(Closed) Well, there goes 7 weeks I COULD have been losing weight…

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@LadyMoriarty:  What time do you currently get up in the morning? Could you go to the gym in the mornings instead? I never used to think I could, would always make me too tired by around 3.30pm when I did but after a few weeks my body adjusted and now I’m good!

Weight loss is mostly food though so if you stop with the fast food/microwaveable food and watch your cals you’ll have success too. Could you do a big cook up on the weekend of freezable stuff so you just have to reheat most weeknights?

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School is God-awful for your body.  I am in graduate school, trying to plan my wedding and also working full-time, and honestly, something’s got to give, and it’s usually my exercise time.  Not going to work and not doing my school assignments are simply not an option.  You’ll have a much easier time simply watching what you eat than you will carving out even more time to burn off extra calories.  (Also, I already have to be up by 7 to get to work on time in the morning.  Getting up at 5 in order to get a solid work out in is just not something I really want to do!)  One of the easiest things to do is to pick one thing that’s really bad for you and cut it out of your diet.  I cut out sugar a few months ago and noticed a huge difference, not only with the way I looked, but also with the way I felt.

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Don’t beat yourself up about it! Tomorrow is a new day. Honestly, weight loss is 80% diet. If you ate 1500 cals a day. you could lose a pound a week. Try going on on light walks, even if more 15 to 20 minutes a day. Write down EVERYTHING you eat. Every single thing. Drink a LOT OF LEMON WATER. I am 5’5 and have gone down from 164 to 147 in three months. It hasn’t been a super fast weight loss, and I have certainly made mistakes and fallen off the wagon. Just remember it’s mostly what you eat, and keeping a journal will help a lot. Even if you fall off one day, writing it down will let you see what and how much you’re eating. Good luck! You can do it!

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If you don’t have time to go to the gym try to focus on diet. Diet is the key anyway, though working out does greatly help.

What do you eat throughout the day while at school?

Instead of fast food for dinner how about just making some sandwiches? Not exciting, but way less calories and not time consuming.

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@LadyMoriarty:  Not a whole lot of help, as a hate the gym and don’t go nearly as often as I need to based on a lack of time (I work fulltime 36hrs a week, do my internship 15hrs a week, and am a fulltime student).

But, I plan to lose at least 15lbs by Dec. 31st, so I think we can still do it!

I am going to be keeping my calories around 1,300 (1,200 isn’t enough for me, & slows my metabolism) by drinking my fav. meal replacement shake, RAW Meal by garden of life (the vanilla is the only decent one, but it’s all natural so it’s prob only a 6 out of 10 on taste anyway).

I going a facebook group called November Slender, even though it last 60 days, & ends at the end of December, but I am going to be starting the Insanity workout soon, although I may only do 5 days a week instead of 6.

Anywho, don’t give up just yet, & perhaps look into the meal replacement shake option for on-the-go. I know it works because I lost about 17-19lbs using it before my wedding, and now I need to get this weight back off!

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I agree with @Lollybags: Getting up in the morning can be super hard. But it’s a lot nicer to just be finished with your workout then. I actually need to jump onto that train soon. lol. And definitely meal prep!!! It’s a lot easier when you’ve had a bad day, and you already have food ready.

lol, @Slybrarian:  I feel you on getting up early to workout. That’s why I do it right after I get off of work. But I have been toying with the idea just so it’d be done, and I could relax at the end of the day. 

@MrsSkeletonKey:  you’re starting insanity?! And 5 times a week is still great! I’m in the 2nd week of the 2nd month right now. Did you look at T25? That one is only 25 min a day and 5 times a week. I am interested in that one simply because of the time aspect. I also work full time (40 hours/week) and that time is a big deal 🙂

@LadyMoriarty:  Have you thought of crock pot meals? I use those little liners too, and they are amazing!! Makes it so much easier, because the food isn’t all stuck to the crock pot!

Also, could you do little 10 minute workouts here and there in between studying? I have brought by bands to work so I can still do some stuff on down time. 
I’m not sure where you live (cold weather coming up!) But  I like the idea of walks too. My fiance and I took lots of walks during the summer. But since we are in Wyoming, it’s getting just a little cold to be doing that at night!

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Coffee.  A lot of research shows that drinking caffeine ~45 minutes before you work out boosts your stamina / energy.  Plus I feel like “well I drank that cup of coffee, I can’t waste it…”



Also, it takes several weeks to make a pattern stick.  Just commit to DOING IT for 3 weeks no matter what.  If you let yourself make an excuse, you’ll always find one.  Instead, drink your coffee or whatever and hit the gym BEFORE YOU GO HOME.  Can you use your school gym?  Once you get home, it’s a lost cause.


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Just wanted to say I feel your pain– people that haven’t had quarter system classes don’t get it!! I started grad school and each term was only 8 weeks long….so at the end of every month you either had midterms or finals!! SO TOUGH! I gained a ton of weight and am still working to get healthy– we can do this!

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I used to wake up at 3:45AM to go running… I think hitting the gym in the morning is SO refreshing!

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What about doing 15-30 minutes of exercise at home? You could do a workout video, hand weights or crunches. If you have stairs in your house, you could run up and down, if you have a yard, you and your Fiance could play pickup games of soccer or touch football.

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@LadyMoriarty:  i don’t have quite the busy schedule that you do.  but Darling Husband and I cook, usually on sundays.  i’ve been doing this for many years, before i met Darling Husband.  we will buy a family pack of chicken which has 16-20 servings and veggies.  we portion our meals and put them in containers in fridge and sometimes freezer

for lunch, i grab a container and take it to work.  for dinner, same thing.  that way we don’t have to worry about cooking after working all day and what ever after work activity we have.

sometimes all the garlic chicken will go in one big container, the asian style in another, and curry in another, along with the veggies in different bowls, then we can make our own container in the morning for whatever our mood is and take something different for dinner.

it has worked very well.  Darling Husband likes the idea and has helped him lose weight.


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For me, fitness is a part of my day just like eating dinner. If I need to call my mom and talk wedding, I go for a walk (or to the treadmill) and do it there. If I am eating out, I try and walk to the restaurant.

Remember, fitness doesn’t have to be an hour long session at the gym. It can be 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Have you tried studying while you ride an exercise bike? I did that all the time in college.

Also, the weight watchers frozen meals are great! Tastey and low calorie. Need to grab a snack? Grab and apple or banana instead of chips or cookies. It adds up.

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