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Running! It does GREAT things for your core/belly. And you’ll burn so many calories, you barely have to watch what you eat (which is ideal for someone who no longer has any time to eat between 5am and 8pm, and just has to grab whatever is sitting on the counter)!

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Eating clean (avoiding processed foods) and lots of cardio (i.e. running)

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@HermommyHiswife:  If you are a beginner work-out-wise, I highly recommend doing intervals where you alternate jogging with power walking. Take your iPod/iPhone/whatever you have that plays music, put on your best workout music album or playlist and power walk for a song then jog/run for a song. Keep alternating for about 30 minutes (or more if you are up for it). Intervals are awesome b/c 1) you don’t tire out quickly hence are not hating working out/running/etc., 2) you are balancing fat burn and muscle toning (you don’t want to tone muscle before you burn fat or you will look bigger – had this problem in my early 20s), and 3) b/c of the balancing of fat burning/muscle toning, you will see results quicker. Plus it’s a good gateway to full-on running (once you are more toned up and motivated).

As for food, I read somewhere that if you want to lose weight, it’s 80% proper nutrition/20% fitness. Hence the easiest way to change your eating habits is to eliminate processed food like a PP stated above. The next step (harder for a lot of people!) is to cut down on sugar. Sugar takes forever to digest and it causes your levels to rollercoaster. This makes you hungry faster and crave everything. When I eliminate sugar, the first couple days are hell, but eventually a lot of my cravings go away. If I DO crave something, I just picture sugar rotting away in my intestines (gross picture, but that IS essentially what sugar does in your system), and it turns me off really quickly.

I hope that helps!

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@HermommyHiswife:  Where do you live? Could you put your Dear Daughter in a stroller and jog around your neighborhood? Otherwise for your cardio you could jump rope, do jumping jacks, body weight squats, walking lunges, etc. I do echo the running part though. I am down 17.5 lbs in just 6 weeks from 50 mins of cardio 4 times a week and 2 days of strength training.

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try looking up Zumba videos/fitness dance videos on YouTube and do that in your home. I think it’s fun. Also the fitness pal app! I am a stay at home mom in a cold climate too. 

Eta: I also walked the mall when little lady still tolerated a stroller ๐Ÿ™‚

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Weight loss is mostly diet. Exercise lifts your mood, keeps you busy, and can raise your resting metabolic rate as you convert fat to muscle, but if you don’t change your eating habits, it will take much, much longer to lose weight.

For me what works is not keeping any kind of junk food in the house – no chips, no cookies, no ice cream, no croissants… I know that I have no willpower, esp late in the day when I’m tired, and I will eat it if it’s here. I used to get some pushback and whining from Fiance about not having junk in the house, but he adjusted (it helped that he saw his own weight drop).

Running is great for some, but it’s not for everybody. For inside exercise, something like Core Fusion is great. It’s a tough workout, very strength-oriented, and will change the shape of your body if you do it religiously. I believe they have DVDs as well as online streamed classes.

I’m a yoga teacher but yoga isn’t all that great for weight loss, unless you do something like power or bikram, which aren’t really feasible at home. 

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Well I’ve had two little girls and I understand the frustration of gaining weight.  But honestly 20  lbs is not BAD at all!!! Don’t think about it has having to lose weight, rather than wanting to tone up and get healthy. Unfortunately most people just look at the scale number and get discouraged, when actuality a number is just a number. It really does not dictate how you could feel and how you can look.  


I do not usually share this much, but before I had my two daughters I weighed about 115-120, and after having two kids I around 155-160 (and tbh I tried everything to get back down and it just does not work…oh well), BUT I can honestly say (as could my fiance, family, and friends) that I do not LOOK like a 155-160. (I should also state, though, that I am 5’8″)


BUT to tone up and stay healthy I would suggest just doing little things for yourself.  Eat a bit healthier (don’t stock up on sweets and chips, and eat smaller portions). Don’t stave yourself, and give in to your cravings every now and then, it’s not a big deal ๐Ÿ™‚  I would also suggest going on walks with your daughter (I love doing that with kids, especiall buying season passes somewhere and walking around with them for a couple hours/miles).  I would look into Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred (very similiar to insanity, but less intensity and requires less time).  I love JM and everyday I tell myself: “It’s only 20 minutes, I can DO 20 minutes).  While watching tv I will do sit ups, jumping jacks, pushups etc randomly throughout the day).


Just take it one day at a time and don’t think about your number, but imagine feeling better and more healthy! You can do it!!!

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Do the Insanity workouts! It’s a 60 day program and I won’t pretend that it isn’t hard. It will kick your a$$ but you will feel so good after doing it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s perfect because you can do it at home at your own convenience, which sounds like it would work for you.

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@HermommyHiswife:  for tonning I can give you 3 easy tips.

Abs. Breath in…breath out Hold your ribs as tight as you can and sink your belly button all the way like if you wanted it to come out on the other side.

Easy day longs Abs.

Arms. if you have weights try a 8 minute arm workout from youtube. Do it while you watch tv. or what ever. WHen ever you have time try it 3 times a day.

As for a diet I dont know if you are still nursing but the easiest way at least for me is a Smoothie chocolate slim fast half a spoon with Non fat milk. Half a banana and berries ( all frozen ) this will make it thick and Yummy. And trust me you wont be hungry because it has all the nutrients. If you dont like it you can have eggs as long as you also have veggies. or fruits with it at least 3 servings. No juice though.

For lunch just have whatever you want but make sure you have 3 servings of veggies ( cheap frozen ones will do the work except for corn) I am serious 3 cups.

For snacks have apples always apples!!!!!! Many many many many apples. And diet Jello. 

And for dinner have a bowl of your favorite cereal!!!

And have a glass of water every hour!!!!

Just trust me!!!!!

I am a hard core dieter!!!! 

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@bbfyso:  just flagging this so i can find it again later!

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Women’s Health Magazine has a TON of great fat-burning yoga-type workouts (for free!) on their website. I printed several off and put in a binder to keep my routines mixed up and to keep from getting bored. They were all easy enough to do at home, and most required nothing but space to do them (if you have room to sit on the floor, that was enough space … Nothing fancy required). A few of them are enhanced by using either a workout ball and/or hand-held 3 lb weights, but most are just you & your body. I did a workout every day (maybe 30 mins) then did 2-3mile walks 3 times a week, and lost 25lbs in like 2 months, toned up very nicely, all while eliminating where possible my sugar intake and practiced meal/portion control. It’s hard to do at first, then just becomes a good habit. 


Good luck!

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