down as a joke. 

My husband also enjoys farting in my car just before he locks it up. I’ll get in there and just get a huge whiff of stale fart that’s been locked in there for hours. 😨 My poor mum copped it once. She dropped by and we decided to go furniture shopping and take my car. I unlocked my car for her to get in whilst I locked the house. Her poor nose! She actually swore and my mum never swears! I couldn’t tell her my hubby farts in the car for fun so I blamed it on our cats and told her they must of sprayed in the air vents again. 😉 She bought my cover story but my cats got scolded by her on our return. I still tease hubby about it, he was mortified that his Mother-In-Law had to smell his stale fart. Ironically he still does his fart trick…

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HAHA! Love this thread! We have a few random/weird rituals.

Most nights D H does the dishes (I do most cooking), and while he’s doing them, I put all the food away and tidy up in general.  Then when I’m done, I go up behind him and hug him.  Sometimes I’m sweet and just hug, or scratch his back, sometimes I pull his pants down and play with his balls. We were laughing about it the other night, like, “yeahhh Mr.SummerLove does the dishes everynight while I play with his balls, doesn’t everyone do this?” sealed


Also, we sing, A LOT. He’s great at taking a song and just not singing it right at all, so I just run with it too and start singing his version with him.  Or we take songs everyone knows and make them about our dog.  Christmas time is never really Christmas songs, they’re 100% songs about our dog.


He also gets my toothbrush every single night (cause I can not get off the couch once I’m sleepy unless I’m brushing my teeth and forced to), and he hands it to me with the weirdest hand gesture.  I only actually noticed how he hands it to me recently, and realized he’s been doing it for years.

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It’s so nice to here that there are other weird couples out there.

My husband and I have lots of silly little traditions and habits that have come and gone over the many years of our marriage but several have remained throughout. The spider one started at the beginning when, in our first home we saw a large spider (my husband hates spiders) and he leapt backwards. I bought a realistic fake one and hid it in his sock drawer soon after and I heard his yell from the other side of the house. Thus a tradition was born. Sometimes it takes months for him to come across where I have hidden it next and I’ve bought different fake spiders over the years so he doesn’t get used to it. I get him everytime. 

Don’t feel too bad for him. He gets his revenge on me….


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We meow at each a lot. If we are around other people and they don’t start meowing too, we are doing it wrong. 

We typically go to bed at the same time. If one of us can’t sleep we sing “The Song of My People” which is basically “I’m not tired.” over and over again. Then the other one does something to help enduce sleep. I usually get cuddly back scratches, and he gets blow jobs. 

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Oh my god, some of these are priceless!

We have silly nicknames for favorite food/drink items, some of which are really bizarre out of context.  

We have developed elaborate personalities and funny voices/accents for our pets and will often have conversations with them, or the pets will have extensive conversations with each other.  One of our cats has a very “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” sort of existence and always has a story to tell about saving someone’s life via emergency brain surgery performed with a can opener or working on a cure for the common cold using a chemistry set and the contents of the spice cabinet.  

I travel a lot on business (mostly Europe, occasionally China and Australia).  We play a silly game when I’m away where my Fiance will text me a task or item for a photo scavenger hunt every morning and I have to find a way to text back a corresponding photo.  Last trip, I had to take photos of things ranging from “a bird in a pub” to “5 kinds of orange marmalade” to “a selfie while eating a slice of Victoria Sponge”.  We have a lot of fun with it. 


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NikkiBee18 :  “Leave him alone. He’s fine.” Bahahahahahahahah!!!! I’m dying!!!

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It’s hard to explain but we’ll turn songs lyrics into conversations. For example if we’re listening to Jesse’s Girl it’ll be like:

Darling Husband: Hey babe! Do you know Jesse?
Me: I think so. Is he a friend of yours?
Darling Husband: Yeah, he’s a good friend of mine
Me: Okay, yeah. What about him?
Darling Husband: I feel like somethings changed?
Me: Would you that say it’s hard to define?
Darling Husband: No! It’s for sure ‘cuz he’s got himself a girl!
Me: A girl? What about her?
Darling Husband: Well, I wanna make her mine!

Silly stuff like that. We’ll go through entire songs.

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We do the funny kissing thing where we go in for a kiss and one sticks their tongue out or something! 

We also always talk about #nexthouse (complete with the hashtag finger movements!) and all the animals we are going to have! And we have already named them all, we just keep adding to the list of animials! It started out with alpacas (I LOVE alpacas), moved onto the pigs and went from there!:



Piggy Smalls 

Notorious P.I.G.

Enrique Piglesias

Roopac Shakur (kangaroo!) 

Zero Fox Given 

I swear we add more each day! 

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areyouthebride :  WE DO THIS TOO! Hubby is very musically-inclined and is familiar with a LOT of music so we have a lots of material to work with. It’s an impromptu thing. We’ll be talking about work, dinner, whatever, and if one of us makes a comment that includes song lyrics of some type, it’s on! Zeppelin is a common one for us; 80’s rock and classic rock too. One recent convo:

Me: I was kicking butt on a project at work and when I finally looked up from my computer and saw that it was past 3, I was completely dazed! 

Hubby: And confused?

Me: OMG, for so long it’s not even true! 


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Whoever leaves for work first gives the other a wake up kiss! During the school year I’m always up and leaving before he gets up so I kiss him awake to say good morning and goodbye before I leave, and during the summer he’s up and out early for a camp he works at so he does the same for me. 

We often “cheers” each other with food or drink. Wine glasses? Duh. Doughnuts? Yep, clink those doughnuts and cheers. Ice cream cones can get messy, but it’s fun. 

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Lol! I love reading all these! 

My husband has a rather bizarre sense of humour which thankfully I find rather amusing and go along with it. He does ridiculous accents all the time, he also likes to dance around naked when he gets out of the shower, we pull silly faces at eachother, he also slaps my bottom regularly when nobody is watching. 

We also peep our head around the doorframe when the other one is in another room reading or whatever and just stare at them until they look up haha. I highly recommend this, top LOLs given you pick your timing well.


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I love these! Our rituals are largely around sharing information about (or performing) bodily functions to each other and pretend to be disgusted by the other person (pooping, farting, burping, you name it lol). We also laugh at immature stuff like “pianist”, or I’d point at stuff and say they look like penises, as well as any types of innuendo or remotely sexual references.

Sometimes we also have conversations with just noises (different tones) no words, and sometimes deliberately dumb down or talk like children, then one time we saw a couple of 3 years olds having a conversation very similar to ours, I was like…ok it’s official we’re like 3 year olds lol…

We also sing random songs for random occasions, like he sings Rebecca Black’s Friday, like “it’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday” almost every Friday morning. We often imitate voices or saying from tv shows to each other, like recently we watched Extras (Ricky Gervais), and started saying in British accent “Are you having a laugh?” Then say to our cat “Is he having a laugh?!?” 

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