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Awe she is so cute.  When trying to housebreak her, I recommend using a crate.  Also, I recommend puppy training also.  I used Petsmart, wasn’t expensive at all.  Not only does it teach your puppy simple comands, it also helps her get more socialized with other dogs, other people, and unfamiliar enviroments.


Good luck!

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OH MY [email protected]!! she is so cute!! We are huge dog people!

A tip we have is get your puppy on a time schedule about going to the bathroom, let them out when you get up in the mornings and right before bed at night, then any other time in between those that’s best for you. Reward the good behavior with treats. 

Good luck!!

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She’s SO cute!!!! Congratulations! 

We just got a puppy on Friday, and I definitely recommend taking her outside about once an hour, if you can. Our puppy has only had one accident in the house so far, and he’s already starting to get the hang of going to the door when he wants to go outside! Potty training is MUCH easier if you take them out very frequently and always give them a treat when they go. We only give Ranger a small piece of a treat, though, or else he’d eat like 20 treats a day 🙂

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How adorable!!  I wrote some of this a few months ago in response to a post from a person having a hard time with their new puppy.


We brought our puppy home when she was 8 weeks.  During potty training, I would definitely recommend taking your puppy out basically every hour.  With my puppy, if I knew that she should need to go (i.e. recently ate, woke up, etc), I wouldn’t come inside until she had went potty, even if it was a really long time outside.  


I don’t know if you are planning on taking her out on a leash to go potty or if you have a fenced yard.  If you will be using a leash, I would practice with her on a leash when you are not expecting her to go potty as well – make it fun – play with a toy, learn how to go for walks, etc.  My puppy could walk on a leash within a few weeks of getting her because we made it fun.


Regarding in the house, until she is potty trained, you may want to consider blocking the rooms so she can only be in the room you are in.  We used a crate training method – if there was a time we couldn’t watch her for whatever reason, she would go in her crate (which was where she had food and water and toys – she very rarely barked after she was familiar with the process – we did not use the crate for punishment) and she was fine (it was short periods of time).  As she got older, we started to allow her more freedom – first she was able to go in one or two rooms without constant supervision, and then it increased as she proved she wasn’t having accidents, chewing the furniture etc.  


We use treats and verbal praise for good behavior.  We try really hard to focus more on the good behavior than the not-so-good behavior that she occasionally displays.


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Congrats! I think crate-training (and patience) is essential for housebreaking like Wendy said.  A lot of people like using puppy pads and things in the house at first, but I think this is confusing for the pup (sometimes its okay to go inside and sometimes it’s not?), and I personally don’t like them at all.  Make sure you get lots of toys for teething!  Good luck!

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There is a puggle in my building named Lola!! lol

She is sooooooooo cute!


For housebreaking we did this for our german shepherd:

We crate trained him from the beginning and had him sleep in the crate and when we were gone and no one was home had him in the crate – puppies HATE going potty in the crates because it is like “their territory” and they don’t want to be on top of it. So that helped out a million percent to ensure that we wouldn’t come home to any surprises. Other than that, just be patient and take him out A LOT. Take little training treats outside whenever you take him and whenever he goes potty praise him and give him the treats right away.

I’m not big on using the potty pads either – I agree that I think it would seem confusing… like “it is ok to go inside the house sometimes, but not always”.

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