Weirdest signs he was going to propose?

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Sugar bee
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My husband only sent me one or two texts the day he proposed, so I was actually kind of irritated with him. Turns out he was busy preparing the proposal. Leading up to the actual day though (like the week or so before) he was extra lovey which is out of character somewhat. He usually isn’t big on verbal affirmations of love, so when he kept telling me how much he loved me, I got a little suspicious that something was up. 

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Helper bee
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I might be posting prematurely, but I am almost 99% sure my SO will be proposing to me next week on our trip to Italy. We’ve been together for just under 4 years. I’m turning 26, and he’s turning 31, and we’ve picked out the ring. 

My signs so far – about a month ago he was super quiet for about a week. I thought that was weird, and at first I was worried something was up with him like work or something (I never thought anything bad, just maybe too stressed or something). He’s gotten back to ‘normal’ since then, but he guards his phone like an Alcatraz prison guard. He is obsessed with wedding talk (looks up funny wedding photos on the Chive, which is new for him – before he’d just browse random things on there but never bring that up with me/make a point to share with me). When a ring commercial came on the TV last week he could not peel his eyes away from it – he kept talking like nothing was going on but his eyes never left the TV. Obviously I was watching him like a hawk but I never brought it up. He’s also obsessed with the song “Greatest Love Story” by LANCO. He used to hate it when I put on mushy country type songs. Now he can’t get enough of that specific song.

The phone thing makes me the most suspicious though. We have each others’ passwords, and it’s never been a big deal. On our trip he also made sure to plan the part of our trip when we’re in Venice, and I got to plan Rome. He loves to plan and usually takes care of planning any trip we go on, but he basically told me we could do whatever I wanted in Rome as long as he got to plan Venice. That was weird, too. 

Other family signs that make me think his behavior is because of an imminent proposal – my mom sent me a text saying to make sure I get my nails done (she tried her hardest to make it subtle, but bless her heart it’s very uncharacteristic of her to tell me to get a manicure), and my dad (i’m the youngest daughter) calls me just to say hi and check up on things when he normally just sends an “all good?” text. 

Like PP said above, he has been super extra lovey lately. Just last night I was just about to fall asleep, and when he got up to go get water he kissed me on my forehead. He never does that when I fall asleep – usually only if he gets up before I do in the morning (which is rare in and of itself). I guess this could be a little premature, but this post is literally what i’m living right now and I really hope that it’s because something might happen next week!

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Helper bee
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Becoming very evasive about taking about the future. Getting tetchy with me (he actually ended up postponing the proposal by a day as we were bickering so much on the day he’d planned to. Ended up getting engaged in my pyjamas!)

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Busy bee
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I knew that my Fiance was going to propose soon because of the time frame we had discussed, I just didn’t know when specifically.  One weekend we were out together and it was cold and rainy the entire time and when I mentioned how much the weather sucked he said “you have no idea.”  And then complained about the weather a few more times.  When I went home I told my sister “I think he was planning on proposing because he was being really weird about the weather” lol.  Turns out he had planned to propose that weekend outside in a beautiful vineyard, but had to postpone it.

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Busy bee
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We had been together about 14 years. I had gotten to the point where I was over being bitter and annoyed about not being engaged and I had started to for myself to NOT think about it and if I did I quickly shut it down. Expecting it would often ruin a night or trip so I just forced myself to stop.

Prior to the trip his mom kept reminding me to get my nails done. I had stopped getting my nails done before trips becasue I’d get upset when the proposal didnt happen. 

I had planned a week-long trip for his birthday in Vegas. It is NOT unlike him to set a side a day for a lil surprise for me so when he asked I not plan something on a day I wasnt too shocked. 

Turned out he had planned a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, a place I have always wanted to go. While we were waiting to get on the helicopter he needed to use the wash room and I offered to hold his backpack, but he clutched to it like I was asking for his only child.. it was kinda weird but I shrugged it off. 

I had actually been a little snotty with him the day before..oops lol 

Mid-Way through the flight, he says “Pilot can you tell my girlfriend the next part of the trip" and for some toally unknown reason when he said Girlfriend my heart skipped a beat. It was so weird. 

After we landed IN the Grand Canyon I was just so happy and so amazing. I was wandering around on my own while he was off taking photos (or so I thought but he was actually talking to the pilot). And in my head I thoguht “Man if he was ever going to ask me, NOW would be perfect" and then promptly forced myself to forget it and move on. 

I had bought him a brand new fancy pancy camera for his Birthday, so it didnt seem weird when he wanted to take photos. He had also put on a speaker with some of our fav music and honestly I hadnt even noticed it haha. 

I was stuffing my face with a mimosa and danish when he asked to take photos since the pilot was free, I chocked down my food and drink and said “Ok, lets do this" (which is not something I usually say lol).

We were “taking photos" and I notice he is crying, I was so confused and turn to him to see if he was ok and then BAM he is on his knee. 

So, I think I DID have an idea it was coming, but I just kept forcing myself to not think about it lol.

