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    @Pixie26:  You’re not over analyzing! We bought a house a year ago and we had ghosts. Same kind of stuff, just weird stuff would happen all the time. I would suggest not letting it get the best of you at home, because they litterally feed off your energy. If its bothering you, you can try saying something along the lines of “this is my house. You need to leave you are not welcome here”. It probably means no harm to you, ghosts tend to just try and get your attention because they want to communicate something. We ended up having to have our house cleansed and we havent had any issues in months. Try and find a medium in your area that might be able to help you. I had really good luck with contacting a store in my area that sells smudging tools, crystals and tarot cards and asking if they knew someone who could cleanse my house. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Just dont let it get the best of you!

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    @Pixie26 Sounds like something might be going on. Can you download one of those recording apps to your phone and put it on when you and Darling Husband are in bed and see if it picks up anything? Or maybe buy a small video recording device and just let it roll downstairs when you guys are upstairs to see if you get anything?

    The mailbox disappearing is weird!

    I also agree with @FutureMrsA2014 about cleansing your house for peace of mind if you tell it to leave the house and it doesn’t…just to be safe!

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    I think there are reasonable explanations for everything. A lot of this stuff is happening late at night when you and Darling Husband are tired, so it’s entirely possible that your brains are just playing tricks on you. Especially when you’re in a half sleep/half awake state, you’re more likely to hear noises and feel things that aren’t actually there. That also happens when you’re home alone and are hyper aware of everything going on – it’s totally normal to think you hear people in your house or you hear breathing when nobody is there. The magnet thing is probably just because the magnet was weak and there was a bit of a cross-breeze. If you’ve got central heating in your house, sometimes vents have a bit of a spurt with the air, so that’s a possibility. As for the mailbox, I think that’s happened to everyone at some point. You buy something and then it’s gone for no reason at all and you never find it. It probably was either forgotten at the store or wound up in the trash if you never took it out of the bag.

    That being said, I am open to the idea of paranormal activity, but I’m not sold. If weird things keep happening, I’d consider looking into it, but I’m skeptical that anything supernatural is the root cause.

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    @Pixie26:  GAH!!!!! My biggest fear is that ‘blanket being yanked off me’ experience. I can’t even sleep with my feet exposed and have to sleep with the blankets tucked under my feet so nothing can rip it off me. You made me get chills just thinking about it! >_<

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    I am convinced that there was a ghost in the last house that Darling Husband and I lived in. Often I think people jump to conclusions and mistaken house noises for ghosts, but we literally heard voices in our home (and no, it wasn’t a radio/tv/phone or anything else). It was to the point that I once called 911 because we were convinced there were burglars in the house. The police came and searched – nothing. I don’t think it (they?) meant us any harm, but it was still terrifying!!


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    Wow I would be so freaked out. Do you know the history of the place? Does your Dad?

    I think I commented on your burglary post but I have absolutely no advice for this lol. Yikes 🙁

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    I’m a very strong believer in spirits, and have experienced friendly visits from nearly all relatives who have passed in my life time. I would reccomend getting a house blessing and – I know this sounds weird – but verbally respond to the spirit or spirits that are around. When you hear/see/feel anything, just give a verbal, acknowledgment of the presence and move on. 

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    My magnets do that sometimes. It has to do with humidity. Also, even though you don’t move the magnets, opening and closing the fridge door moves them. The random sounds are just that. Random sounds, probably imagined or something else that sounds like a voice.

    All this to say, I don’t believe in ghosts.

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    You or someone else needs to have that house blessed.

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    I’m not a huge believer in most paranormal stuff, but if you’re worried, have someone come bless the house.  If you’re christian (don’t know, so if not, sorry), this is actually a fairly common practice.  A lot of my friends, and my parents, would have the priest come bless their house when they moved somewhere new.  I’m planning on doing it when we buy; can’t hurt, after all!  


    Most likely, though, you just have an old house with drafts, creaks, and such.  I’ve been living in old houses for the last couple years and they’re downright creepy sometimes!

    ETA – you very well might have sleep talked.  DH does it sometimes and previously had no idea until I told him that he was very authoritatively speaking gibberish to me in bed haha

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    This happened at my stepmom’s old house! Come to find out that the previous owners were all into weird animal sacrifice (ALL the neighbors knew). She had the house blessed by a priest and then everything stopped and the house was fine. She eventually sold the house but the realtor asked her upon selling if “the house had spirits living in it.” Totally bizarre.

    So all that to say, I don’t think you’re being paranoid. Get a house blessing or cleansing, even if only for peace of mind. 🙂 

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    @Pixie26:  My house is definitely haunted. But it doesn’t scare me much because I never feel threatened. Things happen literally almost every day. Big things, small things, even things that happen routinely (like a certain tv turning on at the same time every day, and no alarm is set and the tv has even been switched out once before). I have taken to just simply talking to whoeverwhatever it is. I just say something like “ugh! you’re really keeping me awake and I would love to sleep. So please pipe down!”  or if it’s during the day ill say “hello, I get it, You’re here. Im here. Now can we stop that? thanks!”

    At first my family thought I was nuts, but it works. Even my son does it and then he says a quick prayer. He gets most of the activity in the house and he’s never scared either. He regularly sees things and hears things like we all do but he gets the majority of the bigger things that happen. when he was younger (like before he turned 5 or so) he would tell me weird things all the time. Like when I would find a toy out that I knew I put away I would ask him why he took it out again and he would say very calmly that “jack” really likes that toy and that it was “jack” that took it out again. Sometimes he would be by me the whole time so I had no other explanation other than the “jack” theory. He would say things like “Jack was crying because the tree is gone”. We had cut down a big tree in our yard that had been there for god only knows how long, it was absolutely massive. that stopped though when he was about 5. We rarely talk about that though because we don’t want people to think we are weirdos lol.


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