(Closed) Well I guess I won't be trying on dresses for a while….

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@Irish-bride:  EEEKKK!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! totally happy for you!!! Best of luck!Laughing

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good luck!

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Congrats! I had a feeling I could be pregnant pretty early on myself… I had implantation cramping, a crazy sense of smell, and a 3-day headache. No sore boobs though! I had a faint positive when I was 3w1d – 8 days after ovulation.

Your Fiance sounds like a wonderful guy – glad he is being so supportive!

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Congratulations!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@mixtapehearts:  you said…

@This Time Round: Actually no you can not be pregnant 3 weeks before your period. It doesn’t matter if you ovulate around your period or not, you are not pregnant or feeling symptoms 3 weeks before your missed period. You do not get your ” period ” when you are pregnant. Can you spot and mistake it for your period? Sure, but no it is not a period.

I hear what you are saying… but it is truly a matter of sematics.

As Irish-bride  said…

By the way the last period lasted three days it’s normally 4-5. It did feel like a normal period though

— — —

Look up Decidual Bleeding.  It is a loss of part of the uterine lining, which echoes the same event that happens when one has a period (loss of all of the uterine lining).  It presents itself more like a period than just spotting… can be clotty, goes on for several days, etc.  And often comes at the same interval as one’s regular periods (hence the confusion for the woman).  It can also, go on for several months in some cases.

I personally had a Girlfriend who had this happen to her for 4 months… she therefore didn’t know she was actually pregnant until about the half-way point in her pregnancy

I gave out that info in this topic BECAUSE there is a lot of women who don’t know these things.

Just like women assume that everyone ovulates at the same time every month… THEY DON’T, even as individuals we don’t always ovulate at the same time.  So YES people can and do get pregnant during or immediately after a regular period as well (lol, lots of women have found themselves pregnant because of that myth)

Just saying that … Female Reproduction is extremely complicated, there is no… one size fits all… easy peasy answer to everything


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I have read and stalked this site for a while but I never comment or post for this exact reason…so many people on here know everything and are always right. This is what is wrong In today’s society. First off who In the hell does anyone think they are for criticizing about free healthcare. I guarantee everyone at some point in there life has taken something for free ..guess what that free sample cookie at the mall cost ingredients to make,trucks to ship them in and paid workers to stand there and hand them to you so I guess technically they aren’t free either. And unless you have a PhD in OB you have no ground to say whether or not she could be pregnant. You actually start symptoms immediately upon fertilization and implantation because your body is doing something different out of the norm. You can tell you need to sneeze before you ever actually sneeze . I have an 18 yr old and 13 yr old and both times had a period for 2 months into the pregnancy. In both cases the Drs had to adjust my due date after the ultrasounds showed baby was further than should be based on last missed period. I also have a very good friend that had a normal period until she was 8 months and never knew she was pregnant because she had an inverted uterus was very active and health craze so she didn’t gain much weight. Everyone needs to take a look in the mirror and stop being so judgmental and bossy. After 13 yrs I’m now TTC again and the world we live in,lack of morals,insensitivity of people is one of the things that worries me most about raising another kid in today’s society. The old saying needs to still ring true, if u have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. To the op… All will work out, if you are congratulations and if your not than its a good thing you are going to the clinic to see what’s wrong. Either way I wish you much love and happiness..pregnant or not NO ONE knows your body like you do even if they went to medical school for yrs and you know something is off for some reason this month. I hope it is for a beautiful baby your fiance sounds like an amazing man and I wish yall the best

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Wow! Congrats on your pregnancy! I bet you’re further along than you think too ๐Ÿ™‚ Likely your period was implantation. You might have gotten og on your last cycle and not this one (at least that would be my guess!)

Good luck and I hope you have a healthy 9 months! Make sure you keep us all updated as you go along ๐Ÿ™‚

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@This Time Round:  That’s the thing, I don’t need to ” look up ” anything because I’m aware. It does sound like that type of bleeding or implantation bleeding is the case for the OP. It bothers me when people spread misinformation because then people take that misinformation to heart. I may not be 50 years old, but this is a situation that I am well versed in and I’m sorry but if I see misinformation I will point it out. It’s not about being right, it is about having the correct information out there.


OP- Congratulations! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you.

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Guys, enough. 


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@Irish-bride:   Congrats! Those are happy tears right?

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@Irish-bride:  Congratulations!

I didn’t mean to argue or offend anyone; I’m very sorry! I’m jaded because I work in a clinic that serves those on government funded healthcare (Medicare, Medi-Cal, etc) and we see people abuse the system…all…day….long – billions of wasted dollars for people that don’t need to be seen =( I just don’t think it hurts to take a HPT first, but hey it worked out for the OP in the end and that’s all that matters =)

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