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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Wow how ridiculous that they found your dress in the size you wanted after you threatened them? I do want to offer the website I’ve been using (my family is in the UK, so are my bridesmaids)…it’s called jjs house and they have very cheap dresses!! The dresses I ordered are about 87 dollars each, and they are good quality and very pretty!

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Bee Keeper
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What In the world….. Pure craziness that they didn’t notify you and left you hanging like that! Trust me I would’ve went off on them prob worse than you did. I’m glad to hear you found the one you needed and they gave you 50% off….. But still not worth the hassle they put you thru. I have heard a few horror stories regarding brides getting their dresses there and mistakes they have made! Glad it all worked out in the end thou!

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Helper bee
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@Ballet513:  I disagree. I also ordered Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses from DB and specifically asked if they all needed to be ordered together and they said NO.

Here’s where personal accountability comes in… if you want them to be ordered at once, you do it.  They might be the professionals in this part of the industry, but you can do some research and make an educated decision yourself to order them together.

That if its in their system that a bride needs dresses still she will be notified before it is discontinued.

I’m sure a small boutique would be interested in combing through their customers to make sure no one is inconvenienced by the discontinuation of their dress, but DB is nowhere near that type of polite.  They are in the business of doing large volume and don’t care or have the time to notice.  This is a case of CYA.

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@AJester2:  I am so sorry this happened but this:

“Now, why in the world did I have to act unsouthern and unladylike for them to find the dress? Because they suck.”

Made my day, girl. I know what you mean, I didn’t use DB but lack of customer service in general is my pet peeve! Hugs and more hugs!



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Oh my gosh I refuuused to buy from David’s Bridal because we had an awful experience when my sister was getting married.

She wanted straps because she was getting married in a church and is very religious. They told her straps came with the dress and could be added. Then, after a few girls ordered they said, “oops no they dont, but you can buy extra shawls and pay to have them made into straps.” After we threw a fit they magically came with straps again.

My mom also called for my sister to check up on who had ordered dresses because my sister worked during all the store hours. The woman yelled at my mom and said something like, “We already told the bride all of this information and I’m not sure why I’m even talking to you since you’re not the bride.” 

When looking for a veil, my sister wanted a blusher (the part that our dad would pull back from her face), and the woman made a comment about how it’s a symbol for purity and no one does that anyway. When my sister said something like “..actually” (again, she’s very religious), the woman made some lewd comment about how surprised she was and how no one does that anymore, basically saying it was totally bizarre. It made both of us extremely uncomfortable.

My sister also made sure that she wasnt on the mailing list where she would get all kinds of calls and advertisements. After a few of these incidents she “magically” started getting calls from all kinds of retailers.


Needless to say, your post re-ignited my anger at David’s Bridal. They most definitely suck. I’m so sorry you had that experience. My favorite part of your post is how the size 14 dress magically appeared at half-off. So typical.

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Buzzing bee

I dislike DB so much. Good for you for getting the dresses. Shame on them.

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I saw this post after getting my dress today and it really put things into perspective for me. A Bridesmaid or Best Man of mine came from Texas to Iowa. We went shopping for her dress the day before my appt and found it the same day. Awesome! But halfway through the appt for her, the lady left us alone. We had noone helping us for the last half hour and I had to get the dresses and help her into and out of each one. Needless to say she was p*ssed. But she walked out with a dress she loved. So… not a complete loss. 

Next day we came back for my appt. We had a different lady and she did the EXACT same thing. Halfway through the appt she left. I had 7 girls there helping me who were picking dresses out. They got yelled at by the manager for moving the dresses. …if we’d had someone helping us we wouldn’t have had that problem. I found the dress I wanted and after trying to flag three people down we got the heck out of there. 

I can completely relate to how rude they are. Unfortunately all of my BMs are out of state. The only way they can get dresses the same color is through DB. *groan* I’ll keep this in mind and have a mini bridal meltdown to whip them in shape. I’ll be thinking of you and grinning like a cheshire cat. 

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Blushing bee
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You shouldn’t have to order all your dresses at the same time. That’s the point of a chain. Your cousin in Cali and you sister in TN should be able to go to their local DB, get measured and order the dress. Dye lots do NOT make that big of a difference.

So you got cranky with a manager. When corporate asks her what needs to be done to improve DB, she can suggest that they drop the .dos based program they are using and get a better way to track their inventory. 

I got cranky with a DB salesperson after they tried to pass off a dress that had been repaired three times as new to my best friend. (They tried it twice.) I wasn’t going to have her busting crappy (and they were crappy) seams on her wedding day.

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Worker bee

Good for you for making them do THEIR JOB. 

Sorry it took a bridezilla moment to make it happen. But now you can take deep breath and check that off 🙂

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Helper bee

Yeah, they aren’t the best.  I asked specifically about ordering at the same time, too, because my bridesmaids are scattered.  None of the three are in the same place.  I asked if they needed to be orderd at the same time for dye lot purposes, and the consultant assured me no.  The suggestion that it’s one’s personal respobility to do something that you already asked the store “professionals” specifically about is ludicrous!

And sometimes you have to get angry at the little people, even if it’s not their fault.  They are the ones who can report your anger and the unfortunate conditions they have to work under higher up the chain.  I hate to get loud, too, and in fact I’m so meek I probably would have given up and got the remaining dress in a complementary color, but I’m glad you were more forecful than I would have been!  Sometimes in this world it takes force to make things happen, and it clearly wasn’t happening with the nice approach.

All the same, I’m ordering from them for price and convenience.  Me and my 4 bridesmaids are all far from each other: California, Chicago, Maryland, and Berlin, Germany! That they can each go to a store and try something on is a convenience I appreciate.  I got my dress from there, too.  My initial appointment, I had to wait 1 hour from my appointment time before anyone could see me.  But they still had the dress I liked best for a good price.  Guess I had to give up something to got that.

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