(Closed) Went back to the gym after a 3-month hiatus. BAD.

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@LadyMoriarty:  Your body isn’t used to working out, it happens. Feeling like you are going to puke is normal after working up and potentially out all those toxins etc. 

That being said you absolutely much work your way into it. Your cardio and endurance will improve but it will take time. During the transition period the last thing you want to do is make yourself miserable so that you dread it altogether and never go back.

The best place to start is walking. I know it sounds beyond simple but as the saying goes we must walk before we run. Walk a minimum of 30 minutes every day at a good pace. After doing this for about two weeks try adding in some sprinting (short, fast bursts of running/jogging) with walking mixed in. Look up Couch to 5K for a better idea of time, speed etc. My Darling Husband went from being super lazy to losing 25 pounds using this program and it is easy to follow.

Again try to keep it simple at the start. Find activites that you enjoy doing like riding a bike, hiking, walking, swimming etc. Getting yourself back into the exercise world takes dedication and it is a whole lot easier to remain dedicated when you don’t hate every moment of it.

Best of luck and don’t be too hard on yourself.

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@LadyMoriarty:  our wedding dates are really close, and I just jumped back into working out on Sunday. i had taken a two week break, but I take them like 4-6 times a year which really hurts my progress. If you want someone to chat with to help keep you motivated, let me know, I could use the help, too!

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@LadyMoriarty:  I’m exactly the same! Trying to get back into it and annoyed that I let myself stop for a few months. Having said that,getting back into it is never as hard as starting off. I’m doing a light jog to start myself off and plan to work my way up to spinning. Good luck with yours!

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@LadyMoriarty:  Hey, you worked out for 14 minutes, well done!

That’s about how long I lasted the first time, when I returned to exercising earlier this year.

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@LadyMoriarty:  Yes get back into it at your pace. Don’t make yourself miserable! And any trainer who tells you it isn’t normal is crazy or in pure denial. I can’t tell you how many times I get nauseated when I work out and really push myself. Hell at volleyball camp we used to puke mid way through because it was so itense. It isn’t the best but it certainly isn’t rare either.

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@LadyMoriarty:  I do, but I dont use it! πŸ™ My offer still stands though, and I would be happy to message through weddingbee!

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Totally normal. You have to up build to it. No way can your body go from sedetary to workout Queen mode. Never happens. I know we all wish it could but I have yet to experience it. 

I recently started back with running after about seven month break. I was huffing and puffing out of breath while senior citizens are breezing past me. I had to listen to my body or else. I didn’t beat myself up. I said, I’m not racing against anyone else, this is about MY journey. And I will improve IF I keep up with it. 

So last night I had one of my better runs. I did it by not pushing past my limit and just keeping it consistant. It didn’t matter if I was going slower than I wanted to go, I went at the pace that my body could handle. It made a world of differance. I was so proud of myself.

It also happened with my hot yoga, I stopped going for a few weeks and when I went back, the poses that I used to be able to do was no more. So it was pretty much back to start. Now I can hold myself up with planks far longer, whereas before I’d last literally 3 seconds.

You have to appeciate your small accomplishments. Nine minutes yesterday was more than you did the day before right? That’s how I’d look it. Just keep building from there. You will get there.

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@LadyMoriarty:  Your post caught my eye since I got myself into almost exactly the same situation… yesterday was my first time at the gym after 2 1/2 months “off.” My excuse is as follows: we moved across country over the summer and I’ve had a hard time adjusting, I miss my old friends, my old job, my old gym & zumba classes! On top of that my new job has been really stressful and I’ve been just coming home from work and eating in front of the TV, no exercise πŸ™ 

I tried to “ease into it” as well, cutting back on the number of reps, amount of weight I’m lifting, and the intensity of cardio. I didn’t get dizzy but I’m not used to my heart rate getting up there, so that felt weird. Also I find when I don’t exercise I drink less water, and not enough water means nausea, ringing ears, and dizziness when I do try to exert myself. So I had to make a conscious effort to stay hydrated.

I’m also trying to get some of my habits back in order too- drinking more water at work, taking the train and walking home instead of Fiance picking me up, etc.

I am also sooo annoyed at myself for pretty much wasting that time- but what’s in the past is done, we have to look forward. You have plenty of time- yes, you took one step backwards but you have the power to make so much progress between now and January!


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