(Closed) Weird secret/dream proposal ideas you'd NEVER tell your SO

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My dream proposal would have been on the airplane on the way to a beautiful vacation. Clearly it didn’t happen but I think it would have been amazing.

EDIT: I’m also a HP neard and you made me squeel with delight!

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@she_might_be_modern:  LOL Yours is really cute!

My dream proposal is really not that crazy. I’d love for us to have a really nice date day/evening in San Diego (which we do fairly often, actually), ending at our “secret place” on the beach (it’s effing awesome). If I’m going really all out… he would have had some friends scatter rose petals or light candles or something around our “place”. Maybe there’s someone singing “I’ll Cover You” hiding in the trees πŸ˜› After a private proposal & maybe a night in a nice hotel, we’d have brunch at our favorite place but he would have secretly invited our closest family & friends!

That’s my ideal- private proposal but the ability to announce/celebrate with everyone as soon as we had a few hours to ourselves. 

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Hogsmede would be so sweet <3 If he timed it right you could have the girls from Beaxbatons and the boys from Durmstrang in the background haha. I think I have 3 dream proposals :3 They aren’t very exciting but I’ll probably never tell Boyfriend or Best Friend because I’m sure he wouldn’t be interested T.T

1) We’re sat on the sofa just watching a film or something, I’m probably in my pyjamas. Super initmate and cuddly πŸ˜€

2) We’re at a restaurant lateish, preferably “our” restaurant, though somewhere else would be more of a surprise, and somewhere posh would be pretty cool XD I’d like it if he leant over the table to put one or both hands on mine ^^

3) We’re on a bridge… not sure why lol. But I imagine we’ve been sightseeing somewhere and have paused to look at the view from the side of the bridge and he sort of turns to me and says “so I’ve been thinking maybe we should get married sometime” and produces a ring <3


Lol it is pretty embarrassing to admit I’ve been dreaming up these kind of scenarios hurr hurr… (especially when my proposal is very much not looming)

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Helper bee

@she_might_be_modern:  HP nerds unite! 

i was single for a long time, so I’ve had time to come up with several dream proposals! My ultimate dream would be on the Pont Neuf in Paris, after dark when the sky is that perfect velvety blue, and Paris is lit up like stars! 

Alternatively, on a perfect autumn day, when it’s bright and cold and we’re out for a walk all wrapped up in our woollies in the beautiful Countryside. 

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@she_might_be_modern:  okay I just died of joy a little with that proposal idea πŸ™‚ also high five to @PoppyH:  on the HP love as well. ETA it takes me forever to type so I just saw all the other HP girls…thank GOD people still read good books. πŸ™‚




I think my dream proposal would be semi-public. We live in the downtown area of our city, and our very first kiss (which, I might add I had to WAITTTT for; 1 whole month into dating because he didn’t want to be too forward. Meanwhile I was I guess just a slut because I wanted it bad. I physically couldn’t initiate though, because he’s a foot taller than I am. I couldn’t reach! lol) was on the roof of the most expensive hotel in our area. There’s a terrace up there, and there is never anyone there. It’s one of my favorite spots, and I showed it to him. We had that magical seal-the-deal kiss overlooking the city at night on the roof of this bangin’ hotel, and not only were there fireworks in my head, but they were having a fireworks show over the water and we got a perfect view. It was a dream.


SO: for our proposal, I would love if we went for a walk like we always do (I want to be unsuspecting, haha) and ended up on the roof of this hotel again. He proposes up there with just us and some beautiful words and a gorgeous ring, and we enjoy a few minutes of just-engaged joy and probably some champagne. Then, as we go downstairs, he’ll take me to the small ballroom at the hotel for our engagement party! Afterwards we will of course stay at the hotel, and we’ll totally have engagement sexy time and I’ll get distracted by my ring.




Ahhh…fingers crossed! Lol. Honestly though, he could ask me when I’m making dinner tonight and I would still love it just as much. I just want to marry him. πŸ™‚


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I think I would absolutely LOVE a holiday proposal- like New Year’s Eve or something fun, although that’s not my boyfriend’s style.  I also like the idea of getting all dressed up and going to a really fancy restaurant in the city.. which probably won’t happen since I live in the sticks now. haha.  

I don’t think I’d suggest ANY proposal ideas to my bf since he claims he already knows how he’s going to do it and I’d want it to be completely organic. I have no idea how he is planning to propose… I’m more concerned with the ring right now lol.

