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I’m on bc pills and will definitely be skipping my period if it happens to show up then! You just keep taking the active pills (don’t take the white “sugar” pills). But make SURE you talk to your doctor first! ***

***You can only skip your period if you’re on monophase pills (monophase pills= each pill in your pack has the same amount of hormones in them). If you’re taking a multi phase pill such as Ortho-TriCylcen you should NOT do this, because each week has a different level of hormones and if you skip your period and start taking a new pack, it messes up the hormone cycle and you risk getting pregnant. So unless you want a honeymoon baby…probably not a good idea! So definitely check with your doctor first!

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I was talking to one of my bridesmaids this morning and realized that I, too, scheduled my wedding/honeymoon around my cycle.  Kinda blows because my face breaks out.  I dunno what I was thinking. And I’m not on BC either…maybe I should start them so I can try and manipulate some thangs.

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@bridetacular – I did the same thing!  So I basically did what hotchildinthecity suggested.  Instead of starting the “sugar” pills, I just started a new pack. I had no problems, everything worked out great!  And I was a little concerned that my next period would be a pain, but it def wasn’t.  Hope it works out for you!

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I was going to say the same thing as hotchildinthecity! If you are on BC, mess with your pills to change your period week! You could even do it now so that you are on a regular schedule by the time of your wedding and honeymoon.

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ok, I had this situation too. Word of Caution about Attempting to Skip Periods:

Skipping the placebo to skip your period does not work for all women. As noted above, yes you have to be on monophasic birth control. But even then, something like 20% of women will not respond well to taking continuous pills. I tried it (several months before the wedding thankfully!) and had a continous period for a full month – ugh!! I was worried that something was wrong but when I investigated, I found that 20% statistic – cited from the people who make Seasonale, because it just won’t work for everyone… not that they tell you that in the ads! 

So if you want to try this, definitely test it first, way before your wedding. If this method doesn’t work for you, you can try what I did: I basically skipped one regular (non-placebo) pill each month for about 4 months up to my wedding, which moved my cycle up 4 days total – enough to get my period out of the way before the wedding, without messing with my body. Worked out quite well for me!

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I scheduled mine around my monthly fun time, so my body decided to move it up by two weeks.  You really can’t plan around it, your body will do what it wants.  I wouldn’t worry about it until you get closer.  It may move around on you!

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I generally run like clock work. So I set my date, told my mom and the first thing she asked was when do I get my period. Well that day! BAH! So I called up my venue and switched the day a week before. So I should be golden on my day! Thanks MOM for being so freaking smart!

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With all the stress of everything it most likely will be off.  I’ve heard this is the case for most brides who try to schedule around it.  I’m the same way, I feel like no matter what I do, it will be unpredictable.

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Great topic! Mine is the same way! I’m supposed to have my lovely week during the week of our wedding… Bleh.

What I’m planning on doing is taking the first 2 weeks of pills, then having my period, then starting up another new month. Does that make sense? So you’d have a period, 2 great weeks, another lovely period and then on your normal schedule with pills. You can do that as many times as you want. If you skip the white pills, there’s a chance that you could have breakthrough bleeding, because your body is expecting your period.

@lilac04, I had a similar problem, so I’m going to start doing this instead.

I would plan on doing this at least 4 months in advance. (So your body adjusts to it). I’m starting mine next month and we’re getting married in July.

I hope this helps! Good luck!


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tigerivy and lilac04:

I’m no doc, and I don’t mean any offense (promise!), but I think I’ll go with what the two separate gynos have told me over the years – which was I was good to go on skipping while on triphasic – and watch out for breakthrough bleeding. I’ve been on the same pill for years, and did the same thing two March’s ago when I went to Vegas.

Maybe they are both wrong? Who knows.. . . wouldn’t be the first time a doc gave me bad advice, quite honestly. This just gives credence to giving a quick call to your doc and asking them!

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