We're engaged! (Yayyy!) Could I be allergic to my ring?!

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Helper bee
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If you have a copper allergy I’m afraid you can’t wear rose gold, even 18K.

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Helper bee
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If you’re allergic to the copper in the rose gold, 18k won’t help as it still has copper in it (though much less). It’s not a hypoallergenic metal because of that (incidentally, aren’t you glad you found out via a rose gold ring and not a copper IUD?!). 

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Busy bee
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Are you used to wearing a ring on that finger? My ring isn’t rose gold but when I first started wearing it I also panicked that I might be allergic to it, and I think the skin in that area just needed some time to adjust! It lasted a few days and went away!

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Honey bee
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Could be for sure.  But if you have metal allergies, white gold is not a good choice either.  Make sure there is no moisture under it and that it is not too tight, and then maybe try again.  If it keeps itching and rashing you should stop wearing it.  I get this, and it will eventually blister.

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Helper bee
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I have a metal allergy, and my chest/neck get red and blistered if I wear necklaces, my ears turn bright red and itch and bleed if I wear earrings, I couldn’t wear a nose ring when I briefly had my nose pierced due to persistent swelling and infection, etc. So I have to get a ring in palladium or platinum, as these are hypoallergenic metals with no copper or nickel in them. Maybe that’d be a better option for you?

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Helper bee

All gold types are mixed with other metals, so you could be allergic to any “ingredient” in your ring… :/ As copper for example (i believe that is the “red/pink” in rose gold) or something else! All Rose gold rings are not made of the exact same mix, so you can very likely be allergic to one rose gold ring but not another!

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Worker bee
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If it is an allergy and you end up looking into other metal options, ask to see 14k yellow gold options instead of 18k gold. It’s much less bright and brassy IMO. I didn’t even know I had a preference until I tried on some 18k gold bands that I wasn’t crazy about. 

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Blushing bee
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It definitely sounds like a copper allergy. The standard for 14K rose gold is somewhere between 35-42% copper. If it’s 18K, it’s usually around 18-21% copper. The rest is gold and typically silver. Unfortunately, if you have a copper allergy, going to 18K won’t help much. You may have to switch to a hypoallergic metal. 

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Sugar bee
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kristaalee :  sounds like you might be allergic. there is a chance that it’s not a metal allergy, and it’s simply that your ring is tight and you’re not properly drying your finger/ring off after washing your hands and water is getting trapped which is causing irritation. but it’s more likely that you have a metal allergy, i’m afraid :/ you can try “self testing” to a degree by wearing your ring on a necklace and see if you develop a reaction.

if you’re allergic to copper, no carat of rose gold will work. if you’re not allergic to copper, but allergic to one of the alloys, it may be possible to get a ring that doesn’t use that alloy. you’ll have to see an allergist to know for certain.

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Honey bee

I have an allergy to nickel which means I can’t use white gold most of the time. I also react to stainless steel and some silvers. You could also have contact dermatitis. Do you make sure you’re hands are dry each and every time you wash them? Sometimes the sosp or water well get under there and irritate your skin. 

I think your best bet is to get a metal allergy test at an allergists office. That way you’ll know what you’re allergies are and you can have the ring coated or changed out to suit your needs 

While you wait for the tests and visit…think back. Have you had itchy ears from earrings? Itchy chest from a necklace? I first noticed it on my stomach from the button on my jeans (nickel) and costume jewelry would leave a red mark on my chest and ears would burn. It was gradual. 

So try to find out what the alloy is made of. Good luck! 

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Helper bee

Congrats OP!!! Since you haven’t had the ring for terribly long I would generally think that you are just getting used to the feel of a ring on that finger, especially if you have a tall setting that tends to turn to the side or turn forward or backwards. But I have a nickel allergy and found out via nose piercing (Sucked lol) My piercing site and surrounding area was very, very red, and swollen. It started about two days after I got it pierced, and persisted until I changed it out. Personally, I would give it a few more days and see if you just get used to the ring, and then if it’s still red and itchy in a week or so, I would then start being concerned about an allergy. I hope it isnt though!! 

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Busy bee
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kristaalee :  

I’m allergic to white gold and my Ering has white gold. Our jeweler let us in on a little secret. Instead of having it reset, he recommended I try clear nail polish on the inside of the band. It works for me, and we don’t need an expensive reset. I’m sure I’ll get one down the road (say an anniversay?) But for the time being, it works.

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Helper bee
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Me meee! I start itching when wearing my new rose gold ring (my other jewelery is all white gold) and thinking exactly the same wondering if I’m allergic to it, which is a shame since I love love it. The itching stayed for around 3 days, then it gets better, and today I dont feel any itch huraaayy!! Hoping the same for you!!

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