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My dream proposal (before the real thing, which was actually better) was that I would walk outside (at the school I used to work at), and Darling Husband would be down on one knee with my preschool class, who would be holding signs saying “Marry Him” and “Say Yes”!

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Here we go. My SO and I love hockey and have been going to the games since we started dating (+6 years) and I’ve always had this dream of him setting up this elaborate proposal at a game. I want him to be on the ice and ask me in front of everyone. Everyone in the audience would clap and swoon. He would magically have roses to give me at the end too. Everytime we go to a game, I secretly fantasize about it. 

ETA: I now know he is planning on doing something completely different. He tells me he wants to drive up the coast with me and ask me on the beach. I’ll be happy with this too πŸ™‚


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I’m loving everyone’s ideas…and I feel bad commenting again so soon, but I just thought of another scenario. Mr. H blows glass, and he is having his art gallery opening and debut in about a month. It would be sooo awesome if he proposed at this event, and we could celebrate with all of our friends and family at the gallery party. πŸ™‚

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I don’t care how he does it, I just want him to propose! 

Although to be honest, I guess I do have a couple of dream proposals.  And I want them to be private, just him and me.  I am not a big flashy girl and I’d probably be unhappy if he asked me in front of a huge group.  It’d be okayyy if it was with family, but I would prefer it to be just him and me.  That being said:

1) This is so dumb, but New Years Eve would probably be the ultimate proposal for me.  We’d be bundled up outside with hot cocoa watching the fireworks and he’d just surprise me with the ring.  That would be magical.

2) On a hike or somewhere with a beautiful view.  My SO and I both love to hike, but we don’t get out as often as we’d like with him being in school, us both working, and just being busy.  I’d love to go up to the top of a pretty peak and get proposed to there.

3) I’d love for him to propose during a nice, candlelit dinner at home.  We eat at home a lot, but we always have a good time cooking dinner and eating together.  We sit down at eat together at the table every night, which is a huge deal to me and very important to have that time to talk and connect and discuss our day with no TV and no distractions.  I’d love a sweet, simple proposal at home during dinner.

4) Downtown in the city after a nice dinner.  I do not want a restaurant proposal, but I’d love one after a nice dinner out somewhere together.  We went downtown on our first dating anniversary and walked around after dinner…so something like that (but with a ring!!) would be lovely.


I guess these aren’t very weird or anything, but we have never discussed how a proposal would go and I doubt we will.  He’s the kind of guy that would just surprise me.  So I’d never tell him these thoughts.

Sigh….now I am dreaming away!!!!

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Busy bee

Fun to think about. πŸ™‚ I have a thing for public proposals… I find them romantic lol. I’d absolutely be over the moon if he could somehow propose on stage during one of our favorite band’s perfomances… lol! But really I kinda hope it’s something where friends/family are hiding around and are right there after it happens to celebrate! That would be so cool.

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Busy bee

Christmas with snow! We won’t have snow where I live at Christmas but hey it’s a dream so I’m adding in snow!! He’d be outside decorating the outside of the house with lights, I’d be inside putting the finishing touches to the tree while drinking a glass of wine and having national lampoons Christmas vacation on the tv in the background. Then he’d call for me to come out and see the lights and as he flicks on the switch and it says on the roof in lights ” will you marry me?” Then Santa would arrive with his sleigh and we’d take a ride over our local city! And then I’d wake up and realise I’m still a waiting bee ha ha ha oh man taking Santa out of that I would love that!!

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I would absolutely love to be sent on a scavenger hunt.  Maybe to the nail salon and have an outfit already picked out (He would DEFINTELY need help from my friends on what to pick though) maybe to a few of our fun places and then he would surprise me at our park and propose there, then have family and friends waiting in a nearby restaraunt/house/anywhere really.


Or maybe at the end of my first 1/2 marathon.  Kind of a “Congratulations! Your acheivements make me wanna marry you!” type of thing


The only thing is, I tend to RUIN surprises.  Like absolutely ruin them.  He tried to surprise me one time and he had to try 7 different times because I just was NOT getting the hints.


I just want it to happen!!!!!!

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I dreamed that my Fiance would propose to me at the top of a lighthouse! I never told him but had an idea that he was going to be proposing during a trip where we were going to be seeing different lighthouses, etc.  Well he 1 up’d my dream and proposed to me during a lighthouse helicopter tour! 

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