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  • poll: Which toilet would you expect as a guest?

    Basic toilets- It's outside so we came expecting this

    Posh toilet block- I would expect the couple to pay for the guests to have a better toilet

    I would expect an indoor toilet

    I wouldn't have any expectation so whatever was there would be fine with me.

    I wouldn't expect the 'posh' toilets but it would be a nice touch

    SAVE YOUR MONEY and get the basics! Toilets are toilets.

    Go for basic BUT add nice extras like mirror, nice soap etc

    A mid range porta potty- Bigger and no chemicals

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    I LOVE that pre-loo tent area! 🙂 Also I am totally making up loo-rhymes in my head lol… is that wrong? ;p


    Also re stink – it’s a UK wedding, yeah (maybe a silly question given your name but one can’t be too sure…) and June will not be like a million degrees here. Plus, it’s not going to be like the 3rd day at Glastonbury Festival where everyones been drinking high % cider and been smoking naughties and been eating festival food for the past few days and the loos are (unavoidably!) bunged up with all sorts of upsettery… unless youre going for a Glasto feeling?

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    I wouldn’t “expect” the posher toilets, but that i would be oh so happy if you had them! Something about dressing up for a wedding and then using a porta potty doesn’t mesh. I vote spend the extra – the nice ones look cute. Guests would definitely thank you for them.




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    I absolutely HATE using porta potties… I seriously avoid it at all costs. As some PP’s have said, I would definitely not stay very long if that was the only option for the bathroom. 

    Another option would be a smaller “honeywagon”… kind of like your posh bathrooms, but less stairs, only 2 “stalls” with running water and a flushing toilet.. might be cheaper / worth looking into. 

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    I am getting married on my FIL’s property and had the same dilemma. A few things to consider before making your decision:

    – A lot of people here are saying they would never use a porta-potty. Well, maybe they’re thinking of the disgusting porta-potties that are at large public events, where hundreds of people have used it before them. For a small outdoor wedding lasting several hours, I would guess that most of your guests will have taken care of their #2 business before the wedding (hopefully?) and would just be going #1. Also, because these are your guests, and not rowdy concert-goers or sports fans, hopefully they’ll respect your facilities enough not to pee all over the place!

    – If your only two options are the super luxurious trailer or a basic porta-potty, you should keep  looking. I was originally facing the same two options, but then I found a company that has flushable porta-potties (but they’re not really fancy). I ended up getting a non-flush porta-potty that has a sink with soap on the inside for $110 per unit.

    – Lastly, I think it depends on how formal your wedding is. Ours is a laid-back, outdoor wedding and I don’t think our guests will expect us to splurge so that they can urinate in luxury. Since we’re having it in the yard, there are obviously restrooms in the house that can be used if people really want… as the bride, I plan on going inside! 🙂

    $900 is quite a lot of money that could be used elsewhere in your budget. If I were you, I’d continue looking at different companies and see what else you can find. I started by searching Google for “porta potties” in my area, but that didn’t leave me with much for results. Try instead searching for plumbing companies and see if that leads to more results. Whatever you decide, good luck!

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    @EnglishWifey:  Porta potties at a wedding??!!  OMG!!  PLEASE NO!!


    Spend the extra money to get the nicer toilets.  There is NO way I would use a porta potty at a wedding.  Holy cow.  After getting dressed up and making myself presentable?  Wearing heels and spanx?  I don’t think so.  I’d rather drive myself to a McDonald’s to use the restroom.  That is awful.


    Anytime you make decisions for your wedding, you should keep the guests in mind.  Making sure your guests are fed and comfortable is one of the number one priorities.  This goes along with restrooms.  Guests should never have to wait in a long line, and they should not be subjected to bad conditions.  A regular porta potty is a BAD condition.  It’s smelly and unhygenic.


    Sorry, I just feel very strongly about this issue.




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    If you’re not allowing people to use the house toilets, then you really need to spring for the nice outdoor ones. I would be grossed out to the point of leaving if I went to a wedding at someone’s lovely home, and was banned from the house and told to use a porta-potty instead. It’s just not hospitable.

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    I think OP made up her mind long before she posted. Most of us are saying that we hate porta potties and she’s arguing that we’re odd,that they won’t smell, that she uses them at work, etc.


    If you’re 100% sure get them, but do so knowing that most people absolutely hate them. Most bees said that they’d rather pee in a bush than in one of those!

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    I’m attending an outdoor wedding this summer and my fiance said he doesn’t feel like getting dressed up (even if it is casual) and going in a port-a-potty. I tend to agree, I’d rather the fancier bathrooms, the port-a-potties I’ve been in have been pretty rank.

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    @EnglishWifey:  Just saw your “in between” option, and I think it’s a HUGE improvement on the standard portaloos, especially for ladies with dresses and heels.

    … although I am biased because I have used those expensive, top of the range loos in the past as well, and they are really nice… just as nice as having an inside loo, in my opinion.

    Is it odd to post that I have had experiences with a wide range of rented toilets in the past? Makes me sound like some sort of bizarre sex pest…

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    I’ve used portapotties at outdoor backyard weddings before. It’s no big deal at all! What people may not realize is that it’s not like portapotties at a huge concert where they have been used a LOT and are filthy! They’re plenty fresh and clean at a wedding unless you’re having like 300 ppl. I vote save your money – $900 is a lot. 

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    @EnglishWifey:  After reading all of these threads on port a potties, I am feeling the same way :/ We’ve recently cut out entire budget from 14k to about 8k…and decided on having the reception in our backyard (we have about an acre). I am actually 100% okay with guests going inside, but we have a septic system and I am worried to death now that it would overflow into the yard. I’m looking at all options…but potentially spending $2000+ for a water source (we have well water so we can’t use that), an electrical source, and a nice trailer just isn’t in the budget. The individual ones are a lot cheaper, clean, and I highly doubt they would smell as bad as the ones at a concert venue…I would be really hurt if our friends and/or family decided not to go or left right away due to the restrooms. And because they felt entitled to use ours inside. I can’t make money appear out of thin air…

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