Weird Question: Is anyone anticipating they get postpartum depression?

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Blushing bee
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I actually worried about this  when I was pregnant with my son. I have a history of anxiety/depression and even though I had been in a good headspace for years it was still on my mind. I ended up having PPD afer he was born. My son was 2 months early and in the NICU for a month which I feel like triggered it. I should have acted on the early warning signs but kept telling myself that this was just motherhood and I had to get through it…. well boy was I wrong. I think if you can just be self aware and make sure your partner is really supportive/knows what to watch for you will be okay.

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Bumble bee

I think there’s a reasonably high chance I’ll suffer from it.  I have a personal history of depression and used to be on antidepressants, although I’m not on them currently.  We’re going to watch out for it, and if necessary I’ll just go back on antidepressants post-partum until baby is sleeping through the night, and then maybe try and slowly wean off them again (with my GP supervising).

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bettydraper23 :  I have thought about it. I am a very emotional person and my husband probably wouldn’t be surprised either but I have never had full-blown mental health issues, usually i get in more of a funk and if I go for a walk and if it is really bad treat myself to a starbucks (this only happens 3-4 times a year lol it is my secret therapy) I am fine again.

We live in an expensive city and my parents have a house that was large enoguh for us to have the whole second floor when we got married (we all get along so it is really great). When I was starting to think about when I should ttc after about a year of marriage my mom said to me privately it is better if you guys are still living with us so you won’t feel alone when you are on maternity leave during the day because she will be with me! I think this will really be the life saver as I will have one of my best friends to hang out with and help me 🙂 She is retired and loves babies so now whenever we are lucky enough to have a baby I feel my mental health will be well supported 🙂

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Busy bee

Yes. I’ve dealt with depression and GAD my entire life. But starngely, I’m not that afraid of PPD. Because I’ve dealt with these issues my entire life, I have very good coping mechanisms. It too shall pass. 

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I thought it was just me… I have the same worry.

I have PTSD from my childhood and developed disordered eating during my teens (which came back again in my 20s), both directly because of my mother… I’m both excited to become my own version of a mother and terrified that I will repeat or even sympathise with my mother’s mistakes. I think I’ll be hit by postpartum depression. I’m actually expecting it and already reading up on all the resources available to me if it does happen.

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bettydraper23 :  my mum and sister had PPD, so I took it upon myself to seek pregnancy counselling during my pregnancy. We looked at self acceptance and lowering my standards and it was really helpful. I know the hormones may still take me out, but being proactive and practising speaking to myself kindly has certainly helped. 

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Bumble bee

Yes I do worry, because I struggle a bit with major life changes and that sometimes manifests as depression. But it’s not deterring me from having kids, I am just going to educate myself and hubby on the symptoms and keep a close eye 

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I don’t think this is a weird question at all. I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and it is definitely something I worry about. I have a history of depression and anxiety and a lot of fears about motherhood. That being said, I am consciously deciding not to stress about it. It may happen, but then again, everything could be fine. I already have psychological support at my hospital because of late losses in 2016 and 2017, so I know there is help available. It might be a good idea to look into what resources you can take advantage of if the time comes. I think the key is also to make sure you communicate with your partner, express your concerns and deal with things as they arise. 

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I have a higher risk as I have already a history of depression/family history as well and have had some rather difficult situations. So, in many ways, it is something I can anticipate…but I try not to dwell on it to where I let it consume my thoughts for future pregnancy/ttcing. Maybe I’ll be lucky and not. My husband is aware naturally and I’m sure it’s something we’ll discuss further when it’s realistically closer.

Big life milestones or points already are somewhat triggering especially with having no family on my side. So, I just know to make a plan for other areas to ensure, as much as possible, that other controllable factors don’t make anything harder. I don’t really like people fussing over me especially if I’m going through a hard period. Likewise there’s dynamics from my husband’s side (mainly MIL) that can be a stressor. A baby from my husband will be a huge deal in his family and culture so it’s to be expected that everyone will be extremely all over us. So, for this, I know I’ll announce a pregnancy late (also because history of miscarriage in my family) so I don’t have to be overwhelmed and can take the pregnancy/emotions at my pace without any overbearing aspects. Likewise why we’ll announce the birth after it’s happened and take a few days/first week before accepting visits.

Naturally it’s something I’ll also just have to discuss with my doctor at the time and follow any plans they suggest. There are other health risks I’m higher for with a pregnancy so I’ll already have to be monitored closer according to my doctor to prevent complications. So, I imagine my visits will be frequent enough to have support for anything that arises.

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