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Helper bee
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wow…this was totally entertaining.

the hubby and I are filling out a book called "All About Us" and we laughed at some of the questions that were a bit like this….I think I find more things odd about him than he does me…however, it is the odd things that make him exceptional.

I’ll come back with something good…but I have to say that doctorgirl has me totally stumped on the ear tucking, like seriously, how cute is that?


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Buzzing bee

I asked hubby what’s weird about me and he said it’s weird that I don’t like to use swear words (true enough. not even to use them appropriately!) I don’t like chocolate much, but that’s more common than people seem to believe. I have "midget pinkies" cause they are shorter in proportion to the rest of my fingers compared to most people.

Hubby eats just about anything, but not mayo or sauerkraut. He isn’t embarassed to let people know about his bodily functions… (even the first time I met him…) idk, he’s really weird most of the time, but now when I’m trying to list it, cant think of much!


Mr.Bee, there’s no way i could eat the same thing every night, even my very favorite, spaghetti!!

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Busy bee
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@JoesWifey  I have midget pinkies as well!  I didn’t even realize this until a few years ago when a friend pointed them out.  They are now a great source of amusement for my friends.  I think it might be hereditary because my sister and mom have midget pinkies as well!

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Blushing bee
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I don’t like cheese – unless its artificial (like mac & cheese (Kraft only though), or nacho cheese Doritos, or Cheez-its, etc).  I have gotten better at attempting to like it though so maybe one day you’ll catch me eating it plain (shudder!).

Oh and I’m a big hypchondriac – not nearly as bad as Bob in "What About Bob?" but I’ve definitely watched a show on some health issue and then told my fiance I think I have it, LOL 


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Helper bee
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@Mrs.Spring – my husband is an Eagle Scout too!  Strangely, I received my Girl Scout Gold Award – which I understand is kinda like the Eagle Scout thing – it’s service based & the highest award a GS can receive. 

My second toe is a little longer than my big toe.  My daddy referred to it as the "Smith toe" because everyone in my family is the same way (and obviously our last name was Smith).

I won’t eat bananas that have brown spots on them either… or if they’re mushy.  Gross.  Something both of us do when we eat a banana – we break off both ends, and each of our two dogs gets a piece.  If either of the dogs sees, hears, or smells us peeling a banana, he’ll come running and sits in front of us, patiently awaiting his part. 

This isn’t that weird, but when I’ve got a lot on my mind or am depressed, I bake. . . sometimes a lot.  For instance, I currently have five dozen red velvet cupcakes sitting on my kitchen counter, awaing the icing that I am about to make.

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Busy Beekeeper
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This is such a cool and quirky thread.  I just love it!  I’ll see if Mr. Doctor will let me post a picture…  I’m not sure he will, but I’ll try.

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Busy bee

I have wierd tendencies with numbers. I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone, but I never set my alarm to a rounded out time…I only set my alarm to times like 6:27 or 8:31. Never 8:30 or 7:25. Has to be one of the "one minutes" in between. This also carries over to the volume in my car. I don’t set the volume to 10, 15, or 20. It’s always 12 or 16 or something. It’s wierd and I don’t know why I’ve always done it.

I’m also OCD about erasure marks. When someone’s using a dry erase or chalkboard, I can’t stand when they only partially erase. Those little leftover marks drive me nuts. (OCD of some sort?) I don’t ever freak out, but it does bother me.

Fiance eats mayonnaise and Texas Pete on almost everything (even when I spend hours on a tasty pot roast! grr!). He also takes longer than anyone I’ve ever known to get dressed to go anywhere. Even to my mother’s house. In the shower, he scrubs with body wash, rinses, and then does it again. Like 4 times. We go through crazy amounts of body wash.

He’s obviously not as wierd as I am…but luckily he hasn’t noticed my disturbing quirks. I keep them to myself.

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Helper bee
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This is such a fun thread. 🙂

Ok… hmm. Fiance & I loooove AC/DC. They opened their recent world tour here in my home town and I went bonkers trying to win tickets to their last dress rehersal. I finally won an online contest after a couple of months of stress, and it was AMAZING.

And really weird – Fiance likes to eat cheese curls dipped in french onion dip. GROSS. Though he thinks I’m strange for always needing a glass of milk when I have ice cream. But I do, lol.

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I like to eat puffy cheetos with ketchup sometimes.

My weirdest thing is I go to the park where we are going to get married and talk to the deer.  I realize they don’t talk back.  I find it very therapuedic.  I actually started that before we decided to get married there.  (my therapist knows I talk to them- he doesn’t find it too weird)  I’ve told the deer they are welcome to join us for the wedding, but I would appreciate a bow tie.  

As for him?  Every night, around 2am or so, he wakes up and eats oreos.  Or popcorn.  Or chips.  to this he says "I do not"  um.  yes.  If i wake up to go to the bathroom, I hear the rustling of the bag..  I laugh.

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nevermind my last post. I guess my post is just weird.

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Sugar bee
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I have several "quirks":

I can curl my tongue like 5 different ways … it used to get me a lot off free drinks at bars LOL.

I have to disinfect my countertops before and after cooking every meal.

I once had hiccups for over 6 months (turns out I had a tumor – once it was removed they went away).


Mr Mini has a few of his own:

He doesn’t like any "extras" other than lettuce in his salad (no tomatoes, cucumbers etc) 

He has to always have perfectly clean sunglasses – he cleans them every time he puts them on it seems

He checks to make sure he locked his truck every time we drive away from the house in my car (he even has made me drive back if he forgets to)

He keeps the original boxes for EVERYTHING "just in case he wants to sell or warranty them" 


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