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Helper bee
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shanmia :  This sounds like how my boyfriend has been acting ever since he first mentioned we should talk about engagement rings. He isn’t terribly evasive about the future, but if he sees me looking at rings online he freaks out and says in a semi-panicked voice that he thinks I’m going to change my mind about what ring I want. I’ve had to force myself to stop looking at rings just so he doesn’t panic anymore.

For the record, he knows metal preferences, ring size, what kind of stone, and has a list of 14 ring settings I like. So despite my insistence that we choose together, there is a chance he picked something and bought it already.

I don’t know for sure that he’s going to propose, like, at all in the next six months – despite the fact that he talked to my dad – but for a while he was super loving, he keeps randomly looking back at me and just staring with a weird look on his face, and we have this biiiiig vacation coming up and for the first time he’s actually been telling me just how excited he is for the trip. There’s a lot of sentimental value on this trip because we’ll be on the cruise ship we took our first vacation on and staying in the cabin we stayed in on that trip.

He won’t communicate about his intentions, though, which is annoying. Normally he’d give some sort of excuse for why he won’t do something but last time I tried to prompt him to do something he just rolled his eyes and was like “yeah, I know you want a ring.”

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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He got down on one knee but his shoes were both tied. Totally weird.

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I don’t know how weird the signs were. However, he had been evasive about running errands. He usually gives me an idea of what he is up to when he’s gone for periods of time, but he didn’t say what he was up to. It turns out that he was looking at rings. 

In some ways he was as being pretty obvious saying things like “I’m getting you something really special,” and “I think you’re really going to like what I got you.” I was really, really hoping it was an e-ring, but not positive. 

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Helper bee
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whoisit :  Maybe a month or so before? I felt confused because we’d spoken about marriage before and had both been clear about wanting to be together long term.

The proposal actually came while I was having a go at him for the evasiveness. He were on holiday and was talking about planning the next holiday. I asked why we could plan for a holiday but not discuss marriage or children. He excused himself to “get milk” for the coffee he’d made himself, came back, took a ring out and tried and failed to speak twice, and then proposed – and I burst into tears.

We had only discussed marriage in general – no ring shopping together or “I’ll propose this year” etc which I seem to see a lot on here! Not everyone’s ideal for a proposal I guess but for me, was such a funny and lovely moment – so very us!

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Helper bee
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Being very evasive about the future. For example, I wanted to plan a big vacation for this year because we didn’t take any vacations last year. And he was being weirdly un-excited and non-comittal about it. Makes sense now! He didn’t want to spend all that money when we had such a large expense coming up.

Not necessarily a sign of proposal, but a weird coincidence. FH proposed Christmas morning and had been planning to do so. He got sick on Christmas Eve and I was being a real diva about it. I was upset beacuse we planned to spend Eve with my family and Day with his, but because he was sick, he wouldn’t be seeing my family. He kept assuring me it was fine, but I didn’t see how. Turns out he had planned to see both families on Day the whole time. I was a real brat and then felt doubly guilty the next day when he proposed (fresh off a 24 hour flu) Oops!

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Bumble bee
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For a couple weeks before he proposed Darling Husband kept telling me he had to meet my dad for “business advice.” My dad kept moving these meetings and it was really stressing Darling Husband out. I thought this was so weird cause he’s never asked him for business advice before, but then found out that he was asking him for his blessing ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Not a sign of proposal but just a weird thing he did – on the day he proposed, Darling Husband was doing all sorts of weird things. Halfway through our day he starts going off about how he has this huge craving for grapes. Says we have to go to the store RIGHT NOW to get some grapes. Ok…so we go to the store and get grapes. He comes home, washes the grapes, puts them in a Tupperware, and doesn’t eat any. Little did I know he was planning a surprise picnic for after the proposal and had forgotten to buy grapes for it ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Sugar bee

We were going to Mexico on a trip with my family, and for the week or two leading up to it he was a MESS. He was completely frantic but kept saying he was just nervous about travelling (and it was a very simple trip)

Then the night before we were leaving town he went out with his friends and I couldn’t go. He called around 9:30 saying he’d be home in an hour, but he still wasn’t home when I went to bed around 12:30 and didn’t answer his texts. It’s REALLY unlike him and it’s specific pet peave of mine so I was pretty pissed. 

I confronted him about it in the morning and he put his head in his hands and started to cry, which kind of freaked me out. He said something along the lines of ‘what if i’m not good enough for you?’ and I was like, ‘dude calm down, all you have to do is send me a text message when you’re going to be late – it’s not complicated’ 

When he proposed in Mexico he explained he’d just been nervous about proposing. Which was pretty funny because A) he was more eager to get engaged than I was and B) He knew I’d say yes because he’d been repeatedly asking me “You’re going to marry me right?” for like 6 months.

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Busy bee
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My mom was actually the one driving me nuts the day of the proposal! She kept insisting I get dressed way early for Christmas Eve dinner – then rushed me while I was doing my hair and makeup. It turns out that my fiancé had a whole proposal planned before dinner, and I had no idea. He kept it so cool and collected – sometimes it sucks being with a police officer. He never ever gets flustered and I always get flustered. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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