(Closed) weird txt from friend… I don't get it! Sorry a little long

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Bumble bee
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Yeah, I think wait a bit and then text him and ask what was up with the Spanish texts. I think the girlfriend sent them, too.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I would email him, not text. a) You can say more than 160 characters, and b) she’s already seen your texts, but might not see his emails.

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I didnt read everyones posts but I also vote the Girlfriend had something to do with it. I had a close male friend whos Girlfriend HATES ME. She would keep him from going to concerts and events with me because she was so jelous.  We would already be at the movies and she was txting him to come home NOW….. it was horrible.

This sounds a lot like some of the txts I have expereiced.

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Honey bee
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he texted in spanish cos he knows his Girlfriend cant understand it………he does need to grow some balls and tell his Girlfriend to find someone elses balls to hold in a vice grip!!!!


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@Nel13:  i agree its probablythe girlfriend. i had a close friend whose SO was jealous and ddidnt want him spending time with me and texted stuff like ‘leave him alone’. the kicker was my friend was gay and im a woman so im probablythe least threatening person ever

id send an email to him in a few days

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Helper bee
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It sounds like the Girlfriend might not like her guy texting and hanging out with another pretty lady all the time, which sucks for you, but some girls really are THAT inseccure. Perhaps they had a few drinks and then all the drama happend (this would explain the late text). You can text him back in the middle of the day and say ” if you’re having problems with your girl because of me, just let me know and I’ll step back. Otherwise I’m your friend and I’m here to help you if you need help with your problems. That’s what friends are for”

That really sucks, I had the very same thing happen to a good friend of mine a few years ago and unfortunately we haven’t spoken in 3 years now.

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Bumble bee
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I’d ignore it. It was sent at 11PM; it sounds like someone else was texting or someone else or him was drunk texting. Try to catch him when his gf isn’t around for an honest talk.

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Busy bee

I don’t know if this would help OP, but here goes:

I had this friend (Michael) who I met while doing my degree. He was one of three guys who would occasionally talk to my friends and I and we would all say hello to eachother in passing. We would IM eachother, talking about school, music etc but occassionally he would ask me things of a flirty nature. I’d ignore it because he had just met this girl and they were dating and because it was just too weird coming from him. Whenever he saw me online, he’d message so we could talk, if we saw eachother in school, he’d come over to talk etc. I was not interested in him whatsoever although some of his comments made it very obvious he was attracted to me, at the least..

Fast forward to after university, we would occasionally talk online and he would always be super friendly and happy to hear from me. Months pass and I rarely sign in to online messengers so we barely spoke or saw eachother around. Then last year on V’day, he calls me. I couldn’t even recognize his voice because we never spoke on the phone. We caught up for a few minutes and that was it. That night I wrote on his FB wall, telling him it was nice hearing from him. That was it, I swear. A few days later I realized I hadn’t heard from him and when I logged in to check his profile, I realized he had BLOCKED me on FB. now, I know it’s juvenile but those things really bother me. I kept thinking what I had done to offend him and I was distraught. I told one of my friends about it who knew us both and immediately, she suspected his girlfriend. It hadn’t even crossed my mind but it made complete sense. He was really happy to be with her and he was basically whipped – he’d do anything she wanted. I called him and he never took my calls. I called from a different phone and when he answered and realized it was me, he basically said I’ll call you back and hung up on me. I saw him three times after that – once in a store where he walked out upon seeing me, another time in a bus where he ignored me when I waved and finally in church, where he just walked by me. It was SOOOOO hurtful and it still stings but I realized that clearly she was insecure and had control issues and that he was foolish for indulging them.

Anyway, I said all that to point out just how crazy and outlandish some gf’s can be and how far some p**** whipped guys can go to please them. Don’t fret over it. It really isn’t your fault in any way, shape or form. 🙂

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Helper bee

@echolove:  Just let it slide. My bestie invents a girlfriend each time I’m single (yeah, I know it’s weird) and even I was slightly annoyed but what’s the point of confrontation? As a friend we should probably understand and respect their wishes, even if they come in odd packages.

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Bee Keeper

I think your friendship was causing a rift in his relationship. Either he sent that message because of a fight with his gf, or she sent it to you herself.

I’m sorry, but I’m sure you would agree that relationships have to come before friendships in situations like these. Maybe later she will not perceive your friendship as a threat, or she will be out of his life. For now, be a good friend by being patient and accepting. You could send a follow-up email just to be sure (email rather than text just in case it was the gf and he doesn’t know about it) but be undestanding…. he has to put her feelings first. Wait for him to contact you.


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