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Busy bee
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@Creiddylad:  Not really. I couldn’t really imagine not eating something i wanted because it grossed out my Fiance. I mean he absolutely hates when i eat mustard or pickles, but it’s only to the extent to where he doesn’t want to kiss me until i brush my teeth. It’s our house so we both cook whatever we want. If one person doesn’t like it then they can go in the other room. Ha you are way more understanding then i would be. 

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Sugar bee
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I would have a real problem with my spouse limiting what I eat.  That’s great he wants to be a pescetarian, until he starts infringing on what you can eat.  When i dated vegetarians, I made food for both of us, and they just wouldn’t eat the meat.  I think it’s really pretentious and rude to say you can’t be around meat. 

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Bumble bee
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I don’t think I could date someone who told me I was not allowed to eat meat because he is opposed to it! 

I’m not a big fish-eater though, so I would only be able to eat veggies, and I don’t think I could do that.

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@Creiddylad:  …I would be totally irritated by this too….I get his reasons, but expecting you to abstain is totally unreasonable….he’s just going to have to nut up and cope, cause you need to eat honey!

I HATE eggs….the smell of them, the look of them, seriously, to me, when Mr. 99 cooks and eats them, it smells like he’s eating something that’s been rotting outside for a week.  But I’m certainly not the food-nazi, and I know he likes them, so if he’s going to cook them, which he does almost every morning, he’ll either wait till I’m already gone for work, OR he’ll open the windows in the kitchen and make me a cup of mint tea, that way, I can keep the mug under my nose, I won’t smell the eggs as much and he can still eat.

It works.

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Well, ours is more food allergies – I can’t have peanuts or tree nuts, and he can’t have shellfish.  Obviously we can’t eat around our allergens, but he has a “death cabinet” with peanut butter, canned nuts, etc. and I have my shrimp chips in my own cabinet.  I’d never tell him that he couldn’t have his snacks in his own home, that’s just silly.  I don’t see why you can’t just dirty an extra pan and cook a protein for yourself and one for him at the same time, or why he can’t just cook it himself for that matter.

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Busy bee

The only thing SO can’t have and immediately kiss me is nuts and peanuts.  I will have a severe reaction if he did.  He’s fine with it because he loves me and can “take or leave” nuts anyway.  Though he can totally have them when he doesn’t kiss me! 

He does tut though at how much ketchup I have with everything 😛

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@Creiddylad:  I’m a pescatarian too, and I cook meat for my boyfriend all the time.

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Sugar bee
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I love durian. DH can’t even fathom how. *shrug*

I love butter cookies. DH can’t stand my breath after eating them.

I just won’t kiss him when I have these foods in whatever form.


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I’m allergic to fish, and Fiance likes fish. I won’t cook him fish because the fumes make me sick as well (and let’s face it I have no idea how to cook it because the info is just irrelevant to me), but I never stop him from ordering it if he wants it when we go out.

I’d say the worst fight we’ver ever had where niether of us was willing to back down was about where to store the peanut butter. I was pro cabinet, he was pro fridge it went on for weeks. Eventually I won 😉

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Busy bee

How long have you all been together? My boyfriend used to be grossed out by certain foods, and his sister still is. They were the pickiest eater I’ve ever seen, they would be grossed out by certain foods, like if something was cooked with a food they didnt like they couldnt eat any of it. My boyfriend used to be like that with pickles, if it was on his sandwich or even his plate he wouldn’t eat any of it. I was always amazed because I was raised around such a variety of food, there is no food that GROSSES me out. But my boyfriend has grown out of it and is improving everyday.

But he has never said I couldnt cook/have something around him. I’ve never heard of anything like that. Is there an emotional reason that he could be against you cooking meats around him? Does it make him sick because he believes its cruel or something? I havent heard of anyone that has had such an issue with food, and I thought I knew the pickiest eaters.

It makes me wonder, did he parents feed him those foods as he was a kid? Did he ever get food poisoning through them?

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We are both plant based eaters but FH wasn’t vegan when we met. We did a lot of eating out for the first year or so together (I also ate fish back then, albeit rarely). He cooked his own meat for a while, with his own pans, utensils, etc. He eventually went vegan on his own after his father fell ill due to his poor diet. Life is so much easier now! I make one meal, we both eat it, no problem. I am absolutely grossed out by meat and meat products. I won’t touch it, or anything tht has touched meat- that’s just how I am- but I would never tell Fh that he had to stop eating meat. I don’t want that stuff in our fridge but I could never make that decision for someone. FH has said this is a one year experiment and we are coming up on the end of it in late July. As much as I hope he sticks to it, I will accept his decision if he chooses to eat meat again!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@Creiddylad:  I would be really annoyed by this. His preferences shouldn’t dictate yours. He doesn’t like the idea? Fine, he doesn’t have to eat it. But he shouldn’t be telling you what to do (and that’s essentially what he is doing). Of course your body needs protein and I think it’s healthy to have it. I wouldn’t let anyone stop me. What about at restaurants? You can only eat what he likes too?

My Fiance likes all kinds of things that I don’t (such as shrimp, lamb, lobster, steak, etc.) and I am happy to make it for him. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean I want him to miss out on some of his favourite things.

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@Eckle:  Peanut butter in the fridge?! What madness is this?!

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