(Closed) Went to a psychic today…obviously I asked about my fertility

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    i’ve been to a medium. i guess he was a psychic also but he didn’t really talk about my future. he communicated with my relatives that had passed on. he knew stuff that he couldn’t possibly have known (this was back in 2000/2001 so before the internet had a ton of search engines. even if it was today, there’s no way he could’ve known that stuff because it’s not on the internet). it was really cool. he taped it and last year i was cleaning some stuff out of my mom’s house and found the tape. she’d never heard it so we played it and she started crying. there were things he said that didn’t really make sense to me at the time but she knew exactly what he was talking about. it was awesome!

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    @princessbelle:  ive been to a psychic a few times..everything he’s told me thus far has happened, lol so I’m kind of a big believer! I say take the psychics advice and go on vacation and start your business, then have kids! Good luck!

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    I believe everyone has some sort of psychic abilities. Some (okay, most) people choose to either ignore it or not hone it.

    With that being said, what she said about birth order was pretty general. The first child tends to be the leader, the rulekeeper. The younger kids tend to get away with more. That’s not anything groundbreaking, IMO. I don’t know about anything else, but that’s what first popped in my head.


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    Google cold readings. John Edwards, the ex tv “psychic” used to do it, too. Sylvia brown is in the media recently for giving some bad readings to the mother of the girl who was missing for 10 years.

    I’m all for what brings you peace or comfort, but I’m skeptic as hell.


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    I’ve been to one, nothing she said has had any relevance in my life (10 years on). I don’t really want to know about what happens in my future … I’d rather let it unfold and take it one step at a time. 

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    I’m a skeptic by nature, so no, I don’t believe and have not been to a psychic. I think they are con-artists, like this “celebrity” psychic who told Amanda Berry’s mother that her daughter was dead. That mother died thinking her daughter was dead because of some crack-pot psychic, how messed up is that? And apparently it’s not the first time she proclaimed a missing person dead who was not!


    Specifically with your reading though, beware of general statements. One of the PP pointed out how general and common the “first child is leader/follows rule and later children more wild” is, but also, her saying there is something you and Darling Husband need to do before you have kids. There are a million possible answers to this because most couples have things they think they should do before kids, whether it’s buy a house, go on a vacation, start a business, etc. Same with moms giving everything up and struggling with empty nesting. She’s giving you general statements that odds are likely to apply, so there’s not a big chance she will be wrong. 

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    My mom saw a famous psycic before we were born, she predicted 3 children, my mom had four. She was really into psychics from what my dad tells me…she does’nt beleive in them anymore, she said she bought into alot of things because it gave her hope, but no one could have prepared her for her life’s direction, no one predicted it she said. 

    I too have seen a psychic at one time or another. The first one I could swear to you tried to rip me off. I had broken up with my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I didn’t mention any of it to her ofcourse but she said she knew I had gone through a breakup (okay, girl goes to see a psychic, probably one of the biggest reasons they do!) she told me that he was my soul mate and if I wanted to be with him I would need to purchase a 300 dollar crystal or something….My jaw dropped and I waalked out. lol..

    I also saw a psychci a few other times with friends. There is this restaurant on the water and they used to have psychcis come in during happy hour…to me it just sounded like bologney. Nothing they said came true, none of it impressed me. Alot of “this will happen in 6 months, 6 weeks or 6 days”….blahblahblah

    I have a friend who is really, really into psychics and she made me listen to what seemed like horus of recordings of a reading she got with some world renouned guy….and none of it blew me away, Its all the same formula to me.

    I wouldn’t see one again, no desire to. I do watch when my friends decide to go, but that’s it. It’s also against my religion…so yeah, probalby wont’ happen again. 

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    A friend of mine reads tarot cards, and another is a phone psychic. I don’t really put too much stock into their predictions, but my tarot friend does very interesting readings at parties and such. I think a lot of it depends on the person you go to.

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    I believe that most of them are con artists, making money off of people’s needs and fears. The rest are just nuts. Maybe there are a few people with real “psychic” abilities, but I doubt they make money off of it.

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    I’ve been to a psychic, she didn’t give me any life changing advice (except for the bit I share below)… But a LOT of the things she talked about were validated.


    One of the weirdest things was that she told me that the guy I was dating at the time was looking for a job.  Which I found absurd because he had a job he liked, well literally right after my appointment I turned my phone back on and had a voicemail from him telling me he had gotten laid off and that he already had a couple leads on a new job.  It was absolutely freaky.  There were other weird things that she said that happened… But the biggest was that she told me I had to meet this guy I had been talking to (I had met him online and talked to him for years).  She said it would be playing with fire, but I had to go.  I did and we had a whirlwind romance, we got engaged and I moved to be with him within the year.  Once I moved I realized there were tons of red flags and the relationship crumbled into oblivion.. However, while I was with my ex (the night he cheated on me) I met my now husband (who had recently gone through the same thing with his ex).  It was like some really twisted fate. lol


    This same psychic also said my friend (who has always been told she was infertile) was pregnant.  Which she thought was just ridiculous.  A few weeks later she found out she was and had been during her session.  SUPER creepy!


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    I recently went to a psychic and had her look into what will happen over the next year and a half without me asking..  To see what they picked up before I asked any questions.  The previous psychic I went to over two years ago most of it became true so I was curious to see what would show up now. 

    The previous psychic said that a child has been knocking on my door for the last little while but I haven’t let it in (because of birth control).  Each psychic that either myself or my mother in law has seen has said I will have a girl first.  My last reading said in October will bring big changes to my life and it could possibly be children (or my career).  That I will have both a boy and a girl and I won’t have trouble conceiving.  That one will be a troublemaker like my Darling Husband and one won’t (like me).

    But the reading I had over two years ago did do the “four days, four months, four weeks” kind of thing to me about my last job.. and sure enough within four weeks I left my last job.  Also she predicted that me and Darling Husband were going to get engaged in the new year.  It is interesting to listen back to previous readings from a couple years ago and see what has or hasn’t come true. You don’t try and take it too seriously since its for entertainment purposes only but it’s always interesting to hear and consider.

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    I used a fertility psychic, JennyRenny, and she predicted correctly when we would conceive. She got the baby’s gender wrong, but that’s ok.

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