(Closed) We're TTC Soon! Ladies Under 25, What's It Like?

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    felixfelicis:  If I were you, I would plan on it taking 6 months to a year.  I just found out I’m pregnant after three months of trying.  Both my husband and I thought that since we are young we would get pregnant on the first try.  Sure, you hear about that a lot, but I have found it’s not the norm.  We also have no health issues and are in pretty good shape.  Each negative is really hard to deal with espeically when you feel like you did everything you can.  So even though it’s great to have hope, just try to keep your expectations low.  Good luck!!!

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    felixfelicis:  I am 25 (26 in June), Darling Husband is 26 and we’re in our 5th cycle TTC.  I have hypothyroidism, too.  I second what LDMTNBRIDE said, plan on it taking 6 months to a year. Sure, it can happen sooner than that but if you expect it to happen your first cycle and it doesn’t.. it can definitely make some people feel defeated.

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    Commenting to follow for the most part. 


    If if everything goes right, my fiancé and I will be trying when I’m on the downside of 25. (A little over a year and a half away.) And I’ll be the first of my friends to actually try. It’s exciting and scary!

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    felixfelicis:  How much do you run? It may be contributing to your thyroid issues. Have you had thyroid antibodies checked? 

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    i got pregnant on my second cycle and I’m 23. I would say to not take any prwgnancy tests until the day your period is due. Just don’t get sucked into being so overly into it that you don’t have time to enjoy the process. I had no health issues before I got preggo and I found out my a1c was elevated which means at 9 weeks they said I had gestational diabetes. The a1c checks your levels for the past three months. Well I wish I would have known that and taken my diet seriously before I got preggo and planned more in advance. But it’s ok and I have a chance to keep my blood sugar levels normal during the pregnancy to reduce any risks. Also do a lot of core workouts. pregnancy is so rough on your back and abs so I would definitely focus on strengthening those! 

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    We started when I was 24 and now, a year later we still don’t have a BFP. My only advice is to not count on your age for it happening quickly. This is a process and can take time. Don’t stop living your life in case it does take a while! Drink till you get pink lines, eat sushi, enjoy your deli meats. Avoiding everything won’t help you get pregnant sooner so just be normal until it happens. Take your Prenatals and have fun 🙂

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    Hey my husband and i had our first child when i was 20 and he was 21 (not planned, surprise baby).. we started TTC for our second a year later and was having trouble for so long so i went to see the doctor and i got diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and i wasnt ovulating. after a few years of fertility treatments i am finally pregnant with our second baby, i am now 24 and husband is 25.

    Im definitely with PPs that your age doesnt mean u will be able to get pregnant straight away, and after having my first so unexpectedly, i really didnt expect i would have any problems. <br />As for being a young mum, i find that when u are trying for a child, people around u, including friends family and doctors, all tend to dismiss your concerns and feelings of wanting another child they will say u have plenty of time and just enjoy your life. it kind of sucks because i partied in my teens and i have no desire to continue in my 20’s. sometimes people are also waiting for you to fail as a parent because you are so young, so theres that extra pressure to do a good job. the best advice i can give u is not to worry what others think, and go easy on yourself.. u will be a good mom if you want to be 🙂

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    felixfelicis:  We went off birth control pill for the first time in ten years, tried to NTNP, got pregnant the first cycle. There was almost no TTC involved, lol! Good luck to you. As other have said, it could take you a long time, but it may not. I thought I was infertile because I’ve NEVER had a pregnancy scare and after Darling Husband and I were together for 5 years, I stopped being so diligent on taking the pill properly. I often missed days; sometimes 2-3 days in the first and second week. But ehre I am 7 weeks pregant after only one go! 


    Oh, and I’m 24.

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    I got pregnant our first cycle trying after being on the pill for a long time! I’m 24.

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    I got pregnant with my son at 24 (had him just before 25) My husband is 5 years older. He was the first cycle of NTNP. We have been NTNP for about 8 months now (although I was still nursing until a month ago, without cycles) I’ve had one period and this is our first cycle of trying (charting, OPK’s…) and I don’t think I’m pregnant, 12dpo, so I’ll find out any day for sure. I’m hoping I am (I have been hoping it would happen for quite a while now) but I’ve heard so many stories about quick first pregnancies and longer trying periods for second ones… so I’m not going to hold my breath.

    Best of luck to you! 

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    felixfelicis:  Ideally you will want your TSH between 1-2 before TTC, definitely no higher than 2.5. I would talk to your doctor about increasing your dose slightly.

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    I got pregnant on the first try. Beginner’s luck I guess! I was 22 at the time. I had friends my age who had already had kids/were pregnant at the same time so that was nice to share experiences with them. I didn’t have any health issues at all, but I recommend keeping a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. best of luck to you in TTC:) 

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