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Busy bee

Ugh, our American Eskimo crawled under the back porch and was munching on a decomposing deer head (dragged there by our good friend Mr. Possum). It was covered in maggots and was the most disgusting green color. I shudder thinking about why he thought it was a tasty treat. Blech.

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Blushing bee
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Oh, my puppy…dear dear puppy. This is sort of embarrassing. But if I leave any underwear on the floor (or within reach of him) he eats JUST the crotch region of the underwear.

Eye plugs and Socks are other favorites as well.

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Busy bee

Insulation of the house and an entire can of RAID. She’s has a steal stomach apparently. I’m guessing most of the RAID leaked out onto the grass since there was a dead spot for 4 months, but still she ate some.

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Buzzing bee
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My dogs never have really eaten anything weird! *knock on wood* My mom’s chihuahua loves to eat tampons and pads though.

I did see on Animal Planet the other day where a guy’s snake ate a queen sized electric blanket– cord and all!

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Buzzing bee
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Jetty ate the legs off two Wubba’s. He was pooping stuffing for a week :oP



As you can see, he loved the bunny especially. Enough to eat him!


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Our cat likes cables and wire. In the three months we’ve had him, we’ve lost our xbox headset, two pairs of headphones, two phone chargers, two of my husband’s guitar cables and an ipod USB cord. 



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Bumble bee

hands down – ant traps! the little black plastic ones where the ants crawl in and get the poison and take it back to the colony. she ate two boxes. after i was done freaking out and talked to the vet and learned she’d be fine, i couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness!

the aftermath!

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Worker bee

My pup ate an ACE bandage.  Like, a very long one…ew.  Also, socks, including my fave Beauty and the Beast pair.  

I was having my lady-time the first time I visited my SO’s parents’ house and I spent the whole visit afraid that one of his three dogs would drag tampon refuse into the foyer.  Luckily nothing happened.  What a lovely hello to the new girlfriend that would’ve been….  

@PinkSparkleGrl: My dog does the crotch-nomming thing too…lost some of my fave panties to that beast

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Honey bee
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My cat loves to eat Doritos, Goldfish crackers, basically anything cheesy but she won’t eat real cheese haha. She also won’t eat meat, she loves veggies though! She’s known to eat her fair share of tinsel too! 😉

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Worker bee
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FancyPants, that’s EXACTLY what happened to my pup 2 weeks ago!!  He had TWO complete blockages in his intestines and had to get surgery!  He’s still recovering from it now.  🙁  We’re still not sure what caused it, but we’re thinking a combination of beach towel/paper towel.

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Love this! What cute stories.

Not my dog but my housemate’s. I was letting the shi-tzu chew on a lambchop bone but instead, the little critter grabbed the whole thing and swallowed it whole! I paniked and planned to tell my housemate that night and promise to pay the vet bills.

So when the housemate came home that night, I started with “I had lambchops and Zeekie was watching…” then she cut into the conversation and said how last week she was also eating lambchops and he grabbed two off her plate and swallowed it, meat and bone and everything! Then she just laughed and said she hopes it goes through the other end. I was so shocked…one chop bone is double the size of the dog’s head!

I stayed very very quiet after that. Sealed

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Busy bee
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Not my dog, but I used to work at a dog boarding facility and we had a Great Dane who would stay the weekend pretty frequently and every time it was a new thing. An entire pizza, baby bottles, a box of soap, mom’s flip flops, babies’ onsies…I could go on and on.

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Helper bee
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Mine has pooped like 6 condoms. I know, gross. Sorry! If I leave the bathroom door open she will get into the trash can. She loves toilet paper (never dirty though, I dont throw paper in the trash) and condoms. Why? I don’t know….she’s nasty.

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Blushing bee
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As a pup, my weimaraner ate SO much soil (mixed with chicken poop) at our friend’s house- they had just moved their chicken coop. She was vomiting/pooping mud for a couple of days!

She recently ate a mango pip (not sure how on earth that is supposed to come out the other end!) & a bird, and also has a strange fetish for cat poop.

So gross.

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Sugar bee

My dog has eaten my couch, my very expensive wallet, my jacket, an entire loaf of bread off the counter, and several remote controls.

But still doesn’t beat my MIL’s dog– he ate a door.

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