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@Mrs.Maeby:  I will definitely be giving my kid the same food as the adults eat like 95% of the time… basically from the day they can eat solid food. In Europe it’s pretty common to do that. No kiddie menus and stuff. IMO it just makes the kid a fussy eater. That’s one good thing my parents did. In restaurant, my SO’s sister orders her two year old a grow-up entree and he eats it. Maybe not all of it, but he isn’t fussy at all when it comes to food.

We had a no TV during the week rule.. and a no friends upstairs rule for a while.. that was a bit strict IMO. I don’t like all or nothing kinda rules.. I’d be more flexible depending on the situation if I were a parent. I think Kool-Aid was totally banned… I won’t totally ban anything… but of course I won’t feed my kid crap very often lol.

ETA: Oh and I was banned from piercing my ears… which upset me a lot. I finally had them done when I was 19. My mom was STILL mad lol. I don’t get it. It’s just earrings. If I don’t get my future baby’s ears pierced (I like the idea because it’s done, it’s quick, and the kid doesn’t play with them and get them infected), I’ll let them choose if they want it done or not when they’re a little older. I would never ban that.

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@canarydiamond:  Oh I completely agree about the food. I ate the same exact stuff my parents ate for as long as I can remember. We have videos of me eating pork and sauerkraut when I was still in a stroller. Fiance is one of the pickiest eaters I know and we will definitely not be passing that on.

I think I’ll continue my parents’ rule that I couldn’t get my ears pierced until I was twelve years old. I don’t think younger kids are able to handle the responsibility of cleaning them and I cringe seeing babies with pierced ears. I hated it at the time, but I’m glad now that I had to wait.

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@Mrs.Maeby:  lol, I love this. Fiance wants to be a hard ass so I am just going to try and keep softening him to the idea of not being so strict. His childhood sucked. I DO NOT WANT THAT FOR MY CHILD.

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We weren’t allowed to say the word “boring,” ever. We weren’t allowed to discuss TV or movies at the dinner table, and every meal took place at the dinner table, television shut off. I used to think these were annoying, but now I can see some value in them (I don’t have kids). I think that I’ll keep these if I have kids, though my husband will probably not like this, as he was raised with pretty lax rules.

There are two I probably will steer clear of: Having to hug my sister for a specified amount of time if we were arguing, and having to finish what was on my plate. I hate, hate, hate salmon patties, and my mom made me stay at the table for what felt like forever one day to finish mine. After I shoved the rest in my mouth and then threw it back up, I never had to do that again.

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My parents didn’t have MANY rules but one was to not have more than 1 soda pop a day. They really wanted me to drink other HEALTHIER drinks. And I think that was a good idea. They let me have 2 on special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. 

Honestly though, my parents had VERY few rules. Wow, I guess I never realized that until now. 

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Not planning on being a parent but these were some rules I had growing up

1. The words “dumb” and “stupid” weren’t allowed.

2. We never had a kids’ menu thing. We ate whatever the adults were eating.

3. No TV during the week – didn’t work. I sneaked TV all the time.

4. A cup of milk every day for breakfast. I hate milk now, and have a mild reflex when I’ve eaten too much dairy.

5. No coffee until we were teenagers.

6. No hitting each other. Until today, my brother and I never hit each other no matter how intense the argument gets.

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My parents would not let us drink soda unless it was pizza night or we were at a birthday party or special occasion.  As a kid I really hated the rule, but as an adult, I am thankful they did that.  FH drinks nothing but diet soda, and it can’t be good for him :-

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@Mrs.Maeby:  my parents didn’t put any rules on me and I kind of lack that when it come to school 🙁

I will let you know that I agree with the eating issue, no kids menu, and also will be very “on top” when it come to homework and school stuff (but not too much).

I don’t say ban, but limit, sodas and others unhealthy drinks.

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@thatredheadedbride:  me too! we were never allowed soda type drinks or even juice really, and i’m so glad because i don’t like any of that stuff as an adult.

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No opposite sex friends or “friends” in the bedrooms,   limited junk food,  group dates only until 15-16 (depending on the maturity of the particular child) and dinner is with the family at the table,  electronics off. Also,  you eat what is cooked,  I knew families with teenagers who still had pbnj when they didn’t like dinner. 

Eta: we didn’t have to like or eat everything but we had a three try rule,  food must be tried at least three bites on three separate occasions before we could decided we didn’t like it. 

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My mom is really really health conscious, and I definitely plan on implementing her rules when I have children.

1. No sodas. On a birthday or reeeeally special occasions we were allowed one soda, but we had to drink 2 glasses of milk that day to make up for it. Other than special occasions, we drank water.

2. If we didn’t want to eat the healthy, well-rounded meal she would cook for us, we wouldn’t eat. No snacks or treats until the next meal unless we chose vegetables.

3. At least when we were younger, if we got cookies/brownies/cake/etc, they were homemade so she could control what was in them- they taste so much better anyways, none of us kids even like processed food now because the sweet treats we got growing up were so much yummier.

4. A fun, unhealthy one: the rule was the morning after a birthday, everyone got leftover cake for breakfast! We also didn’t have to make our beds on our birthdays!


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@Mrs.Maeby:  We are VERY different in so many ways! I am also just a teeny tiny bit frustrated with him right now, so I’m probably really accentuating the differences when I talk about him.

Although, I think he will always be the scary one.  For example if junior gets a D on his math test he is probably going to tell me and not Fiance. I think men are just generally more strict!

Although this is just how he “says” he is going to be. He is very fun with his nephews! He also said the dog couldn’t sleep in the bed, now when we got to sleep he goes and finds her every night! 


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