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@Sassyfras27:  LOL, oh no!! That is embarrasing! Hopefully it’s something you can both just chuckle off though!?

Actually, on Friday, (4 days into my SIU pact) I was showing my SO a video on youtube. I havent told him about this website yet, because I’m too busy shutting it up and can’t very well dsicuss this wedding website I’m on!

Anyway, in the middle of the video, I got an email from wedding bee (which paused the youtube video we were watching) and the email notification popped up at the top of the phone screen and read “Weddingbee Boards- The Shut it Up Pact” UGH! I could have died. He didn’t say anything though and didn’t act like it even fazed him (bless his heart)

Still, I melted a bit on the inside.

Let us know if your SO says anything!! lol, it could have been worse…right?

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Haha I keep getting those too! And I am a member on the knot as well! 

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Back when I was waiting if I used SO’s laptop to go on the Bee or anything wedding related there would then be engagement ring ads popping up later that he called me out on. Oops!!

We also have a joint Netflix account so he would always know when I watched a Bridezillas or My Fair Wedding marathon when he wasn’t home- since they would send him the emails asking to rate the programs. Oops again!

Now that we’re engaged, there’s always baby stuff popping up on the laptop now 🙂

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@Sassyfras27:  That is embarassing! Hopefully he didn’t notice (men can be so oblivious) or he just laughs it off. If you just don’t make a big deal out of it, he probably won’t either. If he does say something, I would just say, “Huh, junk!” and throw it away. Then fish it out later when he isn’t looking…bahaha!

I have a kind of embarassing story, future-related but not specifically wedding-related. I’ve had baby fever for a while now, and was googling “TTC before marriage” to see what people thought about doing things backwards. SO borrowed my laptop and asked, “What’s TTC?” And I had to explain it to him. Luckily he thought it was cute, not weird!


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@Sassyfras27:  hahaha, my computer is filled with brilliant earth ads. I think if my SO had asked me what the shut it up pact was, I would have just responded with “sorry, first rule of the shut it up pact is I cannot talk about it”

He would probably chuckle then drop it. That, or make me promise I’m not part of some wedding cult group! 😉

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Haha. I got my wedding dress 3 years before my husband proposed. Then he found out because we were together and a consultant called me and I answered…

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@Sassyfras27:  Hehehe! the “its was my little secret” part made me lol. I was making a list of ideas and stuff on a scrap piece of paper at work. I forgot it when I went for lunch and one of the managers found it and gave it to FH. It made me blush a little. 

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This JUST happened to me and my friend!! We are both waiting and sort of a bad influence on each other and she convinced me to join the Knot…we checked the “not yet engaged” box so you’d think they would recognize that but um NO. I had a feeling they’d be shifty so when I signed up I put in my parent’s mailing address just in case (even though they aren’t supposed to send anything). My friend put her actual address in. 

Flash forward to a week or two later and I get a call from my mother, laughing her you-know-what off that she and dad got a bunch of mailings congratulating me on my engagement (and apparently offering up some sweet discounts to local venues) (!!!!) I was SO GLAD I had put in their address and not mine. I called my friend immediately to give her a head’s up but she hadn’t gotten anything…

Until about a week later when she noticed a mailing at her place- luckily she got to it before her SO!!

I went on since then and checked my account info and I hadn’t checked anything to say I wanted mailings!! Meanwhile, my parents are still getting things and my mom wants to start a file of stuff to give me (ha!) for if we DO get engaged. And they’re having a great laugh about it.

Kind of annoyed at the Knot though.

Good luck Sassyfras…maybe this will be the push that gets your SO to propose!!

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My SO always tries to sneak a peek at what I’m doing on the computer which is usually Weddingbee of course LOL. One day I guess he saw the word wedding in the URL, and he was like, “what, are you planning our wedding already??” I was like, “no, people talk about more than just weddings on there!” Then I told him about the thread I was reading at the moment, which was the one about penis sizes LOL.

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@Sassyfras27:  I had THE biggest embarrassing moment super early in my relationship, 8ish months I think. He kept telling me he had a surprise for me that was shiny, old, valuable… other things that made me think it was a ring (antique). So I started talking to my friend over facebook that I know she thought she got engaged too early, but they are having a long engagement to make up for it.

Anyways. He was away that summer and when I went to visit him there were 2 hours I was home alone befre he got back from work. I was using his computer when I had this sneaking suspicion to check his browser history ( I NEVER creep!) And I saw that he had been signed into my facebook and reading my messages. I dont think my stomach ever dropped so hard. 

When he got home I not only had to admit I looked through his computer but we both had to acknowledge the fact that I thought he was going to propose. Turns out it was just a holographic pokemon card I had lost when I was a kid.

I literally cried of embarrassment. I don’t think anything will ever top that.

Just now, last night, over a year later has he even mentioned getting married again. 

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@Sassyfras27:  GET SOME WINE ASAP!  It’s really helped me through this, *ahem* waiting period.

I shared this before but I’ll share it again!

I decided to watch SYTTD because a few of my friends have told me to check it out, I’d like it, etc etc.

I set the DVR to record it, and the next day, SO is flipping through trying to see what we have to watch and he says ‘What the heck is SYTTD and why are there 25 episodes of it’.


ummmm..yeah. I played it off ‘I’m doing research’.  And then ‘Do you want to watch it too?’  His response: No.  ‘You’re going to tell me the colors of our wedding and I’ll probably spend all of 30 minutes picking out what I’m going to wear’. haha. 

And since then I’ve mostly kept my crazy to the annon website and NOT anywhere that SO can see the evidence haha.  No need for him to think I’m all obsessed or something (I’M NOT!!  I swear!)   Embarassed

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