(Closed) Well thanks for making me feel fat VS!

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@Little_Hedgy:  i had a breast reduction in 2008 and previous to that I was also a 32F. nothing at VS fit and i avoided the store at all costs.  if i had to go in with a friend, i would be very clear to the salespeople that their stuff would not fit me no matter what they did. and i wouldn’t even go to the fitting room to be measured.

 i remember bathing suit shopping on every occassion and explaining my problem and what i needed.  the girls would be like try this.  when i would tell them it wouldn’t work, they wouldn’t believe me and give me what they thought would work saying they understood my problem.  so i would say, ok, i’ll try this on for you.  they would then gasp in horror at how large my chest was and no, this wasn’t going to work.

fast forward to 2008, breast reduction.  doctor promised me a C cup but I kept measuring a D cup.  and believe me, i went to VS after 6 months and 9 months waiting for the swelling to go all down (yes it does take that long).  finally almost one year later, i happened to pass by a VS and went in just to get measured.  a 32C finally, i practically hugged the sales girl and said i had been waiting 28 years to year that. 

ETA: i do like the VS push up bras (who would have thought) but now that i can buy that $15 bra from Kohls and not spend a fortune on custom bras, i don’t need to spend $75+ at VS








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The only thing I go to VS for is their body butters.  The quality of their bras and underwear is crap and they seem market to the 16 – 25 crowd. They went from a store being marketed to men (to buy for their wives), to adult women and now to teenagers. I don’t have a problem with it but with every major marketing strategy, their quality goes down a little more but the prices remain the same.   



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@Little_Hedgy:  I love your story and OMG I CAN TOTALLY RELATE. I’ve been in/around the store 3 times in my life and every time the stories are insane.


The first time, I was 17 or 18 and had no backbone. I was going to go in but the greeter looked me up and down, sneered and said “we don’t have anything in here for YOU“. Man, if I was the woman I was today, I would not have walked away near-tears. Bitch would have had a black eye and no job.

The second time I went in I was looking at what they had and I kept getting dirty looks from everyone. Not much to share there.

The third time I went with a friend and a sales lady came up to me and asked if she could help with anything. I thanked her but said they don’t have anything my size. She asked what I was and I told her “trust me, you don’t have my size.” She pushed, I told her, 38H. Her eyes practically popped out of her head and she said “WOW! I didn’t know they made them that big!”


Ah VS…go screw yourself.

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@CARA1978:  I could not agree more!!! Their stuff is absolute crap and it sickens me to think the age group they are marketing too will only go lower.

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That’s ridiculous. Sorry you had to deal with that! So awkward.








I was fitted and told I was a 32DD (though my boobs still half-spill out of a DD, so who knows if that’s right), but before that I had been told I was a 36C. I don’t even understand.



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VS doesn’t cater to “real” women…they don’t get my business. I do love Soma, though…

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@MrsFutureG:  “She pushed, I told her, 38H. Her eyes practically popped out of her head and she said “WOW! I didn’t know they made them that big!””

Wow! Does she not have a filter?

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@Little_Hedgy:  Ugh, VS. I can’t wear their shit. They CANNOT size me. Just out of curiousity, where DO you get your boobie holders? I lost ~60 lbs and mine are…um…not perky anymore <_< I can’t find ANYWHERE that can fit me right, give them shape AND not spill out the sides. It’s a travesty.

In other news, I would have given her the death stare. If it helps, there’s this one girl in my office that is some kind of negative size (I swear to you, I think size 0 is too big for her). I don’t know if she actually eats food..every time I lose a pound or two and come in feeling excellent about myself she walks by me in the hallway and I feel like a whale. *sigh*

Being a girl totally blows sometimes. XD

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Ha. This sounds like what happened when I was shopping with my friend last week, I have the same issue, I’m a 34F, we don’t have VS here, but the store only carries up to a DD for cups. I was looking at some bras with my friend and said “I wonder if these might actually fit my boobs” and the perky little thing working comes over “OH well we go up to a 38DD if that doesn’t fit we have extenders!” I was beyond offended. I nearly told her off. Thanks dear, but I was talking about my actual boobs, not my back fat.

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@Little_Hedgy:  As a small boobed lady, let me tell you: I friggin HATE VS. I dont want to be approached and talked to about my boobs. I know them pretty well, thank you/ They’ve been attached to my body for 26+ years. Nor do I liked being spritzed feverishly with 10 different perfumes and cheap body spray so that I now smell like – to steal a line from Mean Girls – a baby prostitute. 

There’s being helpful and entergetic, and then there’s being f*cking annoying. 

By the way, I did the same “send the salesgirl on a mission and then run out of the store half naked just to get away from her” move at White House Black Market the other week. If that chick brought me one more slinky, slutty, cut-up-to-there dress, I was going to scream. Apparently that is what says “I want to look classy” to her. 

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@Little_Hedgy:  Yeah, they’re the worst! I have the opposite problem. VS doesn’t cater to the teeny tiny club either. I properly fit a 32A, and none of their pretty/sexy bras come in that size. “NO, a 34A will be too big! I can tell just by looking at it!” Grrrr. “No, I will not try it on.”

They do have the odd cotton bra in my size, but they’re both ugly and shaped weird. Also one of them is definitely not sized correctly- I was swimming in one labeled 32A. The size shouldn’t be THAT MUCH off of what I know is my correct size.

You’re not fat. They just have only the middle sizes. Bastards! I shall be indignant with you.

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I don’t go into that store for the same reason.

When people suggest VS to me as a place to buy bras, I laugh in their faces.
Hahaha! You fools! Your puny bras are no match for me!

When friends drag me in there during a rare shopping trip, I get really prickly and defensive. Associates don’t approach me because I exude an aura of “get away from me.”

I am a joy to shop with, By The Way. 😛

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I’m a 32 C, and a stupid VS saleswoman suggested my SO buy me a $60 34 D mega pushup bra. The thing looked ridiculous on me. I didn’t even bother returning it bc their store is over an hour from where I live. I eventually gave the bra to a friend. Oh, and I told SO not to buy me anymore bras.

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I don’t think this will really make you feel better but I feel your pain.

I’m a 30D and I swear it’s the size on the highstreet that just does not exist.

Everywhere I go I ask and everyone I ask insist’s I must be a 32. No. It’s a 30, I know because I took some idiots advice, brought a 32 and low and behold it doesnt fit. Oh you must be a 32C then!! Sometimes I swear I feel like putting one on, ripping up my top and saying “Does it look like I’m a 32C to you” as my flesh is spilling out of the cups. Honestly!!

I also hate when people say ‘Oh you can’t be a D, your so skinny, have you gotton measured?’ Gahhhhhhh!!

I have to spend a small fortune on bra’s because the only stores that understand are the ones that specialize in D cups and up. 

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I used to work at VS and I hated how they expected us to bug customers. When I go into a store, I like to do my own thing, and if I need help, I’ll ask for it! I wanted to just let customers come to me, but unfortunately we were expected to talk to everyone. I definitely preferred being on the register so I only had to help people when they needed it….when they were actually making a purchase!

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